Treatment of 5 axes HSC implements 3 activity in series

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Installed the HSC 20 Linear of machining center of 5 axes nicety that deploys PH 10-100, the precision of appearance of geometry of cupreous cable class that machines not only and exterior treatment character are excellent, and activity in series falls in 3 extremely tall yield can come true below the condition can. The Combination Of The HSC 20 Linear 5-axis Precision Machine And PH 10-100 Not Only Produces Copper Electrodes Of Optimal Geometric Precision And Excellent Surface Quality, but Also Realizes High Output Through Three-shift Continuous Operation.

High grade product comes from perfect treatment Germany to hope to ascend dark of a person of extraordinary powers (Hiddenhausen, germany) Krallmann group is made in Die Casting tool and plastic technology domain is world-famous. In the meantime, this enterprise is full of legend colour almost in industry. In short: This comes from Dong Wei Sitefalun the enterprise of the area is almost omnipotent. To can be in medicine or dentistry field are small-sized and narrow this promotes the product anew the position that the market continues to maintain his, this comes from Germany to hope to ascend the independent tool of dark of a person of extraordinary powers to make an enterprise was located in the plant investment of Sauer to introduce HSC 20 Linear of machining center of 5 axes high speed from Demaji recently, of this equipment (standard) main shaft rotate speed can be achieved minutely 42, 000 turn. Meanwhile, krallmann still ordered PH 10-100 of tray storage system, so that be in nightly and realize unmanned operation on the weekend. Outside can achieving unconventional precision with modular chamfer besides the rough sketch that treatment gives, the cupreous electrode appearance that production gives can achieve lens side effect almost. Divide this beyond, this equipment is returned can day and night keeps running continuously, because this can rise greatly,produce can. "Molding The Future (shape future) " -- reach its to Krallmann group 400 employee, this one catchword since asks one kind, also be one kind lashs at the same time. There is many company that runs independently below Krallmann group division, although they are in charge of different business respectively, but will look from Krallmann group whole, it is a catenary of whole technological process around plastic Die Casting: It is the experiment tool that serves a supplier as product and technological process research and development is made above all; The tool that is a tradition next is made (the business of this part at the same time subject also at be located in Woerfumanhaosen (Wolfmannshausen) Tooltec tool and plastic technology limited company) with plastic treatment; Still include finally (ever of many patent application) product research and development. Interbros limited company is a very good example. This company cooperates at beginning to be the same as a group last year, mass-produced so called advanced " OralCare " product, in order to satisfy the requirement of global market. The control of the authority between each companies below group division and outstanding achievement and harmonious job are accuse by Krallmann be in charge of with administrative limited company. In addition, this company still is in charge of the finance affairs of the group and adjusting control managing flow each. Come so, the other member company of the group but 100 percent dedicated at respective business flow, enhance the competition ability of oneself ceaselessly. The core authority that the tool creates is to be able to be made piece those who be used at only part or much component Die Casting is high-powered. Additional, the norms dimension of the tool also must all ready: From size " appropriate entrance " till the tool that hefts 5 tons. In this respect, 5 axes high speed machines to Krallmann tool production limited company character already no longer unfamiliar. 10 old application make this company right this technology know sth like the palm of one's hand. In Demaji in the equipment of numerous norms, this is located in Germany to hope to ascend company of dark of a person of extraordinary powers to use a top rotate speed to be minutely 18, the 000 machining center that turn machine hardness into semi-finished products of various high accuracy metal for the metallic blank of HRC 62, include very intricate work among them. Such, they but working procedure of cut of leave out electric spark. To task of such horniness material treatment, first selection equipment includes 5 axles machining center DMC 70V, DMU 50 EVolution or the DMC 105 V Linear of vertical nicety machining center that deploy automation unit Erowa Robot Heavy. The optimum behavior that 5 axes synchronism machines a domain now, "True " the Krallmann group air plant that HSC milling already also hoped to ascend dark of a person of extraordinary powers in Germany. Corresponding equipment is the nicety of 5 axes high speed that produces by Demaji machining center HSC 20 Linear, rotate speed of its main shaft can be amounted to minutely 42, 000 turn. Additional, to satisfy the Krallmann requirement in automation respect, at the same time with afore-mentioned equipment simultaneously of consign still include tray system PH 10-100, nevertheless, what differ with original plan is, HSC 20 Linear need not at good treatment, however special the treatment at small-sized copper electrode. On one hand, the geometrical form of electrode of this kind of copper is quite complex; On the other hand, the treatment precision of the requirement must reach micron level. Compact design and crackajack open sex in view of with Demaji long-term and good (also be very successful) cooperate, krallmann hesitates none almost ground make choice of Demaji regards equipment as the supplier. Nevertheless, shi Baisi of company general manager and Er of Xia Ai of rice of financial chief inspector (Michael Spath) the doctor objects to this: "Before investment introduces a new facility, people also can look the product that fastens the home and quoted price of course. Nevertheless, objective for, go soon, do not have any products and quote to be able to place on a par with the HSC 20 Linear of automation. And the HSC 20 Linear of automation also is one branch alone beautiful " . He still emphasizes saying: "To so extensive investment, we won't copy the experience in the past, however complete from set out actually " . The basic guiding principle that expresses to Dr. Shi Baisi, the Lainaerkelaerman that regards industry group as senior leader and CTO (Rainer Krallmann) undertook be fulfillinged specificly in designing assignment certificate. To HSC 20 Linear whole of this one automation ties the configuration with compact interconnected system and simple operation, work especially open degree of the space, he offerred affirmation. On this foundation, he made the technical demand that is aimed at treatment electrode. The Qigefulidehaierbuluoke that layer of industry group leader is in charge of producing (Siegfried Heilbrock) additional line: "Electrode although this kind of product is very small, but because of such, just ask to have perfect treatment precision, the precision when the space is machined must reach micron level. Divide this beyond, still must have the most outstanding surface to machine quality. Treatment precision and exterior quality the economy to working procedure of follow-up Die Casting is crucial. At the same time they also are to make sure the key with admirable from beginning to end and stable quality of each finished product is in. " the linear gearing individual of micron class high accuracy nurses things: Because the Softpick that is used at the cleanness between the tooth does not contain a metal, the successful product that because this became Krallmann group,acquires in the whole world. And electrode of relevant high accuracy copper is a lot of circumstances that machine through HSC 20 Linear below, the geometry that has hundred only to width dimension, we also can ask to be able to undertake manufacturing machining with responsible technological process at the beginning. For this, we must have the technological process that high intelligence changes on correct milling method on one hand, on the other hand, must choose shift of a kind of production, make its can ensure inside limits of micron class error the on the safe side of technological process. We still think those who know is, the straight drive device of HSC 20 Linear is in evaluated level to have how old effect. The answer actually very simple. the accurate component that is less than one millimeter to the diameter, if want to achieve the treatment precision of micron class, so, dynamic function also is not the most crucial factor. Waerken awaits the director Dick that in Germany Xidenghaosen is in charge of cutting machining this special (Dirk Walkenhorst) explain so. Nevertheless, make him feel glad is likewise, what he was in charge of the machine of a HSC 20 Linear inside the domain providing straight drive unit for all working axes (no matter be the axis of rotation of linear axis or revolving stage) . The dragon door structure that integral type designs matchs with straight drive device, make HSC 20 Linear even if also can reflect extremely tall stability, dynamic function and thermal stability when 5 axes high speed is machined. "The requirement on quality is machined in accuracy of precision, outline and surface to us, these are indispensable. " Waerken is awaited this continue to explain especially. The tray storage system that is used at nightly and unmanned operation needs the view of PH 10-100 of pair of automation systems and tray storage system. How do letting us listen to Lainaerkelaerman say to this. "Even if small lot is single component even, to us character, producing the automation of equipment to come for years is the one annulus with indispensable production of our implementation economy from beginning to end. " " for example, the treatment cycle of electrode of copper of treatment of use HSC 20 Linear is 40 minutes to arrive about commonly a few hours. So, it is good to want to be able to coordinate an organization only, so, in the time that employee can machine crucial component in the machine, the memory in optimizing library of tray of craft parameter, backfill and will real stock to be the same as a program undertakes comparing is opposite unity. When coming off work, employee needs to press button only, machine will full automatic move. Machine will full automatic move.. CNC Milling