Solid is ultraviolet laser is used at microelectronics industry

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As to small-sized electron product and microelectronics yuan of demand of parts of an apparatus grow increasingly, the accurate processing of polymer material becomes laser to develop one of the fastest application fields in industrial application with each passing day. Ultraviolet laser is processing applies extensively at microelectronics yuan in industry of parts of an apparatus plastic (if get together acyl inferior amine) with the metal (be like copper) the ideal tool that waits for material. The latest technology of solid state laser urged new generation construction compact, of whole solid state ultraviolet the development of laser, make thereby in making this field more the process instrumentation with efficient economy. Wiring, bore and cut out circuit is in the layer cloth pattern of dielectric and cupreous material in the manufacturing process of circuit board, the requirement has careful treatment to component of small-sized function sex, be in for example flexible via of tiny body of the treatment on circuit board, chamfer and access assist aperture, and shape of circuit board cut out finally. Be in before in big batch production, a lot of small parts use the mould suppress that mechanical hard punch shapes to shape. But, the loss with hard die big way and long consign cycle are mixed to the treatment of small part shape and character appears not practical and cost is high. Similar process instrumentation, be like, drill of machinery of use programmed control undertakes bore and wiring, or the law such as the steel rule that adopts inferior cost or processing of arboreal model punching, also have limitation each; And in rectangle, in the careful treatment of the bore of triangle or D form aperture and complex curve, these traditional methods more appear helpless; at the same time, of the tool wear away, stick gum spill over and the material that bore creates is broken the dimension that waited to also limit a part, precision and percent of pass. Use at interrelating multilayer small passageway technology interrelates to today's high density circuit (HDI) is more and more important, but they are strict all the more to the requirement of small size. The diametical limits of the passageway is normally 1 to 10 close Er (25-250 micron) , and traditional mechanical bore and punching do not suit to be used at large quantities of quantities to produce a diameter to be in 6-8 close Er (150-250 micron) the following via, because the price of careful broach and mould is very high, life is very brief however at the same time. In addition, the production that uses these methods to have blind passageway opening almost impossibly and incision fill the job such as the electric spacer that bury. The character with unique laser of laser small processing makes the ideal tool that it makes small processing.

Laser dispute contacts a gender 0 wear away tool, can deliver exact treatment position to undertake bore, cut is mixed through the energy density with very will big focusing solder. Both the type of the interaction between depends on the wavelengh of the feature of the data that awaits processing and laser and energy. Laser of pulse type CO2 and infra-red YAG laser are relatively commonly used in data processing infra-red laser illuminant. But, a lot of plastic and a few a large number of in using flexible circuit board the special polymer in base material (if get together acyl inferior amine) cannot pass infra-red processing or process of processing of " hot " has careful treatment. Hot meeting makes plastic be out of shape, in the loss that cut brim perhaps produces char form on bore brim, and this may bring about sex of circuit board structure weaken and parasitism conductibility access, must increase sequel to handle working procedure to machine a result in order to improve thereby. Accordingly, infra-red laser does not agree with certain and flexible the processing of circuit. Besides, although be below high energy density, the wavelengh of CO2 laser also cannot be absorbed by copper, this restricted its scope of application more slashingly. Under photograph comparing, ultraviolet the output wavelengh of laser is in 0.

4 micron are the following, this is to agree with the main good point that handles polymer material. Differ with infra-red treatment, ultraviolet small processing process comes up from essence saying is not process of processing of " hot " . Most material absorbing ultraviolet light is easier than infra-red light, the ultraviolet light photon of high-energy quantity destroys the element of a lot of metalloid material surfaces to bolt directly, the char that the component that treatment of cold " of this kind of " comes out has smooth brim and lowermost limit is affected. The advantage that goes up in focusing as a result of ultraviolet light, focusing is nodded but small to inferior micron amount class, have advantage more to the small processing of metal and polymer thereby, although the treatment; that can have small part is in below not high pulse energy level, also can get higher energy density, undertake material is machined effectively. Advantage of solid parts of an apparatus all the time since, accurate element laser is in ultraviolet in using a field, " of " cold working has dominant place, but, does accurate element technology have a lot of inherent defect: ?  instrument mires? of  of wine of rotten discharge of A Chinese-style unlined garment of  of Hun of crowded swollen aurelian す Home Ju and of special gas change, store and adjust a process special trouble.

In the meantime, their volume is huge, the price is high, * is made and upkeep costs tall; not only such, the output beam of light that the biggest question depends on following molecular laser is big and square, dimensional quality is poorer, this restricted the focusing sex of beam of light severely, make cover pattern plate must be used in small processing process. The job of the opening that follows molecular laser to get same figure to one pace and repeatability is pretty good (the aperture) that if machine nozzle of drum of ink jet printer,goes up, but in general efficiency is not tall, the pulse energy effect that has 1% only at machining the surface, and other makes an appointment with the light energy loss of 99% at pattern plate. In addition, the flexibility of standard of standard of attack by surprise is limited, if graphical change needs to change when cover pattern plate, whole treatment process must stop. Solid is ultraviolet the application of laser all the time since suffer be confined to to output power not quite big, cannot satisfy treatment need quite. As technology of more reliable solid of semiconductor pump riverside, and the development of mechanism of more reliable 3 times frequency, the circumstance already was changed somewhat. Laser of pump riverside solid makes semiconductor of new 3 times frequency the competitor of accurate element laser, energy density level considers, but repeat frequency taller, quality of beam of light is better. The AVIA355-1500 that Coherent company produces semiconductor laser of pump riverside solid, output wavelengh 355nm, average power 1.

5W, highest heavy frequency can amount to 100kHz, quality of beam of light is good, special agree with small processing uses an occasion. Quality of good beam of light, thereby outstanding focusing ability makes you can cast off cover pattern plate to undertake machining, through computer pilot scanning Zhen Jing system conducts beam of light any positional) to workbench, use CAD/CAM software carries out bore, reticle through cutting written method directly or cut; changes when the design when, need not change hardware. Bore experiment makes clear, the bore that chooses large aleatoric size and figure than focusing and cut are OK through relapsing the means of carve undertakes. Tall the another outstanding advantage that repeating frequency is contemporary DPSS laser. The repetition of accurate element laser frequency is in commonly hundreds of hertz.

And the heavy frequency of AVIA can amount to 100kHz. Tall repetition frequency is in distributinging application of low density aperture and yield can raise greatly in wiring or cut treatment. For example, in 2 close Er (50 micron) thick KaptonTM gets together acyl inferior the hole that 30 micron diameter drills on amine material needs 200 pulse about, energy density is 0.

2J/cm2. AVIA job can dig about 250 hole 1 second when 50kHz weighs frequency, and the aperture that the job repeats the accurate element laser below frequency to hit an identical parameter in 200Hz needs full 1 second. AVIA pulse repeats frequency to arrive from odd pulse 100kHz is adjustable, make you very OK control pulse energy and average power with agile ground quickly. With these methods, can asking active change machines parameter importantly in tall treatment process, for instance optionally metal of purify polymer coating, vice versa. In a lot of application, get insulating material of polymer of blind passageway aperture, incision to show for example fill bury electric spacer, cut circuit board, this kind of function is very useful. Ask in treatment tall big batch produces an environment to fall, do not permit overmuch maintenance or stop work, ultraviolet the advanced sex that laser of solid of semiconductor pump riverside is being designed and produces a technology to go up, make make the good choice with compositive system.

Whole solid state seals the design that leaves type, the structure is compact, hard usage, make this kind of laser very easy add up to; suitably with efficient manufacturing environment at the same time, reliability is high, make handy, and low to requirement of establishment of water and electricity good point, make they become industry to produce a field with each passing day in wide for used device. Tags: ? Very hot quickly laser of YAG of laser of O2 of Zuo of Hun of virtuous Tang す CNC Milling