Country 863 plans project -- high temperature resistant pressure sensor develops a success by Xi'an traffic university

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The country that assumes by Xi'an traffic university 863 plans project -- high temperature resistant pressure sensor settled our country effectively the technical difficult problem that the pressure below the environment of domain high temperature such as petro-chemical, aerospace, auto industry measures, have popularize and use value very high. Hand in institute of big accurate project to teach Jiang Zhuangde to introduce according to Xi'an, the task group that heads by him passes 4 years of research, the silicon segregation that develops a success is high temperature resistant miniature pressure sensor, can be in - the pressure that 30 ℃ ~ finishs limits of span of 1000MPa the following random below 250 ℃ environment is measured, can bear concussion of high temperature of 2000 ℃ instantaneous. The appraisal of achievement of science and technology that organized recently by Ministry of Education thinks, this project belongs to domestic initiate, sensor function index and overall level achieve international advanced level, in sensing element the respect such as compositive design and sensor structure design achieves international banner level. The expert thinks, this product uses technology of infuse of high-energy oxygen ion to make separator of 2 oxidation silicon, will detect circuit and base are separated, avoided high temperature environment next detecting the problem of leakage of electricity between circuit and base, solved groovy silicon pressure sensor the technical difficult problem of 120 ℃ invalidation; This product will be measured sensing element be apart leaves high temperature fluid and silicon, avoided to be measured the concussion of instantaneous high temperature of the fluid, solved difficult problem of percussive of high temperature of 2000 ℃ instantaneous; Use titanium - platinic - system of Jin Naigao lukewarm wiring, solved the technical difficult problem of down-lead of the sensor below the harsh environment such as high temperature. Current, this sensor via aviation 618 institutes, spaceflight reachs Xi'an Hong Bangshi 210 times the unit try out such as finite liability company makes clear oily instrument, low, function stabilizes product cost compatibility of reliable, craft good, bulk small, sensitivity is tall, be in not only static precision, high temperature resistant working ability and trends answer the technical index such as ability to go up but congener and as advanced as abroad product is rivalled, and in be able to bear or endure there is original place on the function index such as concussion of instantaneous high temperature, workload Cheng, solved the difficult problem that the pressure below the high temperature environment that perplexes an enterprise for a long time measures effectively. As we have learned, domestic each field is right high temperature resistant gross is year of demand of pressure sensor about 40 thousand, develop modernly as national economy and national defence, annual with 10 % ~ the rate of 32 % increases by degrees. And long-term since, our country is high temperature resistant pressure sensor product basically counts an import. Accordingly, the market prospect of this product is very capacious. (Pick from Chinese automation net) CNC Milling