Brand-new Waerteshi shows your dream

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The satisfactory 2010 end that is full of challenge and results, waerte machines it may be said of course of study to blossom in the round in the metal, achievement strikings. We participated in the production technology forum of many major, had sufficient communication with industry client. Be in Zhuhai, we attended royal Chinese boat to exhibit, and we were released on the technical forum of congress use at aerospace domain newest product; In Xi'an, in Chengdu, in Ningxia, we held the road of special performance to act, participated in professional technical communication activity, had sufficient communication with local client, for their treatment difficult problem gives counsel, the high quality technology that makes they experienced Waerte adequately serves. Use those who do not have stannum to groom and demonstrate a center, we held special subject groom. We invite industry expert of Germany without stannum, technology of will newest cutting of difficult treatment material and the corresponding introduction with new detailed product give a client, regard the most welcome tool supplier as us in the treatment difficult problem that also uses successful experience of Europe to the client at the same time, make treatment efficiency of the client and economy got considerably promotion, also promoted the competition of client oneself actual strength. 2010, waerte (Walter) the new change that develops in the light of material, accelerated the strength that the product develops, rolled out many product that is used technically at difficult treatment material and technology. Among them most those who get market attention is brand-new the technology of tiger razor blade that upgrade - Yin Hu (Tiger.

Tec Silver) , this series razor blade uses brand-new CVD alumina coating, have silver-colored black double quality, of bit sharp spent He Ren sex to get perfect couple, this product can get used to a variety of treatment circumstances, reduce cost considerably thereby, improve efficiency. Waerte (Walter) the Walter Sky that rolls out at the same time.

Tec a variety of new chamfer razor blade (NFT, NMT, NRT) it is the treatment that is aimed at titanium alloy material technically, can use at machining all sorts of gearing spare partses, wait like ring, bolt, have very tall wearability, although be in,the state with extremely strong interrupted cutting and systematic not stable tigidity falls also can rise to the occasion. Waerte's subordinate product brand made of baked clay Er is special - Puruite (Walter Prototyp) also have new Sky.

Tec series is rolled out, milling cutter of hard alloy of this series whole has round part of different point of a knife, take in-house refrigeration, to be in minim lubricates and develop below wet treatment circumstance only, pass axial and radial refrigeration, embellish lubricant can enter cutting area directly. Waerte - Puruite (Walter Prototyp) type of Confit series module makes hard milling cutter also is the classical product that uses Yu Hang empty spaceflight, contain patent the concatenate system from centering whorl, cooperate a variety of knife heads, can be in ensure to wide applied range is won below treatment efficiency and the premise that machine precision. Of course, the new cutting tool that Waerte develops and technology do not have only so much, multipurpose of XD technology, TMD is compound cutting tool of mark of custom-built blame of cutting tool, MODCO. But, what Waertedi offers is these cutting tool not only, what Waerte pays close attention to more is how to make our client can apply these cutting tool to manufacture efficiency in order to rise better, waerte mixes the technology serve organic ground to be united in wedlock together to offer a client, offer the solution of treatment for the client with the identity of a partner, effective help client. 2011, we can use better technology and service to repay a client. 2011, a great to covering with tiles the meaning is for Er spy year. Root China 15 years, we served numerous Chinese client, with Chinese metal treatment industry grows jointly. Be in this one year extremely significant in, waertehui and client go nearlier, the figure of the partner Waerte is more real, more thorough ground imprints into the client's heart. 2011, we are met more of system and development undertake the client grooms, "The eye sees for solid " , we can invite more clients to research our company on the spot, let a client understand Wu of kimono of our technology, product more intuitionisticly; 2011, we are his definition " the technology serves year " , we can implement this concept to every corner of our routine, make client profundity is experienced finally " companionate " meaning. 2011, we can have new change and aspect, innovate, lasting theme of Waerte; Companionate, consistent concept of Waerte; Service, real operation of Waerte! Brand-new made of baked clay Er is special, realize your dream! CNC Milling