The cutting of spare parts of difficult cutting material on XX type product

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I distinguish a works is to be company army technically to taste the tool that machines production mould, clamping apparatus, cutting tool and measure to distinguish a works, also machine the mechanical spare parts of product of a few aviation for its at the same time. XX type product is aviation product, a lot of spare partses on its are in the job below condition of high temperature, high pressure, high speed, it is good that the requirement introduces thermal stability; The stuff with hot strong expensive sex makes. So place of this product part is titanium alloy TC4, Ti-3Al-2 more with material.

2Cr13 of 5V; stainless steel, 1Cr18Ni9Ti; The embarrassed treatment material such as stretch alloy 3J01, 3J53 and 1J50 of soft magnetism alloy. Alloy elephantine titanium, stretch alloy also is the material that my factory contacts first, to its cutting processability can lack understanding. Together with slightness, thin wall spare parts is more, treatment precision is taller, for example: The right spare parts that block a head up two aperture next door is large it is only 0.

35mm. Much group is had a plenty of in these material yuan, the Gao Rong with tall, can big activation nods content the aggrandizement material that tantalum turns through complex alloy; Some is the material that horniness burns more, high strenth. They are in cutting treatment, cutting tool bears enormous pressure and temperature, those who cause cutting tool is acuteness wear away, enthusiastic damaged, even plasticity is out of shape, make cutting treatment very difficult. Use original cutting tool and technique treatment, give out when treatment bleat shrilly sound, cutting tool vibration is big, durability is extremely low, treatment workpiece precision is poor, must use polishing working procedure to give make up for, manufacturing efficiency is extremely low, cannot satisfy the requirement of the user. In the light of afore-mentioned circumstances we established a task to tackle key problem group, undertake according to the different characteristic of spare parts and material craft explores an experiment, make those who place one condition tackle key problem at the same time plan, in order to determine the treatment method of effective. Pass period of time experiment for many times, captured eventually difficulty, part of product of type showing XX is entire on schedule consign user is used, especially the spare parts of difficult treatment material in this product machines quality (be like: Exterior surface roughness) the affirmation that got an user and praise, gained a few experience. Sum up as follows especially now: One, the cutting characteristic of cutting material is as follows: 1, cutting muscularity: Titanium alloy TC4, Ti-3Al-2.

5V; The difficult cutting material such as stainless steel 2Cr13, 1Cr18Ni9Ti and stretch alloy 3J01 is material of high strenth, tall hardness mostly, it is atomic density more among them big, slippage coefficient is much, the austenite of cubic lattice organizes the face heart with slippage much direction structure. Its are fought rupture tenacity is tall, stress-rupture plasticity is big. Resembling 1Cr18Ni9Ti especially is the austenite organization after passing solid dissolve aggrandizement, crystal lattice is serious and screwy, and atomic adhesion is big, be out of shape fight muscularity, the plasticity with the strong generation when cutting is out of shape, cutting force leap, when vehicle of the fine below normal condition, 1 what cutting force is 45 steel.

5 ~ 2.

5 times. 2, cutting temperature is high: Because difficult cutting material has very tall hot strong sex more, still retain very high strength below high temperature, the cutting work of deformation that so cutting uses up the quantity of heat of big, generation is much. The coefficient of thermal conductivity that because resemble titanium alloy, stretch alloy,waits for material again is very small be like: The =0 of λ of coefficient of thermal conductivity of TC4.

019, criterion a large number of heat in metal cutting that cutting area has produced accumulate centrally formed very high cutting temperature, together with, specific heat of titanium alloy, stretch alloy, proportion is all small, cutting temperature is met taller, the cutting temperature of stretch alloy can be as high as left and right sides of 1000 ° C. 3, treatment is sclerotic and serious: The treatment sclerosis liability of 1Cr18Ni9Ti austenite stainless steel, stretch alloy is great, treatment sclerosis degree and sclerotic deepness should compare 45 steel tall severalfold, and the sclerotic layer of stretch alloy can be amounted to 0.

3mm above. 4, stick felt of knife, aggravate easily to wear away: Cut face of the knife before bits is mixed to produce the phenomenon such as felt, fusion welding extremely easily, make discharge bits difficulty, cause collapse blade or hit a knife. 5, be like,tall hardness particle is contained in material matrix: TThe compound between IC, metal, produce intense friction to cutting tool, cause serious mechanical wear. 6, cutting tool oxidation wears away and diffuse wear away very serious. Additional, turning austenite stainless steel: When 1Cr18Ni9Ti and titanium alloy, the border of cutting tool wears away particularly remarkable, easy cause cutting tool chunk to collapse is dropped and machine heighten of exterior surface roughness, make cutting tool loses cutting ability prematurely. 7, of stainless steel and stretch alloy cut bits to break off not easily, extremely easy felt produces the tumor that accumulate bits. Because the tenacity of stainless steel, plasticity is all big, when turning is machined, cut bits continuous and ceaseless. Affect the success of the operation not only, cut bits to still can squeeze an injury to already machined the surface. Below high temperature, high pressure, the endophilicity of stainless steel and other metal is strong, phenomenon of easy generation conglutinate, form the tumour that accumulate bits. Already of aggravate cutting tool wear away, can appear again tear at phenomenon and make already machined exterior aggravation. 2, the spare parts analysis that typical difficulty has in XX type product: Serial number classifies brand of stuff of spare parts name to machine difficulty by material 1 titanium alloy is left block a head up the right TC41 that block a head up.

Material is alloy of α + β titanium, belong to difficult treatment material. 2.

Precision of size of on its 4 hole is tall, the position spends precision for 0.

02mm. 3.

Two aperture next door is large it is only 0.

35mm. Bung flange TC41.

Material is alloy of α + β titanium, belong to difficult treatment material. 2.

Car M12.

4 × 0.

Difficulty of 35-6h thread machining is greater. Left, right bearing covers TC41.

Material is alloy of α + β titanium, belong to difficult treatment material. 2.

SR10 is spherical difficulty of the thread machining outside reaching is greater. Core axis Ti-3Al-2.


Material is embarrassed process data. 2.

There is 1 on its 0.

2mm is wide, grow the long and thin chamfer that makes an appointment with 53mm, linearity is 0.

06mm, precision demand is high. The bottom builds TC41.

Material is alloy of α + β titanium, belong to difficult treatment material. 2.

Thin wall spare parts, aperture is step shape inside, coaxial is spent for φ 0.

03mm, verticality is 0.

05mm. Join axis TC41.

Material is alloy of titanium of α + β , belong to difficult treatment material. 2.

Big outside circle and φ 3-00.

004 outside round grinding treatment. 2Cr131 of cylindrical shell of 2 stainless steel.

35H6 of φ of the aperture inside right end and φ 37.

1H5 coaxial is spent for φ 0.

01mm. 2.

φ 37.


011) dimension asks to father, length is 110mm. 3.

Match with relevant component abrade, assure to cooperate clearance for 0.

008 ~ 0.

01mm. Crust 0Cr18Ni91.

Material is embarrassed process data. 2.

Wall of this spare parts is large it is only 0.

9mm, its go up to still need to machine the long chamfer of 30mm. 1J501 of core of alloy of 3 soft magnetism.

Material is embarrassed process data. 2.

φ of spare parts external diameter 2.

7mm, belong to long and thin axis, precision is tall. 3J011 of connecting rod of 4 stretch alloy.

Material is embarrassed process data. 2.

Spare parts external diameter is φ only 2.

5mm, linearity asks to be 0.

02mm, precision is tall. Connecting rod wears 3J011.

Material is embarrassed process data. 2.

Form is relatively complex, there are aperture and whorl to wait on its, precision is tall. 3, tackle key problem measure and settle a way: (one) titanium alloy: 1, material of right choice cutting tool: (1) when cutting machines titanium alloy, from drop cutting temperature, the viewpoint that reduces felt sets out, itself of material of requirement cutting tool has coefficient of friction small, endophilicity is poor, thermal conductivity is tall, wearability is good wait for a characteristic. Much blade, complex cutting tool, like broach, reamer, establish milling cutter, tap to wait use W18Cr4V can, and the cutting with use W6Mo5Cr4V2Al to have better machines the effect. To can using the cutting tool data that hard alloy makes, be like: The lathe tool, boring cutter, Dao Yingxuan that carry mill uses coefficient of thermal conductivity tall, intensity is high, the YG with brilliant small size kind hard alloy cutting tool is relatively appropriate, be like YG8, YG6X, but cannot use YT absolutely kind material of hard alloy cutting tool, make whorl lathe tool with razor blade of hard alloy of YW1, YN10, use effect is better. (2) join axis spare parts (material is TC4) on φ 3-00.

The grinding of 004 substandard circle must use green carborundum, 80 # granuality, the emery wheel of K bond. 2, the reasonable geometry parameter that chooses cutting tool correctly: (1) use lesser before horn and bigger hind horn, cut the osculatory length of face of the knife before bits and cutting tool in order to increase, the attrition of the horn after decreasing and workpiece. Lathe tool of general hard alloy is desirable γ O=5 ° , 15 ° of ~ of α O=10 ° . Break (roll) the radius of bottom land circular arc of bits chamfer is R6 ~ 8mm. Reamer is desirable 5 ° of ~ of γ O=0 ° , 18 ° of ~ of α O=15 ° . Tap cutting part is ~ of γ O=0 ° 7 ° , 18 ° of ~ of α O=15 ° . Of calibration part tooth back hind horn can amount to 20 ° ~ 30 ° , cause the accident that tap breaks off with preventing felt. (2) broach should increase vertex angle, take 2Kr=130 ° ~ commonly 140 ° ; 5 ° of ~ of γ F=0 ° ; 18 ° of ~ of α F=15 ° . To raise broach stiffness, answer to use short bit as far as possible, increase the ply that get a heart, take D=(0 of the ply that get a heart commonly.

3 ~ 0.

24)d0(d0 is broach diameter) . (3) use point of a knife of circular arc form, in order to increase strength of point of a knife, prevent collapse blade. : of radius of circular arc of point of a knife? : of vehicle of fine of 2mm; of ~ of =1 of ε of breed? γ ? Busy?0.

5mm. Establish milling cutter: ? Busy?0.

Does 5 ~ 5mm; carry milling cutter: ? Busy?0.

5 ~ 1mm; : of 3 blade milling cutter? Busy?0.

5 ~ 1mm. (4) before cutting tool, the exterior surface roughness from the back not prep above Ra0.

2 μ M(not under ∨ 9) , before had better be being ground with essence of diamond emery wheel, hind knife face, in order to hold edge sharp, decrease stick blade of knife, collapse, raise cutting tool durability. 3, dosage of logical choice cutting: (1) cutting surplus: Cutting deepness should choose a little bit big as far as possible. 2mm should is more than when thick car; Should be when fine vehicle 0.

07 ~ 0.

75mm. (2) cutting speed and feed: ? Department of intermediary of take along sth to sb steals? of Yu of that Xing Liang to pass in order to avoid temperature tall. Feed slants to burn knife; easily to cross small easy blunt sword greatly. In cutting process, midway stops a knife and cannot not enter do not retreat, can make treatment sclerosis otherwise. Thick car: 15 ~ 30mm/min;0.

1 ~ 0.

2mm/r. Fine vehicle: 18 ~ 36m/min;0.

05 ~ 0.

12mm/r. (3) when carrying TC4 of mill titanium alloy with razor blade of YG8 hard alloy, cutting dosage is α F=0.

1 ~ 0.

15mm/z; α P=1.

70m/min of ~ of =50 of υ of 5 ~ 2mm; . (4) the choice of grinding dosage: Grinding speed: Thick, essence grinds: Rotate speed of workpiece of 10 ~ 20m/s: Kibble: 8 ~ 12m/min; Essence of life grinds: 4 ~ 8m/min. Grinding deepness: Kibble: 0.

02 ~ 0.

03mm; Essence of life grinds: 0.

005 ~ 0.

01mm. Vertical feed speed: Kibble: 1 ~ 2m/min; Essence of life grinds: 0.

5 ~ 1m/min. 4, fluid of logical choice cutting: To drop cutting temperature, ought to to the gives priority to with cooling action cutting juice with cutting pouring and much area, it is better to use sparge refrigeration effect. When alloy of titanium of car, milling, use emulsion; Auger cut, the working procedure such as aperture of reaming, bore with a reamer, tap, should use lubricant function bigger extremely press solubility oil to regard cutting as fluid, wait like oleic acid, castor oil, sulfurized oil. But the fatigue intensity that sulfur, chloric meeting reduces titanium alloy, the spare parts after cutting is machined must be cleaned clean. (2) stainless steel: 1, material of right choice cutting tool, it is to assure efficient the fundamental condition of cutting treatment stainless steel. Machine a characteristic according to the cutting of stainless steel, material of requirement cutting tool has hear resistance tall, wearability is good, with stainless steel kiss and effect is little wait for a characteristic, be like,reason shows much blade, complex cutting tool broach, reamer, stand to still use W18Cr4V data milling cutter, it is better to use W6Mo5Cr4V2Al; And the hard metal that the milling cutter such as 3 lathe tool, blade uses the name such as YG6, YG8, YW1, YW2. Via experimenting for many times, we think effect of stainless steel of treatment of razor blade of YG8 lathe tool is best, be in cylindrical shell spare parts (material is 2Cr13) test and verify undertook on treatment. 2, reasonable choose parameter of cutting tool geometry: (1) use big before horn and big hind horn, cut bits in order to decrease to be out of shape the attrition of face of the knife after reaching (30 ° of ~ of general O=12 extraction γ ) . Lathe tool or boring cutter: 30 ° of ~ of ° of O=20 extraction γ . If the horn before 2Cr13 should take big cost,process martensite stainless steel; Treatment austenite stainless steel is like 1Cr18Ni9Ti, horn should take lesser cost before; Lesser or workpiece diameter is thin when mural workpiece, appropriate is used bigger before horn. When fine vehicle: 12 ° of ~ of α O=10 ° ; When thick car: 10 ° of ~ of α O=6 ° . Reamer takes ~ of γ O=8 ° 12 ° ; 12 ° of ~ of α O=8 ° . Tap takes 20 ° of ~ of γ O=15 ° (machine with) or γ O=20 ° (the hand is used) ; 12 ° of ~ of α O=8 ° . (2) broach should increase vertex angle, take 2Kr=130 ° ~ 150 ° , get pointed intensity and cutting in order to increase before horn; Horizontal blade shortens control for original 1/3. (3) before cutting tool due the chamfer that break bits, if strike out is lathe tool, boring cutter, full before cut off a knife round arc breaks bits chamfer, in order to obtain the favorable result that break bits; Lose arris to should not be too wide. (4) before cutting tool, from the back due and inferior surface surface roughness. Knife face is Ra0 before.

2 ~ 0.

9 ~ of ∨ of 1 μ M(∨ 10) ; Knife face is Ra0 after.

4 ~ 0.

8 ~ of ∨ of 2 μ M(∨ 9) . (5) close the cutting tool that hold bit should increase the space that hold bit. If number of tooth of bore with a reamer is average less, cut bits to jam in case, enhance tooth strength. (6) cutting tool point should keep sharp, in order to reduce treatment sclerosis. 3, dosage of logical choice cutting: (1) reduce cutting dosage, wear away with slow down cutting tool. Get when cutting, use high-speed steel bit normally; Take 30m/min of ~ of =10 of cutting speed υ , feed F=0.

1 ~ 0.

5mm/r. When bore with a reamer is cut, take ~ of =10 of cutting speed υ 20m/min(hard alloy) or) of high-speed steel of 8m/min(of υ =3 ~ ; F=0.

08 ~ 0.

Mental allowance of 4mm/r; thick reamer is 0.

2 ~ 0.

3mm, reamer of essence of life is 0.

1 ~ 0.

2mm. (2) when choosing feed, must not be less than 0.

1mm/r, avoid minim feed, lest afore,the treatment that working procedure stays undertakes cutting inside sclerotic area, and cutting blade should not be in cutting surface stays. (3) stay to avoid generation to accumulate bits, can use higher cutting rate or extremely low cutting rate, and keep away from oscillatory area. (4) cutting fluid: ? Lou of celestial bodies of abduct of besmear of  of gourd ladle of ⑷ of plinth of Cong of ρ ≡ Ju reads? of frame of Zhuo of Yin of box of  of └ of sweat of Tao of Xing of  of caries of badger of  of Jie of  of ⒍ of body of  of Ci Zhen of  of sea of Tao of Xiong Mei that Xing (3) soft magnetism, stretch alloy: 1, material of logical choice cutting tool: (1) use drill of broach of integral hard alloy, the φ that the experiment proves to use Israel to produce now 3.

Spare parts of connecting rod of treatment of broach of 7 whole hard alloy (material is 3J01) on, improve work efficiency 5 times above. (2) boring cutter and lathe tool of the circle outside using razor blade of YN10 hard alloy to make, whorl lathe tool. (3) make reamer with W6Mo5Cr4V2Al. 2, parameter of geometry of logical choice cutting tool: The geometrical parameter of lathe tool of hard alloy cutting tool and milling cutter: Before 8 ° of ~ of ° of horny γ O=-5; Hind 10 ° of ~ of ° of horny α O=6; 0 ° of ~ of ° of S=-15 of blade dip λ ≥ of ε of R of radius of point of a knife 0.

3mm. 3, the choice of turning and milling dosage: It is to avoid when turning in sclerotic layer cutting, should lower cutting rate appropriately commonly and increase cutting ply. Hard alloy lathe tool takes low speed, cut in deep, the principle of big feed. 4, add enough cooling fluid. 4, conclusion: Capture this task, make we accumulated valuable experience, make my plant hard the cutting tool design of cutting material and make went up a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. The treatment that shows my factory difficult cutting to machine a spare parts improves work efficiency 10 times above. CNC Milling