Use PLC of 3 water chestnut to realize the accurate control to printing machine

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1 foreword in recent years, as technology of our country automation rise, factory automation also went up a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. PLC regards a burgeoning industry as controller, with its volume is minor, the function is all ready, the price is low, advanced respect has reliability distinct advantage, wide application was won in each domains. As home the oldest printing machine produces manufacturer---Company of boreal person group, to make product performance steady, safeguard easily, we were used give priority to with PLC accuse implement control program. Because double lubricious printing machine asks to be operated easily, precision is tall, its input reason, output dot is more, because this used double machine news report. Go up a machine use FX2N-80MR+32EX+4D/A of 3 water chestnut, basically be in charge of advocate the control of transmission, the control that each aircrew separation and reunion presses, and pump, the control of gas a powerful person. Issue a machine to use FX2N-64MR+4A/D of 3 water chestnut, basically be in charge of the control of water roller electric machinery, advocate the timing output of transmission, data of tone edition electric machinery is collected etc. Chose a 3 water chestnut at the same time 5.

7 inches touch screen, speed of electric machinery of roller of main and responsible water shows, tone edition shows, and overall breakdown shows etc. This system moves reliable, safeguard convenient, the operation is handy and direct, increased the class of offset press greatly, get user reputably. 2 construction of system this construction of system pursues as follows: Among them, go up a machine and issued a machine to use RS485 news report, communication is convenient, reliable. To polychromatic machine character, safe factor is very main. In the design, every aircrew should consider safe control already, what include standard unit among them is urgent stop, safe pushbutton; Consider convenient operation even, include every unit all due on schedul, nod pushbutton instead. Accordingly, input a dot to increase on one hand a lot of; On the other hand, take a line very no-go also. Use double machine news report, can solve this problem well, of each aircrew it is OK to take a line according to nearby principle, enter closer from it control inside ark, saved already take a line, also went to the lavatory to control. Because printing machine is the machine with a more expensive precision, the stand or fall of presswork depends on the precision of machining and installation on one hand, on the other hand, also depend on canalage, mo Lu's balance and add up to the accuracy that press. Each kinds of group of double lubricious machine, have canalage and unit of Chinese ink road. To facilitate the adjustment of water roller speed, every water roller uses control of a transducer, in the meantime, advocate electric machinery speed also needs transducer adjustment. Accordingly, adjust to achieve multichannel rate, we used converter of digital-to-analogue of 4D/A of 3 water chestnut, the number that it just gives out PLC is measured, according to corresponding algorithm, changeover becomes output of 0~10V volts d.c. , realized multichannel well speed adjustment requirement. Pressworking in the process, tone edition is a trivaller process. Be opposite especially for polychromatic machine, each groups of edition are right precision can taste the influence with very large generation to imprinting. If overprint forbids, presswork overlaps with respect to meeting occurrence literal or video not clear. Generally speaking, forme axial adjusting range is - 2mm~+2mm, zhou Xiang adjusting range is - 1mm~+1mm. If use a hand to move tone edition, can waste a lot of time, and precision is not tall. Hit automatically to come true edition, we installed potentiometer on edition roller, imitate through potentiometer the quantity conveys 4A/D, through PLC processing, can control the rotational precision of edition roller well making edition range inside. Feeling screen regards a kind of new-style man-machine as the interface, from appear to be paid close attention to, its use easily simply, powerful function and excellent stability make it suits to be used at industrial environment very much. The user can combine a character freely, pushbutton, graph, the number will handle or the information that monitoring government may change at any time. As the flying development of mechanical equipment, before operation interface needs to be operated by experienced operator talent, cannot improve efficiency. But use man-machine interface, can be indicated clearly and inform the condition with operator machine current equipment, make the operation becomes simple and vivid. Use feeling screen, still can make machine layout is standardized, simplification, also can reduce PLC to control wants I/O check the number at the same time, reduce manufacturing cost, also increase the additional value of equipment of a complete set of relatively. 3 water chestnut feel screen and PLC of 3 water chestnut to have very good versatility, can online surveillance modifies a program, need not very troublesome repetition is inserted unplug interface. 3 software are designed 3. The electric design of whole of printing machine of 1 design giving paper is more complex still, very strict also to the requirement of time. Contain in a lot of places of the machine be close to switch, with will detect different time place. Pressworking in the process, the stand or fall that takes paper is a when affect machine quality important segment. The stand or fall that alleged paper takes, those who point to is to not have crooked piece, double piece wait for a phenomenon, if have crooked piece, double piece of phenomenon, below high speed circumstance, take bad paper with respect to meeting general, inside machine of be involved in, destroy rubber thereby, bring very big loss to the user. This process flow is as follows: In the experiment, we discover, according to the program that afore-mentioned flow weave, the problem is done not have in low speed, but speed heighten comes after 7000r/h, can appear crooked Zhang Suo does not live phenomenon. Investigate its reason, because bareheaded reacts time and lag of magnet movement time are caused,basically be. The program is in executive process, use circular scanning means, to let electro-magnet output shifts to an earlier date, in the design, I was used interrupt and the instruction of input output refresh that process designing of 3 water chestnut dictates, make electro-magnet output is carried out instantly, shifted to an earlier date electro-magnet movement time, although be below the speed of 12000r/h, also can very good chain the paper that has trouble, solved the one catastrophe that gives paper to inscribe. 3. 2 separation and reunion press a design to leave pressure, add up to the effect with be pressed in presswork to have very main. The accuracy that separation and reunion presses, the stand or fall that tastes quality to imprinting is having immediate effect. Close pressure premature, canister of roller of can flyblown embossing, bring a lot of inconvenience to the operation; From pressure premature, can make last pieces of paper does not imprint finish whole design, create paper waste. In the design, from pressure, if plan institute shows,add up to the order flow that control: When pressworking, edition roller canister and rubber roller canister close first pressure, close after rubber roller canister and embossing roller canister pressure. In our machine, close pressure used pneumatic device entirely, every air cylinder has time of a movement. Because presswork,speed is multistage fast, between 3000~12000r/h, according to the user need can choose different career. But, time of air cylinder movement is certain, it is certain that tine cycle crosses angle, accordingly, when machine speed is different, close press time to also differ. To solve this problem, we are worth according to theoretical calculation, find out to different machine speed when, the delay time time of the machine. Use compare a statement, when the machine paragraph fast as equal as theoretical value when, the time with corresponding delay time, make embossing roller canister and rubber roller canister accurate close pressure. The course experiments for many times, from pressure, close pressure do not have a problem. 3. Design of 3 man-machine interface is in man-machine interface, designed 7 appearances, include integral figure, breakdown shows, machine speed and computation show, water roller speed shows, tone edition monitoring. Breakdown shows use indicator, give out a component can come true blink the effect, those who make handlers very convenient know breakdown place, whole feels very good. Show in water roller speed in, designed a histogram, can show water quantity increases size, need to press only histogram, can increase water amount, monitoring also can go to the lavatory in the meantime. If plan institute shows: 4. A of last word printing machine electric design belongs to systematic design, include hardware, software design, cover range wider. Here, I introduced only simply to compare important a few parts among them, other detail still has a lot of, here is listed one by one no longer. Use the system of a control of 3 water chestnut, the feeling is honest, convenient, in process of machine batch production, did not discover big question. Its PLC function is all ready, reliable and durable, the statement is terse, compare with other product photograph, feel interface of system of software of whole of 3 water chestnut is more friendly, give an user process designing, maintenance is brought great and convenient. Its feel screen and PLC to have very good versatility, can pass feeling screen] monitor and modify a program, this is other product place cannot be equal to those who reach. Anyhow, the labour of 3 water chestnut accused component to bring a lot of to design personnel and user. CNC Milling