The laser temper by dipping in water of mould and mechanical component is hard

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Use laser to quench craft, it is very small that the selective hardening that has the generation when temper by dipping in water is hard to good through cutting treatment component part is out of shape, can make follow-up treatment reduces lowermost rate to discharge this kind of treatment completely perhaps from this, make the mould can throw manufacturing application instantly after temper by dipping in water is hard thereby. German Alotec company masters in this respect have tricks of the trade of technology of quite a few, the company is its client besides offer quench paidly outside the service, still can use portable laser equipment to undertake quenching to client place where troops are stationed directly. In addition, alotec company stimulates beam of light to quench to the whole world is made and be supplied equipment, these facilitieses can undertake configuration according to the client's requirement. As option, stimulate beam of light to quench equipment can expand for laser powder v is mixed v of silk of laser beam welding. Besides CO2 laser, fiber-optic laser and Nd:YAG (laser of aluminous garnet of yttrium of mix into neodymium) outside, the connective of glazed still fine that can use directly is efficient diode laser (HLDL) . Efficient diode laser is relative to shorter wavelengh with limits has the job, make the circumstance of inspiratory workpiece material should compare energy from this other laser light source is more significant, the energy of efficient diode absorbs efficiency to be able to be achieved about 35% . Use the HLDL laser of 10kW, hard width of temper by dipping in water can amount to 60mm but the workpiece data with hard temper by dipping in water has qualitative steel of structural steel, attune and cast steel, and of all sorts of different sort if cast-iron or flake graphite is bulbiform black lead is cast-iron. But the data with direct hard temper by dipping in water, its contain carbolic quantity to want to achieve at least 0.

22% . But, the steel of classics cementite and the steel that convert via nitrogen beforehand also can undertake quenching likewise. Mould surface passes the temperature that the elevatory speed of the temperature that is more than 1000ºK/s heats to be changed to austenite, this temperature rise reachs the melting point that approachs material via control, but won't reach temperature of this melting point. The time that temperature can keep is 10-3 ~ about 10 seconds, cooling speed decides at temperature to component part itself conduct. A thinner oxidation layer is formed in component part surface, majority of layer of this one oxidation is footy, and but ground of without striking a blowing goes to his getting rid of. When next undertaking that laser quenchs, the case that using aeriform protection can avoid to produce oxidation layer. With quench craft photograph is compared otherly, laser quenchs acquires metallographic organization is quite careful grain. As a result of the formation of martensite, hardness value can reach the upper limit value of hardness. To quenching for the choice of craft, answer to be asked to decide by the function that puts forward to workpiece, is not to if resemble quenching the workability with local craft will decide,be stemmed from. The production cost that should reduce cutting to machine perhaps decreases " already temper by dipping in water is hard " the treatment charge of component part. The quantity of heat that if be in,workpiece passes into when quenching is higher, can be in by the stress that cutting treatment forms before of workpiece all round release, cause component part be out of shape. Workpiece stays with respect to need have mental allowance, this kind of mental allowance needs expenditure to more cost of raw materials is used and have particular risk. The result is must want to undertake sequel is machined on the component part with hard temper by dipping in water, this meeting expends more time and charge. Our target is, should make component part is in > below weak < condition, have cutting precision work before quench namely, this needs to use a kind to produce very small metabolic to quench surely craft. And use HLDL laser to undertake selective hardening, quench to reduce be out of shape offerred best condition. And can continue carry the basic tenacity of core of component part nucleus and the risk that reduced generation crackle accordingly. When laser quenchs, stimulate beam of light to be being aimed at by the place with the local perhaps position with strong temper by dipping in water, the heat that measures rarely only conducts component part. Accordingly, make component part does not deliver generation bigger be out of shape, undertake very few follow-up to simply of hard work of temper by dipping in water thereby treatment or need to have this kind of treatment no longer even. In addition, the higher energy efficiency that laser quenchs and shorter process time, this quenchs to this kind the application of craft is having positive effect. Make via temper by dipping in water hard work applies very quickly at following manufacturing process thereby. Laser quenchs OK and compositive in successive manufacturing process. This kind quenchs craft characteristic is friendly to the environment with cleanness. In addition, to the design personnel and manufacturing program personnel opened new possibility. Come a lot of years, proof laser quenchs have apparent economic effect. Industrial robot ensures stimulate beam of light the is close to a gender to operate HLDL laser through industrial robot laser illuminant to component part. The is used at work location turn of a have as an attached institution - tilt workbench ensured almost completely stimulate beam of light to be opposite of component part surface be close to a gender. Usable when need linear reference axis has complement to industrial robot. Laser power adjusting control implement Lompoe Pro ensured in workpiece apparently the best temperature stability that achieves ± 10ºK. The temperature of workpiece surface uses camera to undertake determining, with laser power adjusting control implement undertake handling. This can quench through be in inside orbit assign temperature value accurately. Satisfied the postulate with indispensible place of strong gain of even to obtaining below situation of high quality demand temper by dipping in water from this. Resemble feed speed parameter of such a few other technology and the to workpiece different an angle of incidence related to geometrical position, it is decide and according to a lot of quenching process and corresponding experience undertake evaluating. Lens system (lens of the reflection in pointing to laser system and condenser -- interpret is noted) can make stimulate beam of light to project with first-rate in limits of component part interior horn arrives treat quenched surface. The errant to change strength condition below the case that can provide other systems and Lassy of system of scanning of laser of accessory equipment trends to be able to amount to 200Hz in scanning frequency or quench track width undertakes metrical. Stimulate beam of light to be able to undertake dogging to workpiece face figure of change from this, OK also skip over this workpiece surface. Stimulate Lasmon of analyzer of beam of light to be used measure the power that stimulates beam of light density allocates and its with three-dimensional model intuitionistic the earth's surface is shown come out. Surface of component of edge of emulation software DCAM undertakes off line process designing to stimulating method of beam of light. Alotec company still is offerred " Plug And Work " model system of movable type small-sized laser. This kind of system can expand laser powder v and equipment of v of silk of laser beam welding. CNC Milling