Detect automatically the hardness of crankshaft

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The is used at auto industry autoverify station that article place introduces, can be nobody hold the state that accuse to fall to detect automatically almost the hardness of crankshaft. The core component of this autoverify stage is outline identifies unit automatically, ensured examining high accuracy and Gao Ke rely on a gender thereby. Car manufacturer of Germany is paying close attention to China. To car manufacturer, at present China is one of the mainest car markets. 2011, germany exports a car to amount to 570 thousand to China, with exported a quantity to grow 22% than the car 2010, this pair of Germany are having important sense for this production country. For this, must take the quality of the product seriously highly, the car component that Germany provides to China also must assure high quality. Product quality is high -- the car manufacturer that is in this respect Germany enjoys high reputation inside alive bound limits. Company of Kolb of + of Hahn of treatment tool manufacturer and company of its partner Qness cooperate, the car component that manufactures a high quality machines equipment, in order to ensure the quality of treatment is safe. 2011, these two companies cooperate, pass the joint efforts of 5 months, a plant that makes an enterprise be in China for German car provided station of crankshaft hardness autoverify. Because adopted the automation outline of innovation sex to identify unit (graph 1) , accordingly, this autoverify stage can is nobody hold the state that accuse to fall to detect automatically almost the hardness of crankshaft. Stage of autoverify of hardness of graph 1 Q250A crankshaft identifies device high accuracy to reach of automation outline of 100% but the engine plant that the car manufacturer of repeatability Germany is in China to be set newly seeks a kind of automation to detect of crankshaft hardness examine device, the requirement is to examine process 0 errors and assure of 100% but repeatability, and this job before this can be finished by hand only. For this, must have inspection man as wireless as existing QM software implementation type to join. To achieve this one goal, further research and development has on the foundation of stage of the existing Q250A that tool manufacturer asks check-out console makes expert Qness company be produced in its autoverify. Is the test hardness limits of Q250A autoverify stage 1 ~ 250? Kg. This autoverify stage has a XY slide block that takes fixed position drive, essence of life is spent definitely for ± 0.

002mm. But 6 change again detect revolving stage will intensify all sorts of enlarge field lens and flip an object. Should examine device checks entirely accord with Brinell (DIN EN ISO 6506, ASTM E-10) , vickers (DIN EN ISO 6507, ASTM E-384) with Rockwell (DIN EN ISO 6508, ASTM E-18) test law. Qpix Control software assured a variety of menu and test function, undertake the CHD of automation thereby, nht and Rht detect. To accord with the requirement of exit, should detect device can make the test that accords with a standard check evaluates appraise, data management reachs count and offer transaction. The focus that the further research and development that amounts to 5 months to Q250A autoverify director transforms is the demand that makes software satisfies a customer. The core component of stage of autoverify of this crankshaft hardness is outline identifies unit automatically. Of new research and development examine the method that device uses optics dogs the outline that tests a part, through shining - the position that dark difference identifies test part and type, produce the order that manufacturer decides to automation examines together with the car beforehand. For this, the software of this autoverify stage also had a change, the database that makes its and car production manufacturer existing is trouble-free match. When this autoverify stage checks a law to be pressed on the PC by Vickers, foreword gives out the crankshaft hardness of check-out console checks a result. Have service business through car manufacturer and inspection man joint efforts, use this check-out console to reach examine report. In addition, research and development the premise of this check-out console is to make examine the reliability of device is high, the operation is handy. Examining preparative work is: With crankshaft of band saw general fore-and-aft deuce curium, divide its into the music shaft part of 3 kinds of different types then, wear the face smooth. One paragraph is bearing of a connecting rod and two headstock; The 2nd paragraph is bearing of two connecting rod and a headstock; The 3rd paragraph is flange and two headstock. Operator will be put have paragraph examine the box is placed go up in XY slip, use fixed position of the bolt that decide a line. The sensor that decorates with unifinication of this check-out console can be measured is which paragraphs of crankshaft passing a test. XY slip is direct with on the side a PC is linked together, operator is started on the PC detect process. Above all, the field lens of proposal check-out console moves automatically tendercy examines target, identify its outline automatically (graph 2) . The first fixed position of axis of XY slip slippery Xiang Qu. Then, proposal unit is secured with closing device go up in workpiece. Right now, other crankshaft examines be in loose condition. Nextpage pursues stage of autoverify of 2 crankshaft hardness detects after starting, carry field lens sway, check-out console identifies check-out console of sex of safety in operation be ensuringed by the outline grating of check crankshaft automatically to be when the test can the outline of shaft part of synchronism identifying music, instantly from the place that measures shaft part giving music on the whole, according to beforehand the order of make choice of detects the hardness of crankshaft (Rht standard) . Detecting by check-out console of Rht standard HV5 place is pricked among music shaft part (45) alveolus, can measure shaft part giving music by this method the hardness of each faces. Processing software in order to count a glyph type or give out with curvilinear form detect result, subsequently, operator can issue detect report. Detect homing of slip of the XY after the process is finished, such operator can get off extraction music shaft part. To enhance the security that operator works, prevent for example press, still need additionally a few parts. This crankshaft hardness detects the unifinication inside the stage decorates glazed bar, in whole examine detect in the process be moved by freedom of check music shaft part. When operator is being operated, once be exceeded by check music shaft part,gave the range of grating, the process that monitor stops automatically. If operator will be placed by check music shaft part again this position, the process that monitor will stop automatically again. Examine in this device is started examine when the process, immediately appears automatically grating, till examine,the process ends, grating disappears. To found crankshaft hardness perfect examine environment, except the crankshaft hardness autoverify that uses above introduction the stage detects outside the hardness of crankshaft, should examine complement offerred the shop that equipment supplier still sets in China for German car plant to examine the appliance that preparative link place needs, be like banding curium, plane abrasion machine and the crankshaft hardness that operate by hand detect device. This crankshaft hardness of manual operation detects device is hardness of Qness Q250M crankshaft detects device (graph 3) . Inspection man is made before beginning, operator puts crankshaft the column of two arris form in this measurement unit with the hand between, column of form of these two arris has bracket effect in place of headstock and connecting rod bearing. Graph 3 achieve to make crankshaft hardness detects perfect, the crankshaft hardness that needs Q250M manual operation detects device exceeds as additional facility imaginary measurement when ability detects, operator is used portable read a code implement catch connecting rod bearing form code information, send the statement the software of the PC of peripheral. Later, operator will need to detect the crankshaft of hardness transverse feed detects to crankshaft hardness on the workbench of device, those who make is as perpendicular as journal photograph, and Zhang Jin bearing. Can see on the monitor of a side, crankshaft hardness detects already started, HRC measured value is shown on indication screen. Of bearing of all connecting rod on dead center and issue dead center hardness to all can be measured. Then, operator but will detect with report sheet as a result the form gives out, or store separately with specific data form, OK still CSV data form is offerred to the user. In recent years, qness company and success of company of Kolb of + of Hahn of treatment tool manufacturer cooperate, became technical sale associate company. Company of this sale associate was obtained in fort of Ci of Austrian Sa Er " 2011 national industry award " . CNC Milling