CNC appearance is measured machine

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The CNC appearance of 12 4 set that 3 abundant companies of Japanese develop recently, type is measured machine already put in the market formally in April 2003. The main characteristic of this series product is: ① and the measurement previously machine photograph is compared, rate of the biggest drive rises 40 times, achieve 200mm/s, but high speed is mobile, realized much axis to be controlled at the same time, and can high speed fixed position, measure efficiency to rise substantially; ② operation is handy, have a work out to measure program function automatically, the many same parts that can go up to park test desk at the same time undertake metrical, also can undertake to different type spare parts efficient measure; ③ drive part is contained tilt structural module, carrying out when measuring an order automatically, can cooperate those who tilt to take measure a face to make drive ministry tilts automatically, not need a change to be measured fixed position, can undertake be metricaled automatically continuously; ④ is whole measure a process to be undertaken completely by manipulator assistance, can come true measure nobody to change move; When ⑤ measures the circular part such as dish of shape or convex lens, deserve to have choice circumgyrate workbench, appoint graduation angle beforehand, can obtain the sectional data of perpendicular direction or the sectional data that appoint angle span. Appearance of  this CNC measures machine series to include: CNC surface roughness measures outline of machine, CNC to measure position of performance of surface of machine, CNC to measure circularity of machine, CNC, cylinder to spend appearance to measure machine. CNC Milling