Poor fast implement the turning treatment craft with spherical housing and cutting tool design

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Poor fast implement the Italian FIAT that housing is lug company production is introduced product and 40 horsepower of 30 ~ one of important parts of truckle tractor, workpiece material is nodular cast iron character. Product measure public errand asks: Deviation is on + 0.

25mm, next deviation are 0, it is F0 to spending tolerancepublic errand at standard position.

03mm; surface surface roughness asks to be Ra1.

6µm. Poor fast implement the spherical treatment difficulty inside housing is taller. The basis is poor fast implement performance characteristics requirement, reach the treatment precision that the position spends to assure housing measure, designed those who use the structure that mount a tooth-like part of anything inside spherical Huo is gotten reach its complementary (inside Huo) of device of the spherical arbor that decide Cheng. But, the production that spherical Huo gets and blade cross are spent bigger, and after cutting tool wears away, to tooth every undertake blade is ground, the positional relation of dot and dot of each correspondence be gettinged on by treatment face on tooth should produce change, affect directly thereby inside spherical treatment quality, the position alignment error that the spare parts processes after because spherical Huo plunges knife,be being ground often is more than F0.

2mm, because this satisfies treatment requirement completely hard. In addition, spherical treatment method is taller to clamping apparatus requirement inside Huo, need configures automatic sizing device to control cutting tool feed, make thereby the design of clamping apparatus, make complication. To solve this one problem, we undertook iteration study to technology program according to product characteristic, the decision is used method of poor filling turning is used to replace on machine tool of S1-325 numerical control spherical treatment method realizes difference inside Huo fast implement the spherical treatment inside housing, designed special machine to place but dislocation lathe tool. Train of thought of design of 1 cutting tool and characteristic machine clip but dislocation lathe tool is the finished product that will have reasonable geometry appearance and cutting blade but dislocation razor blade places firm method to assemble through machinery go up in arbor, when blade of a cutting labour is added wear away to cannot when reoccupy, can change quickly through dislocation new cutting blade. Use machine clip but dislocation lathe tool undertakes machining having the following characteristic: Parameter of cutting tool geometry and cutting performance are steady, fixed position precision and repeat precision taller, can make sure change of position of point of a knife is inside workpiece precision limit and the consistency that machines precision. Bit clamp is reliable, become loose not easily below cutting force impact, vibration and action of heat in metal cutting. Cutting tool life is long, need not blade is ground, the operation is handy, can shorten stop machine change the auxiliary man-hour such as the knife. Arbor dislocation is convenient, quick, can use repeatedly, service life is long, can reduce stocks, simplify cutting tool management. Machine clip but ° of G=-4 of the horn before dislocation lathe tool is designed, ° of blade dip L=-4, cutting cutting tool has enough strength, can bear impact of bigger cutting force, avoid blade of collapse of point of a knife. But dislocation car razor blade chooses lozenge GB general razor blade, in can assuring cutting process coil automatically bits and the smooth stability that the curve machines, and realize cutting tool standardization, seriation easily, suit automation to produce medium profile modeling turning. Cutting tool uses snail to sell impaction type structure, bolt passes razor blade of clamp of bit heavy aperture, the structure is simple, the part is little, fixed position precision is tall, edge dislocation repeats precision tall, the space that hold bit is large. The basis is machined material characteristic, of the edge in considering cutting course wear away, use bit of TiC+Al2O3+TiN compound coating. This kind of razor blade can reduce the attrition that cuts bits and cutting tool, still can maintain tall hardness to reach below cutting high temperature fight oxidisability goodly, can improve bit service life thereby, reduce surface roughness of spare parts surface. In addition, the heat treatment new technology that uses my company development is in TiC radical adds TiN in hard alloy, can raise the thermal conductivity of bit and sex of the blade that fight collapse significantly, ask to minute of play can be filled in taller cutting treatment in minim cutting and exterior precision TiC radical the performance dominant position of hard alloy. The difference that method of design of 2 cutting tool wants to machine fast implement spherical dimension is S=f138 respectively inside housing.

5mm, F124mm, F161mm. Workpiece material: 190) of ~ of HB150 of hardness of ministry of core of GH45-33-15(of nodular cast iron. Machine precision requirement: It is F0 to spending tolerancepublic errand at standard position.

03mm, ra1 of exterior surface roughness.

6µm. Cutting dosage: Cutting speed Vc=2m/s, feed F=0.

4mm/r, cutting deepness Ap=3mm. Machine a machine tool: Machine tool of S1-325 numerical control. Cutting tool design stage is as follows: Machine a requirement according to be being pledged reach by material of treatment spare parts, the new-style and compound coating that bit material chooses matrix of YG6 hard alloy (TiC+Al2O3+TiN) razor blade. According to be being machined spare parts characteristic reachs cutting parameter, bit tightens solid form design to sell structure of the type that press aperture for snail. But type of dislocation razor blade chooses lozenge GB general razor blade, horn of point of a knife is 55 ° , law backward horn is 7 ° , bosseyed have the V chamfer that break bits, bit ply S=3.

97, re=0 of radius of round horn of point of a knife.

4 ± 0.

1mm; basis machines precision requirement, bit precision chooses M course. Affirmatory but model of dislocation razor blade is DCMT11T304-V1. Sa=ap/sinkrcosl=3/sin62 of length of bit cutting blade.

=3 of ° of 5 ° Cos-4.

≥ of L of cutting blade length should be satisfied when 39mm; thick car 1.


086mm, what pick bit advocate cutting blade edge grows L ≈ 11.

6mm, can satisfy cutting requirement. Machine clip but the geometrical angle of chamfer of arbor of lathe tool of head of knife of dislocation lathe tool designs foregone parameter: Bit law backward horny Anb=7 ° , the independent angle Kr=62 of lathe tool of; of ° of Lsb=0 of bit blade dip.

5 ° , ls=4 ° , krg=kr=62 of tool cutting edge angle of chamfer of arbor of; of ° of Ao=4 of the horn after preelection.

5 ° , ° of Lsg=ls=-4 of dip of arbor chamfer blade. Criterion Gog of the horn before arbor chamfer can press type calculates: Tangog=(tananb-a0/cosls)/1+tananbtanao/cosls)coslsg=0.

052364957 can get Aog=2.

9975528 ° , take Aog=3 ° . Ao of the horn after checking computations lathe tool: Arctan(tananb-tanaogcoslsg)cosls/(1+tananbgogcoslsg)=0.

06992572 can get Ao=3.

99 ° , as adjacent as ° of Ao=4 of the horn after preelection, cost of the character after making clear preelection is reasonable. Affirmatory but means of arbor of dislocation lathe tool and knife clip coupling: Reach a center according to machine tool model tall, to increase arbor strength, sectional dimension design is arbor differ sectional, clip of the knife that hold a knife and arbor lock up coupling oneself through wedge face, can make cutting tool assembles and unassemble quick, accurate, reliable. The machine of the design is placed but head of knife of dislocation lathe tool is shown 2 times like the graph. Use machine clip but after dislocation turning method replaces former spherical Huo to get treatment method, do not need to make special fixture, install clip to be able to finish difference last time in numerical control machine tool fast implement the spherical treatment inside housing. Because decreased to change the auxiliary man-hour such as the knife, improved the treatment efficiency of numerical control machine tool, cutting tool need not blade is ground, durability rises, make produce efficiency to raise 2 times, cutting tool cost is reduced 75% . Because avoided to because cutting tool grinds brought machining error again,machine a method formerly, product quality also gets assuring effectively. CNC Milling