Build 21 centuries to show machine tool of acting numerical control

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Well-known, while the mankind begins go after tall treatment efficiency to change since 20 centuries metaphase, ask high speed is changed again, high accuracy is changed, tall tigidity and Gao Ke rely on numerical control machine tool of the gender, in recent years the logarithm of globalization accuses a machine tool to put forward to reduce an environment to pollute, reduce noise, province the sources of energy, save the environmental protection new idea such as the space, shunt-wound orgnaization, compound change, much function is changed, the technical new trend of the machine tool of contemporary numerical control that project intensive turns, quickened a machine tool to be able to undertake the car is ground at the same time, much axis of Che Xi, much face the development of processing technique. The high reliability of the machine tool of contemporary numerical control of high speed, compound, intelligence, environmental protection is successful crucial place, and use steel ball interval to maintain implement system of LM linear scroll (scroll slideway deputy, ball guide screw deputy, ball spline deputy) more Chongzhongzhi's heavy crucial function component. Steel ball interval maintains implement product of system of LM linear scroll is to will roll be used between body maintain implement separate, the maintenance between steel ball implement form fat bag state, reason lubricating oil can remain for a long time to come true to be avoided for a long time among them lubricant. Maintain implement the join belt of two side makes roll body strings an organic whole, eliminated complete steel spherical the scroll body of the product the phenomenon with direction of rotation and abhorrent speed, when realizing jiggle, also can react nimbly rose to chase after from the gender, but the quadrant when interpolation of minimal control circular arc is raised, the outline that obtains high accuracy machines precision, eliminated the mutual attrition between steel ball at the same time, prevented to give out heat and wear away, reduce cost of scroll obstruction change substantially. With before complete steel is spherical product photograph is compared, sharp movement rate rose 1.

6 times, can realize 300m/min(5m/s) exceed high speed to move point-blank. The functional design of machine tool of contemporary numerical control is being gone after efficient with high accuracy while, mechanical environmental protection also is a main factor that must consider. In efficient system of as linear as LM of high accuracy respect scroll showed remarkable campaign is characteristic, developed LM scroll slideway for basic research with this deputy, ball guide screw deputy, ball spline deputy with QZ self-lubricating the series environmental protection such as the dustproof device that device and LaCS cascade form contact draw together board accessory. The LM scroll guide that already manufacturer of machine tool of ten China numerical control introduces these environmental protection attachment deputy application example, believe to still will be accelerated further henceforth popularize speed. While the environmental protection that the LM of THK rolls the system is global machinery industry point-blank makes contribution, accelerate research to develop new product, the mechanical production company that has new mechanical development to use these new technologies enhances international competition ability to make contribution. CNC Milling