STIWA high-powered laser beam welding receives equipment application to be produced at gear case component

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The solid base headquarters that EtherCAT terminal box makes innovation component plan is located in Atenapuhe the core business of group of Hao Austria STIWA is product and package automation. STIWA company produces the place of complex nicety and high quality component with high handling capacity in need, the high-powered laser beam welding of the gear case component that in be being used at making car trade for instance, uses is received machine, the control technology that used Beckhoff undertakes controlling. The core part of equipment is by STIWA the high speed intelligence that develops technically transmits a system. It measures a body for high-powered component technically to make, the Beckhoff that cited to be formed by EtherCAT component and TwinCAT automation software is modular all advantages of the system. STIWA Automation GmbH of automation system manufacturer and APF Produktionsdienstleistungs GmbH of systematic component manufacturer are subject at STIWA group, it is in Europe is a very famous product and package automation supplier. Brand-new and compositive the high-powered laser beam welding that high speed transmits a system is received machine is devoted already recently production, for one extraction bound banner car manufacturer produces gear case package. The assembly in the tradition in equipment, workpiece bears the weight of implement the loop in passing attrition leather belt to be in whole factory is run. The rate that achieves through place of this kind of means can't satisfy the requirement of high-powered production normally. Besides the unit that stop and locates place needs, still must code reader has, bear the weight of in order to ensure of processing is correct workpiece implement. The means that the systematic STIWA that can bring high additional cost regards a NC as the axis through using servo electric machinery and tooth form leather belt was assembling the success in equipment to realize the transmission of workpiece, let make thereby workpiece bears the weight of implement can realize very exact location. The transmission speed when gross weight is 10kg can achieve 3m/s almost. In addition, hang depends on workpiece bearing the weight of implement identify. Need to use a simple immediateness only switch, can bear the weight of in order to scan to workpiece implement a laser of lower part codes board, measure record of EtherCAT terminal box through EP1258 number next. The time jab function that passes EtherCAT (resolution is inside accept second limits) , can bear the weight of in workpiece implement when passing, undertake discriminating to its. Most admissibility has intelligent code algorithm 3 are read take an error. Transmission leather belt moves the pace on workstation to take electric machinery drive by the hand. Take case of electric machinery terminal through using Beckhoff EP7041 situation -- design through intelligence, workstation can be mixed with safe speed limit the means of safe limitation torsion is carried out. STIWA is high-powered one of banner suppliers that assemble automation system: The flexible transmission system that is based on EtherCAT helped us build a new milepost to transmit a system -- the step that just achieves a goal not just " one of keys that transmission system is the high-powered automation with quick implementation. Besides the system that uses besides here, we still need to design a model that is used at effective carring capacity to be 100 Kg additionally. So OK, whole set is transmitted to launch unit in whole production facilities with same rate and security. " when Peter Sticht of general manager of company of STIWA Holding GmbH is describing his to be developed independently such say. "Carry not just very important to us, it also is a component of value catenary, because had TwinCAT NC later, we have axis of all-round of ourselves NC. " each component receive the clamp in module in laser beam welding and solder. Central platform and unit of laser fixed position formed the core of equipment. In these two unit, every unit has two independent application to spend servo campaign system to form at the 5 freedom of laser optics. The central platform below, every include 8 servo rods that are used at accurate clamp tool. To ensure technology reliability, measure systematic setup to be on the tool platform that can change. These systems pass the EP5101 of EtherCAT terminal box that takes increment coder interface and EP1018 of EtherCAT terminal box and EP3174 join to arrive controller. All tools manage in TwinCAT system implement in be heated up to join by EtherCAT of parameter melt into group, can undertake changing during move. Can solder in agile equipment so the package that most appearance changes. The tool heats up join group to identify through EtherCAT, ensure equipment always deploys correct tool to cover. Equipment the Communist Party of China installed box of terminal of 260 many EtherCAT. All 180 servo axes are controlled for all-round NC axis, need corresponding computational capability, it uses Intel by 14®The BeckhoffC6240-0030 industry PC of Core2 Duo processor is offerred. Equipment has an intricate work to bear the weight of implements circulates plan, it has image through data server. Can ensuring every machine module so always is can accurate " know " what recipe parameter will be used at current work. Machine a result, if standard of status of measured value, treatment, quality and craft are evaluated,always keep consistent. Although, dissipation heat serves with Yu Louyu TwinCAT software function piece ensure -- the dynamic circumstance according to equipment -- be in less as far as possible laser of practicable of thermal collector lieutenant general can change heat energy, anyway, floor space equipment can use the quantity of heat that dissipation comes out: STIWA company building, also be to use Beckhoff device control character, use the quantity of heat that comes out by laser dissipation to be plant building and office heating. What Nextpage controls compositive STIWA of the technology is high-powered assemble machine it is technical control and compositive foundation. "We are not around move a technology or craft make automation system; Contrary, we are the one part that regards automation as craft undertakes developing. " the say when Peter Sticht is describing proposal of this one party. "This lets us can the pace is entered carry out very complex ship-fitter art, and still can realize periodic time to be less than every 0.

7s completes work of a rough machining -- although be the technology with quite high demand, if those fittings machine medium craft. " workpiece bears the weight of implement when measuring EP1258 of EtherCAT terminal box through the number, be identified. Carry a system to go up to be able to detect at most 623 different workpiece bear the weight of implement gear case component solders in laser photoelectricity component the signal in agile clamp device passes EtherCAT terminal box to collect entirely, the mature software solution that can achieve the software company AMS Engineering GmbH that optimizes installation data to collect the crucial group subordinate that is value creation to develop thereby perfected the product range of STIWA Automation further. Collect detailed manufacturing data -- the integral part that serves as equipment -- the bottleneck problem that can identify presence accurately. Can come true to improve a process what be based on a fact continuously so. Had equipment data to collect (MDA) , manufacturing data is collected (PDA) reach quality data to collect (QDA) after the function, can be collected and show all equipment to produce data. Fictitious real time tracks a function to be able to determine breakdown cause not only; It still can make manufacturing technology vitrification. It can decide an issue truly immediately is to go out in product, craft or batch mistake. Pass join batch and process data, namely process parameter allocates every component, ensure can track a gender in the round. The recipe that historical data is collected and version can accuse forms this to trace core part of the system. Software product range gets be perfectinged further through the general, visible system that can expand. It from spot signal outspread to storage, can show good value and instantaneous produce the deviation between instantly. Industrial standard parameter (if OEE, TEEP reachs parameter of a lot of other) OK and clear show, the help avoids or shorten equipment stays machine and breakdown time. This can pass the function in TwinCAT piece as complex as a between analytic software, compositive interface comes true. Visible plan is based on a client to carry / server framework, it is in Beckhoff CP7702 15 inch Z-Point CI shows on face plate PC -- long the AMS Engineering user interface of experience card. Peter Sticht of STIWA general manager is very affirmatory to a thing: "This one equipment let us build a new milepost in agile automation domain, in Europe the area redefine of this high pay so called " high-powered " turn into its reality. In Europe the area redefine of this high pay so called " high-powered " turn into its reality.. CNC Milling