"Chrome Stripping: An Essential Process in CNC Machining"(climb vs conventional milling Deirdre)

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In the world of CNC machining, there are various crucial steps involved to achieve high-precision parts. One such fundamental process is chrome stripping. Whether you’re a manufacturer or someone interested in the intricacies of this industry, understanding the importance and techniques behind chrome stripping can greatly enhance your knowledge. In this article, we will delve into what chrome stripping entails, its significance, and how it contributes to producing exceptional CNC machined products.

What is Chrome Stripping?

Chrome stripping is the process of removing chromium plating from an object or component. Chromium plating, also known as chrome plating, is a widely used surface finishing technique that provides enhanced corrosion resistance, increased hardness, aesthetic appeal, and improved wear resistance to metallic surfaces. It involves electroplating a layer of chromium onto a substrate material, typically on top of nickel plating, to create a lustrous and durable protective coating. However, during CNC machining, certain components may require their existing chrome plating to be stripped off for various reasons, such as refurbishment, repairs, or rebranding purposes.

Reasons for Chrome Stripping in CNC Machining:

1. Restoration and Refurbishment:
Over time, chrome-plated parts can become worn out, damaged, or corroded due to environmental factors, improper handling, or frequent use. Chrome stripping enables manufacturers to restore these components by effectively removing the old plating. This process prepares the part for further repair or refinishing, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

2. Rebranding and Customization:
Companies often aim to update the appearance or branding of their products. To achieve this, they may choose to strip the existing chrome plating before applying a new finish, such as powder coating, paint, or different metal plating. Chrome stripping facilitates easy customization, allowing businesses to give their products a fresh look or match specific design requirements.

3. Surface Preparation:
Before applying any new coating, it is essential to have a clean and properly prepared surface. Chrome stripping ensures the removal of any contaminants, old plating layers, and imperfections present on a component's surface. This creates the perfect base for subsequent treatments, such as anodizing, painting, or reapplication of chrome plating.

Chrome Stripping Techniques:

1. Chemical Stripper:
One common method of chrome stripping involves the use of chemical strippers specifically designed to dissolve the chrome layer without damaging the substrate material. The part is immersed in a bath containing chemicals that break down the chrome plating through chemical reactions. Proper safety measures must be followed, including using appropriate protective gear and disposing of these chemicals responsibly.

2. Mechanical Removal:
For larger parts or components where chemical strippers may not be suitable or practical, mechanical methods can be employed. These include sanding, grinding, or blasting techniques to mechanically remove the chrome plating. Care must be taken during this process to prevent excessive heat buildup or damage to the underlying material.


In CNC machining, chrome stripping plays a vital role in refurbishing, rebranding, and surface preparation processes. Understanding its significance and employing the right techniques are critical for achieving quality results in producing exceptional CNC machined products. By successfully removing the existing chrome plating from components, manufacturers can restore, customize, and prepare surfaces for enhanced performance, aesthetics, and durability. Whether you're involved in the manufacturing industry or simply interested in the inner workings of CNC machining, familiarizing yourself with chrome stripping expands your knowledge of the intricate steps required to produce superior-quality products. CNC Milling