How is industrial robot accomplished " eye bright hand nimble "

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The manufacturing environment of current manufacturing industry is tending complication, individuation and custom-built change, to the demand of the robot, it is new-style no matter or the industrial robot that is a tradition, going after more accurate, perfect, efficient application process to improve product quality in order to last, realize lower cost at the same time. See when us send that division (FANUC) when robot of sand paper burnish works, apparently these robots used advanced software technology and intelligence to change perceptive system, make they had the vision as the mankind and touch. Force increases to become aware sensor and visual sensor make a robot more comfortable on traditional industrial robot the environment that ought to leave manufacturing industry. So how is industrial robot to accomplish after all " eye bright hand nimble " ? The article is with sending robot of that division industry exemple, from below 3 parts announce for the reader the answer. One, the hand of industrial robot, the hand that the viewpoint of tactile system tradition thinks industrial machinery arm is a robot, but this kind " manipulator " did not feel a function, return apart with human hand very far. And the tactile system of industrial robot, force of the installation on the industrial robot that spends in 6 freedom namely becomes aware sensor, can make the robot carries out extreme (EOAT) can detect force and moment of force, make the robot has the tactile system of similar human body. This conduces to a robot solving the operation of most requirement, assemble for instance, material eliminate, and the appearance is amended, the job such as polishing. The tactile system that delivers that division robot is become aware by force adapter of sensor, sensor and sensor cable are comprised. Generally speaking, should use object hereat block fixed position, polish, when build or be being assembled, force becomes aware sensor can be accomplished truly improve product quality. And the public errand of tactile system is installed commonly 2% what carry out precision for the robot, need those who found to agree to mix but reduplicative environment. Force becomes aware sensor has two kinds of different option settings normally: One kind is to enclothe what go up in robot arm " electronic skin " , another kind is long-range or clamping apparatus installs sensor. "Electronic skin " enclothe the manipulator arm in the robot to go up namely, the information that sensor of have the aid of gathers, the robot can be used " touch " will identify the case all round, spy first-rate advancing line and control mobile direction, all sorts of obstacles that encounter in agile escape advancement thereby. Wrap up is worn " the skin " mechanical arm is very agile, still can control the strength when object of lay a finger on. Rely on this to plant " electronic skin " , the robot can feel the place of the object and azimuth not only, the hardness that still can obtain an object and intensity. Long-range or clamping apparatus sensor is to secure the position that the extreme clamping apparatus in the robot perhaps is far from a robot. What should install sensor in the robot is exterior, basically be to reduce terminal to carry out implement weight, robot extreme carries a part to feel module at the same time, and will other job gives exterior structure, such robots can carry more and different tool. 2, the eye of industrial robot, sensor of visual system visual sense is a robot the most important with a kind of the most complex sensor, highest to passing the sort of feeling information and intelligence to change a requirement. Visual sensor includes illuminant illume, optical camera lens, camera (CCD, CMOS) , image collects card, image to handle software. Sending that division compositive IRvision vision passes feeling system on the robot, although the robot is in out-of-the-way position, the place that also can measure workpiece through visual system will lead robot movement. The advantage of visual system still is not confined to this, it can help a robot decrease cover an area of an area, handle many operations at the same time, undertake the much position fixed position of 2D or 3D identify, the cost that decrease or eliminates clamping apparatus. 3, industrial robot " eye bright hand nimble " on the foundation that recipe was owning tactile system and visual system, to ensure all sensor work good, send that division robot to have inside the sensor of buy diagnoses a system, use instruction comes test and verify the working status of each sensor. In the meantime, will coordinate sensor through a certain number of software functions and control function certainly. The real time data that sensor shows is adjusted to controlling parameter is a specific referenced target. This conduces to reduce total education time, move for production at the same time offer instant feedback, make the problem is diagnosed those who change is easier. In the meantime, the interior that sending that division robot has " show religion implement the process is generated automatically " application, in order to answers the control process that puts visual monitoring and workpiece outline and power. The executive rate when the robot is very low when perhaps producing changeover, this program has quite main effect to carrying accord speed and drive. Can say, of these two application is to send that division robot to come true truly " eye bright hand nimble " recipe place. CNC Milling