Data of machine tool PLC is collected reach bar code identifying to print case of network collect set prescription

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The article is <DIV Align=justify> east limited company of earthy telecommunication technology is based on data of machine tool PLC to collect reach bar code identifying to print the solution with compositive network. Data of PLC of machine tool of </DIV> project brief introduction is collected reach bar code identifying to print a network compositive project, the client has more than 3000 machine tool, the automata of the machine tool basically comes true through PLC, the control of every machine tool is controlled by individual PLC respectively. PLC uses a product to have the SN32DRB of KOYO company, SM16/24, the PLC of B&R company, the S7-300 of SIEMENS company (PROFIBUS) wait. Basically be the SN32DRB of KOYO company, SM16/24. SN32DRB, SM16/24 has RSC232 and RS485 interface, RS232 interface receives text monitor MD-02L. Company already cloth has network of administrative aether network very much. Client demand client needs certain register is medium in the PLC more than 3000 machine tool data (data includes machine tool number, produce person employee number, manufacturing date, the length of the product. ) numerate and generate forms for reporting statistics to carry regularly send some a few management department, facilitate the management of daily production. A form is printed to pile up after the machine tool in the first working procedure produces a product (form code data includes machine tool number, produce person employee number, manufacturing date, the length of the product, the flexibility of the product is spent etc. ) , read in information product management system. Machine tool of a working procedure uses a form code to identify implement numerate a form code data of last working procedure, print a form code of a this process product integratedly. Final product form code serves as complete product form yardage runs a system according to entering a product in. Network characteristic is mixed from transmission distance enclothe limits to look, this communication network should belong to industrial level plant area to produce control network. Main function includes: Signal is collected, the primary production business such as automata, information management. Give priority to with data business, and the professional work that place of this communication network supports includes data of real time image, monitoring and IP data to wait, it is the network of a whole business. Looked from above at 2 o'clock, this network is more adjacent at net of city land with certain boundaries. According to the original definition of Committee on Standard of IEEE802 local area network, net of city land with certain boundaries (MAN) be with fiber-optic for communication media, can offer high rate (be more than 45Mbit/s) , the integrated professional work that supports data, one's voice in speech and figure is transmitted, 50km is in span, the city of 150km enclothes high speed of the implementation inside limits / the data communication network that the broadband transmits. Can see, data of machine tool PLC is collected reach bar code identifying to print network communication network to be in only enclothe net of city land with certain boundaries is less than on limits. Because the characteristic of the project decided its communication system uses the form that proposes cable oneself to establish special network aptly, consequently, the network inside plant area can form the be surrounded by mountains with taller redundancy network with double skeining thread. Accordingly, can interpreting this communication web is network of a plant area, with bearing the weight of data business is given priority to, but the network of area of special much professional work that has higher demand to the real time sex of business again. PLC data collects network structure machine tool the transmission that reachs bar code identifying to print a network to serve as a variety of business and commutative platform, assuming data to collect, of automata and signal of other data business collect receive and transmit the task. Attack from develop on the structure, whole network is structure of the post that annulus structure interrelates network, if plan institute is shown. Among them, controlling a center is the redundant annulus network that forms by 7 KIEN6000-2S, regard the core of the network as the layer; Use single standard cable and node of 7 plant area each backbones to join respectively; Use link of double fiber-optic backup, the link of 100M/S redundant industry that every plant area has a KIEN 6000-2S and composition of 8TX of – of 16 KIEN 1000 net, use join of double skeining thread to become annulus network. The plan of net of aether of analysis of network dominant position is to be based on 2 exchange to transmit plan. The dominant position that uses aether to the net is transmitted as exchange and receive platform is very clear. It is huge network base and long-term experience knowledge firstly, and all popular operating systems and application are as at present compatible as aether net also; Secondly, aether net performance/price ratio is good, initiative cost and operation cost all inferior; Additional, the expansibility of aether net is good, easy installation is enlightened, and reliability is higher. Aether net is received use asynchronous job means, very agree with processing IP sudden data flows. At present aether net from after sharing medium to change LAN of full duplex operation to exchange, in quite the information segregation between the computer came true on degree, eliminated the competition of link bandwidth and potential collision chance, make the transmission distance of aether net also gets greatly expanding at the same time. Latter, aether net already gradually to net of city land with certain boundaries even wide area newwork is patulous. Look from the technology, aether net is a kind of very simple solution, the program that needs least capacity only, design and test work, application is old, be familiar with for user place, business shows it is OK to match time decrease a few hours or a few days; Next, aether net is standard technology, sex of operation of crossing-over each other is good, have wide soft hardware support, cost is low. Somebody is forecasted, on net of city land with certain boundaries and wide area newwork, aether net cost is potential of SDH and ATM 25% with 10% ; Finally, aether net is bear the weight of with what media has nothing to do technology, can be opposite with copper cash transparently, cable and all sorts of fiber-optic wait for interface of different transmission media, avoided the cost of new wiring. Look from the structure, aether net is carrying solution appearance to appear with be being carried unprecedentedly, expunction the format commutation that the network border with other solution indispensable place is in, reduced the complexity of the network. In the meantime, aether net is the solution that has very good expansibility, its rate can expand all the time from 10Mbits/s, 100Mbits/s, 1Gbits/s 10Gbit/s. Look from management, because similar system can apply on each levels of the network, accordingly, network management can simplify greatly. The place on plan put together is narrated, we are chosen east the KIEN6000-2S of switching equipment of network of aether of two trade industry of earthy telecommunication company and KIEN 1000-8TX, compositive annulus network and star photograph is united in wedlock. According to the laid circumstance of cable, structure of this kind of network is structure of astral state network. Turn in MOUDBUS of every plant area agreement of aether net module, CCM or turn without consultative communication aether net module receives the industry inside plant area respectively on redundant annulus net, divide into equal parts of relevant control computer, controller fastens join to arrive on redundant annulus net. The redundant annulus net of factory interior is by KIEN6000-2S and KIEN 1000-8TX join is comprised, join of mouth of the 4# of mouth of the 1# of use KIEN6000-2S, 2# RJ45 and KIEN 1000-8TX, 8# becomes a double skeining thread redundant annulus net, switch time is 300MS, the two light mouth that passes KIEN6000-2S next is linked together with redundant means and a KIEN 6000-2S that control a center, control center uses the redundant annulus network that 7 KIEN 6000-2S form, also be to use join of double skeining thread to become link between them, mouth of the 1# of use KIEN 6000-2S, 2# can. Two pairs of every KIEN6000-2S fiber-optic mouth uses connection respectively net of annulus of 7 plant area, in bureau end monitoring center arrives between every monitoring dot when odd root fine ruptures, but automatic switch arrives reserve what the passageway realizes business is uninterrupted transmit. The redundant backup of double power source, smooth mouth / automatic breakdown keeps electric opening the formidable network dominant position that called the police to show place cannot obtain other on industrial situation switching equipment. Use formidable network to manage a function to undertake administrative to whole network system. CNC Milling