The current situation of industrial robot and development trend

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The first Unimate Robot comes out in the United States up to now already 45 years, robot technology is in in order to exceed the rate that average person place expects develops ahead, to the robot the understanding of this one concept and definition also are changing. Famous scientist Qian Xuesen pointed out end 1984: "Alleged robot, show those have the automatic machine of specific function namely, it is Electromechanical unifinication, the 20 centuries that have artificial intelligence factor 80 time hi-tech, it is one of serious content of new technology revolution. " this is the most authoritative with incisive and Baconian definition, what the practice that also comes for 20 years confirms its foresight judicious judgment. The robot is the mankind one of great inventions of 20 centuries. Forecast according to foreign expert, 2l century will be the century of robot technology revolution, the robot serves as comprehensive and outspread will come true with the physical strength of patulous person and intellective method " the automation on contemporary and highest meaning " . The application of the robot and the producer type that gain ground to changing the mankind, lifestyle and fight means. In the process is being made with the extreme in special rule, industrial robot is indispensable automation equipment. One, the current situation of foreign industry robot and development trend (one) the current situation robot of foreign industry robot is the most typical Electromechanical unifinication digitlization equips, the technology is add the cost is very high, applied range is very wide, as the burgeoning industry of the technology propping up of advanced manufacturing industry and informatization society, will produce the effect with rise mainer and mainer with social progress to future. Foreign expert is forecasted, robot industry is the new large hi-tech industry that appears after afterwards car, computer. According to international robot federation (IFR) statistic, prospect of world robot market is valued, since below 20 centuries half leaf, world robot industry is maintaining the good momentum that grows steadily all the time. Enter 90 age, robot product develops speed to accelerate, year increase rate is in on average 10% the left and right sides, increase rate rose to 15% 2000, predict 21 centuries first, the job will break through 1 million in the industrial robot of each domain. No less than " 2l century Japan founds robot society technology to develop the strategy to report " point out, "Robot technology (RT) with IT (IT) same, in respect of aggrandizement industry competition ability it is very main strategic hi-tech field. Cultivating prospective robot industry is one of industrial strategies of competition ability of industry of Japan of century of the 2l that prop up, have very important sense. " recently, korea also includes a country to develop a program intelligent robot as one of industries of 10 old strategies (2003 ~ 2007) , in be being carried out now. The robot applies extensively at all trades and professions. Basically undertake soldering, assemble, carry, the complex operation such as battlements of treatment, spray, code. Current, the whole world is active service industrial robot 830 thousand. Go 10 years, the price of the robot is reduced about 80% , continue to drop now, and Euramerican labor cost rose 40% . The mean life of active service robot is in 10 years of above, the likelihood is as high as 15 years, they are returned easily reuse. Because the robot reachs outfit of automation whole set to be opposite fully,raise level of manufacturing industry automation, improve product quality and manufacturing efficiency, enhance business market competition ability, improvement work requirement had major effect, together with cost is reduced substantially and of function rise quickly, its growth rate is rapidder. Reach U.N. Economic Commission Europe according to international robot federation (UCENE) statistic, if express L place to show, robot installation quantity was 2001 7.

80 thousand are covered, year increase rate 9% . The application of the robot basically has two kinds of kind, one kind is robot work unit, another kind is the product line that takes a robot, and latter has made the main way of robot application in abroad. What got used to much breed of modern manufacturing industry, little batch for the automation product line of core with the robot is flexible production develops way, have broad market to develop foreground and driving vitality, the automation whole set that already developed the industry such as car, electric machine assembles equipment and product line product. In the developed country, robot automation product line already formed a giant industry, year market size is 100 billion dollar about. Go up like international cropland of well-known company ABB, Comau, KUKA, BOSCH, NDC, SWISSLOG, village is robot automation product line and content shed the compositive supplier with storage automation equipment. According to statistic of association of Japanese industry robot, annual produce of inchoate industry of Japanese industry robot is 5 billion yen about, the application that passes 70 time period with 80 time gain ground period, production value reached 100 billion yen 1981, raise 600 billion yen to 1991, to 2000, its production value reachs 1.08 trillion yen, will reach 1.85 trillion yen 2005. According to statistic of international robot association, industrial robot delivered goods the capacity appears driving growth momentum 2003. With compared 2002, 2003 of the robot inside global limits order goods the volume rises about 10% above. Predict, the world market of industrial robot will cover growth to many 91100 of 2006 from 68600 of 2002, year grow 7 on average.

4% . (2) the development trend robot of foreign industry robot involves the many course such as mechanical, electron, control, computer, artificial intelligence, sensor, communication and network and field, be achievement of a variety of development of new and high technology is integrated and compositive. Accordingly its development develops with afore-mentioned course closely related. The robot application in manufacturing industry range is wider and wider, the rate that its standardization, modular, network and intelligence change is higher and higher also, the function is stronger and stronger, the way that sides with whole set technology and equipment develops. Robot application transforms to blame manufacturing industry from traditional manufacturing industry, develop to the personification that is a center with the person and small small-sized way, will serve each fields at human activity. General trend is the robot concept from narrow sense the robot technology to broad sense (RT) notional move; Develop to the robot technology estate that settles business of project application program from industrial robot industry. Robot technology (RT) connotation already turned into " use robot technology neatly, the intelligence that has real action function changes a system. " at present, robot technology is in industry to develop to the direction of intelligent machine and intelligent system, its develop a trend to basically be: Of the structure modular and can reframe change; Those who control a technology is open change, PC is changed and network; The digitlization of drive technology mixes servo to be changed dispersedly; Of technology of much sensor confluence practical change; Working environment designs what optimize and work is flexible change and systematic network and intelligence are changed wait for a respect. 2, the current situation of domestic industry robot and the robot research that develop trend our country develop the work only then at 20 centuries at the beginning of 70 time, already experienced course of 30 years to now. Be in research unit proper motion before 10 years to develop research work condition, progress is slower. Begin to include a country to concern a plan after 1985, development is rapidder. Be in especially " 75 " , " 85 " , " 95 " robot technology country tackles key problem, " 863 " below the key support that hi-tech development plans, the robot technology of our country obtained significant progress. In respect of robot foundation technology: The kinematic, kinetic analysis of orgnaization of such as robot and integrated research, the control algorithm that the robot moves reachs the research of robot programming language, the research of sensor of ministry of robot inside and outside and development, have much sensor to dominate systematic research, all obtain great progress the technology of process designing leaving a line, control technology of remote control robot, get applied in real work. The unit technology in the robot and foundation yuan the research of the component develops a field: Such as hands in dc servo electric machinery to reach its drive system, measure fast dynamo, photoelectricity coder, hydraulic pressure (pneumatic) yuan bearing of roller of reducer of slideway of guide screw of component, ball, linear scroll, harmonic, RV reducer, crossed across, Bao Bi bearing all develop. But these yuan the component is apart from batch to change production to still have a paragraph of space. In the development respect of robot control equipment: Already developed have double CPU, much CPU and classification statified much stage of pilot robot control equipment, advocate the class that controls the computer also upgrades gradually. The field develops in robot manipulator: Already developed a few advanced manipulator and special type robot, like AGV (guide automatically make a car) , robot of mural face crawl, repeat fixed position precision to be ± O.

The assembly of 024mm robot, can slip into the underwater robot of marine 6000m, mobile robot, robot of mobile remote control, principal and subordinate operates a robot to wait, some already were amounted to practical change a standard and use at actual project. In the applied engineering field of the robot: At present home already built many arc welding machine implement person product line, assemble robot product line, spray product line and solder hold product line. Force of robot technology research and development had had design of large robot engineering and the capacity that carry out, integral function already achieved international the advanced level of congener product, and integral price is foreign congener product only 2/3 even half, have very good performance/price ratio and market competition ability. According to statistic, "95 " during, the demand of robot of our country industry with annual the rate of 30 % above rises. 2000, of robot of our country industry have a quantity to be 3500 about, among them with solder of spot welding, arc, spray paint, note model, assemble, carry, the of all kinds robot such as punch is given priority to, sale is 6. 700 million yuan. Product sales volume was like 1986 ~ 2000 the watch is shown 3 times. Forecast according to concerning an expert, our country robot had a quantity to will be added 2005 reach 7600, year sale is 28.

700 million yuan; Had a quantity to be 17300 2010, year sale is 93.

100 million yuan. According to developed country industry development and the course that upgrade and industrial robot industrialization develop a tendency, to 2015 the capacity of Chinese robot market amounts to ten to cover about. Our country in last few years robot automation product line has appeared ceaselessly, bring distinct benefit to the user. As level of automation of business of our country industry rise ceaselessly, the market of the line also meets robot automation bigger and bigger, and make the main way of automation product line gradually. The market that product line of automation of our country robot equips just starts, and domestic equipment manufacturing industry is in equip by the tradition the period to transition of advanced production equipment, this studies to robot automation product line developer brings tremendous business chance. According to forecasting, at present our country only industry of batteries of electron and automobile industry, home appliance industry, nicotian industry, new energy resources, year this kind of automation wire amounts to demand many 300, production value is many yuan of 60 RMB about. Predict 600 to 2005 product line of this kind of automation achieves or so demand. According to the pace is calculated first, "915 " during the demand market size of automobile manufacturing industry will achieve many yuan of 800 RMB. Our country has manufacturer of robot of main production industry its scale of production is minor, this and current market demand have bigger difference. Scale of production achieves big batch productivity, the stability that just can increase a robot, dependability and reduce cost, ability is occupational home market. Basically produce generation to show at present teach emersion robot. As the building industry of construction, petrifaction, food, nucleus, underwater, headroom reachs the demand of small treatment industry, will roll out a batch of new model, be like big load, high accuracy, snakelike, unmanned aircraft and family expenses, patient nurses, blind guiding dog. Reaching base of property of its automation product line in robot of work up Shanghai, Shenyang, Beijing at present, development goes a batch to have market perspective, have the robot of own intellectual property and product of its automation product line. Strengthen further cooperate with the foreign enterprise, introduce advanced technique and capital to make our country becomes international to produce robot base, occupational home market, trend world. CNC Milling