Contactor controls electric machinery route

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Have the electric machinery that locks up a function oneself to control route, if plan institute is shown, add up to mains switch HK when starting electromotor, press starting pushbutton Xu, contactor C coil obtains report, c advocate contact closes make electromotor M runs; Loose QA, because contactor C Chang Kaifu aids contact to close,lock up oneself, control circuit still maintains put through, electromotor M continues to run. When stopping, coil of C of the contactor that press TA cuts off the power. C advocate contact disconnects, electromotor M stops turn, maintain auxiliary contact disjunction oneself at the same time. Have what lock up oneself to turning the important characteristic of control line road is it is had owe pressure with break pressure (0 pressure) protective action. Because load crosses big, operation to wait for a reason often,a lot of produce machine, make electromotor stator winding medium had shed bigger electric current for long, sometimes fuse has not reach Shi Rong to break below this kind of circumstance, as a result causes stator winding overheat, affect the service life of electromotor. Serious burned-out even electromotor. Accordingly, still must execute overload protection to electromotor. This circuitry has hot protection function, when electromotor overload. Advocate the electricity that RJ place carries loop hot relay exceeds value of rated electric current, make RJ interior calorific, bits of its interior double gold piece bend, drive RJ to often shut contact to disconnect, the coil of contactor C cuts off the power release, electromotor breaks away from power source to stop turn, removed overload to protect action. After power cut, the double gold bits of RJ piece cooling, but its often close contact won't automatic restoration closes, must after fish overload breakdown, the hand moves restoration. CNC Milling