The machine tool is electric CAD system research and development

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The summary introduced to develop a machine tool in AutoCAD system the design thought of electric CAD system, described the implementation method of the functional module such as circuit graph, hookup, the development of electric to other industry CAD has extremely high referenced value. Keyword: This Text Mainly Introduced The Designing Thought Of The Electrical CAD System For Machine Tool In AutoCAD Environment of Abstract   of   of   of Li Peizhong of   of Liang Changhong of   of Study And Development Of Electric CAD System For Machine ToolWu Chunyan of hookup of graph of electric CAD circuit, described The Developing Method To Realize The Module Function Of Electric Circuit Diagram And Wiring Diagram, etc.

And It Is Also Very Valuable And Useful For Electrical CAD Development In Many Other Industries.

Key Words:eLectrical CAD; , the development of preface of Electric Circuit Diagram;wiring Diagram1 as the market, traditional handiwork designs means to already got used to the need that the market competes hard, use CAD the design is imperative already. And the software that is used at mechanical CAD at present already tended perfect, but the electric CAD software that suits a machine tool is very few however. Electric design includes the machine tool box of graph of circuit graph, hookup, installation, wiring and electric ark (include pushbutton station) , isolated existence is not between this 5 parts, contact each other however. The component on the component that goes up like hookup and circuit graph is mutual correspondence, ask electric CAD system can realize information to share already between each module, can carry out alone again, around echo, maintain the integrality of whole system. Accordingly, the machine tool that development specializations one set is electric CAD system, in order to improve design quality and efficiency, shorten the design is periodic, reduce artificial labor, it is the urgent need that gets used to market development. The graph of circuit of design thought machine tool of 2 systems designs the core that is whole system, basically considered the following issue when development: (1) presses national level GB4728 and combine industry standard, optimize arrange commonly used graphic symbol and build graphic symbol warehouse; (2) is tagged to component, circuit graph pursues zoning of coordinate of a format, freely revises unified form; (When 3) circuit graph is inputted, to the symbol search, call, insert, delete should fast, simple, convenient, agile; (Him augment is commonly used in process of design of 4) consideration user symbolic function module, work in order to reduce repeatability, the system needs to have augment module to manage a tool; (5) is improve constructive efficiency, graphic symbol and character tag departure to undertake, its tag different element content is different, the system should identify automatically, tagging content should be extracted, prepare to generate hookup, tag use ordinal number method, offer the dialog box with friendly interface at the same time, go to the lavatory to undertake interactively; (6) contact and coil are opposite of coordinate position affirmatory, need to chase when manual design piece search blueprint, efficiency is low, easy leakage is dropped and easy make mistake, the advanced sex of the computer should make full use of when the system is developed, fulfil this one function automatically by the system. Hookup and circuit graph have close connection, outside installing the position except machine tool appearance and component, other information can pursue from circuit inside extraction, and machine tool appearance and the graph that the member that component installs the position to be able to call mechanical design directly has drawn, that is to say, the system should pursue semi-automatic from circuit generate hookup. Install the development of the graph, the inquiry that basically considers to solve standard component and bought-in component and catalog are generated. Wiring box in the machine tool the workload in electric design is compared big, but as a result of its appearance compares a standard, measurement standards parameter serialization, because this uses parameter,change a design more appropriate. Electric ark design includes to install graph and hookup, design classify report ark to go to the lavatory to stand pushbutton, its are collective the characteristic is to repeat workload big, the system is used modular design. Divide afore-mentioned outside, the system should have auxiliary and constructive tool, setting of the layer that be like a graph, graph give a graph fill of column of setting, caption, automatically to wait. Consideration user is used convenient, all interface should come true Chinese change and friendly, offer organic bed at the same time electric CAD system uses manual. The total construction of 3 systems and functional characteristic are based on afore-mentioned design thoughts, the overall menu structure of electric CAD system sees the machine tool that development gives graph 1. This system includes module of 6 big functions, each module is included again a certain number of child menu. The function of each module option is as follows: Graph graph of circuit of menu of 1 system composition designs module: Use the method that inputs a paragraph of loop to insert component again every time, line segment disconnects automatically, component direction and position move toward self-correcting along with circuit. The character is tagged use ordinal number method, tag a program to finish by the symbol. Of coil and position of contact correspondence coordinate tagging is in circuit graph all draw is over hind, be extracted automatically by the program and undertake tagging. At the same time Yi Ke draws detailed list of component function position from circuit graph. The user can be passed build symbolic library function oneself, the symbolic function that build and governs oneself to be used in design process middling piece. Developed functional small part to commonly used typical structure, can undertake calling directly. Additional, built with this module include relay library of plan of plan of circuit of control and PLC pilot model, in all 125 pieces. The user passes a few parameter with simple input, the circuit that can move need giving place pursues. Hookup designs module: Mix through symbolic code name wiring date is full automatic extraction program, replace artificial and automatic search by the program the symbolic code name inside graph of every pieces of circuit and wiring date, the information that repass process gives to extraction undertakes handling, if wiring order is automatic amalgamative sort, produce hookup namely. Installation graph designs module: The system passes this module to be able to undertake inquiring to standard component and bought-in component, tag and catalog is generated. Wiring box designs module: From dimension of box of wiring of the choice inside column of dialog box list, input model of each installation pipe fittings and norms, criterion graph of wiring box installation and graph of starting a hole can parameter is changed generate. Electric ark designs module: Direct from the module that a need calls inside graphical menu, generate graph of electric ark hookup, installation and pushbutton station very easily to install a plan. Assist tool module: Basically assist afore-mentioned each module, make constructive efficiency faster, more convenient, be like full automatic batch processing gives graph function, raise at least 10 times above than giving graph efficiency by hand. 4 programming and crucial technology 4.

Systematic programming basically used 1 programming Ⅲ of ADS(Autocad Development System) , Autolisp, Dbase, its prop up platform to choose Autocad R12. 4.

2 crucial technologies 4.


1 full automatic this system mentions batch processing technology for many times " full automatic batch processing " this term, be like full automatic position of coordinate of coil of contact of batch processing implementation is tagged, full automatic batch processing gives a graph to wait a moment. So what meaning is it after all? Pursue general because of machine tool circuit actually little criterion a few Zhang Duo differs a few pieces, and the program can be only commonly in process of a graph carry out, want to collect the information that place of every pieces of graph contains entirely, rely on to be chased artificially piece open a graph to execute an order again, user labor intensity need not say oneself greatly, and if machine traversal speed slow, of its efficiency low can be imagined. For this, write the program that handles much graph document above all, the dialog box that if the graph is shown 2 times,loads through the program, by the user alternant choice inputs the graphical document that wants processing, read in its one temporarily inside the file, next the program opens this temporarily file, press the particular operation that should have to each graph file the command file that SCR(SCR file is AutoCAD, can undertake calling through the Script command of AutoCAD) the patulous name that file format keeps into be related to had been decided first is.

Inside the file of SCR. To the operation that the file has, call a subprogram to finish. All file processing ends, shut this SCR file. Add the SCR document that produces by this program at the back of the program through editing pull-down menu next, after the menu in the dot, the process is carried out automatically namely. For example: [full automatic batch processing gives a picture... ] ^C^CAUTOPLOT; - Script;aplot.

Scr; passes afore-mentioned processing, whole process needs 2 ~ 3 minutes to be able to be finished only. Use afore-mentioned technologies, finished position of contact coil coordinate successfully full automatic tag, line date is full automatic file of extraction, much graph is full automatic batch processing prints the thing that waits for handiwork to be accomplished hard. Graph 2 full automatic batch processing user inputs an interface 4.


2 automatic parameter change technical parameter to change a design, point to appearance likeness, dimension more commonly the part drawing of each different. And the parameter that here says is changed include measure already each different includes form again each different, since installs a graph to include part drawing again, local parameter changes since is integral parameter is changed. Wiring box itself has a variety of norms, the pipe fittings that its install each has a variety of norms likewise, measurement of corresponding starting a hole is different also. As wiring box norms different, slideway of the buy inside its is different also, corresponding wiring terminal is different also. Can see, wiring box design looks be like simple, but included content is quite complex however. Manual should consult repeatedly when manual design, to photograph adjacent the distance between two pipe fittingses should undertake judging through computation, want to relapse a lot of times sometimes. For this, when undertaking intelligent CAD is designed, will afore-mentioned all parameter or receive an order with structural array or the means input with the subprogram. The user is used only choose wiring box dimension from the dialog box, input model of each pipe fittings and norms, reelection choose installs graph or plan of starting a hole, the system can finish overall design job automatically. Design task with " black box " the form undertakes. At the same time the system has intelligence to judge a function, if some pipe fittings is too much, the system can remind you in time: "This pipe fittings is too much, exceed the smallest span. " graph 3 it is wiring box parameter changes an user to input an interface. Graph parameter of 3 wiring box changes an user to input an interface 4.


3 data exchange a technology to be in contemporary CAD system, increase quickly what occupy sort and data gross as number, data has the tendency that comes out independently from inside CAD system, comprise the data in CAD process namely alone database, undertake administrative independently. AutoCAD was offerred with the database (wait like Dbase Ⅲ , ORACLE) interface, namely ASE(AutoCAD SQL Extension) . Such, different applied program but database of have the aid of realizes data switch, this is method of so called database. This method becomes independent program and data relatively, reduced each program module between interdependent, revise or the module that module of increase and decrease all won't affect other, and rose to manage efficiency. This system is in development process, except involve design manual is expressed with the multifarious data in all sorts of standards and outside chart, still involve standard component library and bought-in component library, and the amount is much, the pattern is mixed. Through using afore-mentioned technologies, will they or express as table of indication pictorial data, or build a warehouse alone with Dbase Ⅲ . Classics of this system all previous alters 5 conclusion for many times and perfect, so far, apply successfully at tens of planting in the electric design of about a hundred product, CAD gives plan ratio to amount to 100% . Practice makes clear, it is practical the system with strong, perfect function. To improving products plan quality, shorten products plan is periodic, reduce cost, win the market to having main effect. CNC Milling