Be based on the research of technology of mechanical CAD unifinication of AutoCAD2000

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Summary: Discussed fall in AutoCAD2000 environment, use ObjectARX process designing to realize the mechanism of problem of mechanical CAD unifinication. It is core according to delivering a method with the number between mechanical design and plot, provided means of a kind of general process designing of mechanical CAD unifinication. Graph 1 application flow chart pursues 2 programs flow chart pursues 3 change parameter program parameter changes great majority of plot flow chart the design computation that mechanical CAD software is will mechanical spare parts and plot differentiate for two module. After be being finished when the design, record the data that next plot place require even, call plot module to have plot again, such not only special trouble, and make mistake very easily. Accordingly, to needing the design of scale part drawing in great quantities, be necessary to make design and plot rise continuously, when the design satisfies a requirement, but the part drawing that at the same time scale satisfies a requirement. The specific design of application software of unifinication of 1 mechanical CAD wants to weave the application software of mechanical CAD unifinication that gives high quality, use the 2 development method that AutoCAD2000 provides mostly at present: AutoLIST/VisualLIST language, VBA, ObjectARX, the article is with ObjectARX exemple. The interface designs the dialog box technology that uses WindowsGUI style. The output of the input that designs parameter and result should use dialog box technology entirely: In the meantime, to make the architect casts off manual when the design, all design program should provide perfect online help function. Design the computer processing of the data. The program of data table changes: To disperse the value counts the processing of the watch, the adoption with little data bulk defines array, the adoption with great data bulk establishs the method of data file: Count the processing of the watch to taking a cost continuously, can use the method that establishs data file and curve to plan to close. The program that project line pursues changes: It is line chart case is changed, 2 be line attempt formulation. Use optimize a method to design parameter certainly. Design result should get according to optimizing a method certainly, but the special need to satisfy an architect, all design process is due the result revises a function. Design the processing of the result. Design result basis needs, can save file to disk already, also can output by printer. When the design satisfies a requirement, but the part drawing that scale satisfies a requirement. If the flow chart of process of application of mechanical CAD unifinication pursues 1 is shown. The data between the join mechanical design between 2 mechanical design and plot and plot delivers a method to be: The data that transmits when need is very much and when need often is revised, use a database more appropriate: The data that transmits when need is more and when needing to often be revised, use data document more appropriate: When the data that transmits when need is less, use whole journey variable to be able to increase the traversal speed of the program. According to characteristic of ObjectARX process designing, the flow chart of its program is shown 2 times like the graph. At present alleged parameter changes the method of ObjectARX process designing of 3 scale part drawing the method of plot basically has two kinds: Change parameter program parameter transforms plot, the parameter that is based on dimension drive transforms plot. Change parameter program parameter transforms plot is one kind matures and practical parameter changes plot method. Use change the flow chart that parameter program parameter transforms plot is shown 3 times like the graph. Mechanical design of 4 last words and plot unifinication can raise the design efficiency, workload that reduces scale part drawing not only, and the information such as the geometry that still can use database memory part, craft. When inserting part drawing assembly drawing, system but the input of integrated user, make complete list news automatically, send its toward an as one to one correspondence as assembly drawing database file, stay wait for drawing government module to wait to undertake rightly handling. CNC Milling