5 axes treatment applies the challenge that face

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When using 5 axes to machine, must consider to use the shortest cutting cutting tool to complete the treatment of whole pattern as far as possible, acquire good exterior quality thereby, avoid do poorly done work over again, reduce the use amount of welding rod at the same time, shorten the handling time of EDM. Application of successful 5 axes treatment is to buy 5 axles not just software of some of machining center and some 5 axes CAM went, machining center must suit to machine a mould, similar, CAM software should have 5 axes function not only, and must have the function that suits mould treatment. Using short cutting cutting tool is the main feature that 5 axes machine. Short cutting tool can reduce cutting tool deviation apparently, acquire good exterior quality thereby, avoided do poorly done work over again, reduced the use amount of welding rod, shortened the handling time of EDM. When be machined considering 5 axes, the target that must consider to use 5 axes to machine a mould is: Complete the treatment of whole workpiece with the shortest cutting tool as far as possible, also include to reduce clip of process designing, outfit and handling time to be able to get more perfect surface quality however. 3 axes and 3+2 axis treatment want workpiece accent only is not very deep (diameter of opposite cutting tool) , method of 3 axes cutting tool (2, 3, 5) enough. If workpiece antrum has very narrow place very greatly, using path of real 3 axes cutting tool to complete whole precision work is insufficient. Below this kind of circumstance, poor exterior quality and longer handling time subsequently and come. Graph the 1 circumstance that is method of 3 axes cutting tool, here, the shortest cutting tool length must very long, with period all area that can process work in perpendicular direction. Graph 1 3 axes machine method (the picture is offerred by Sescoi) when using shorter cutting tool, main shaft should tilt, in order to make sure the special section of workpiece also can be gone to by treatment. 3+2 axis treatment is considered as to set a constant point of view to main shaft normally. Intricate work may ask to make many bend oblique drawing in order to cover whole work, but such meetings bring about jackknife of cutting tool method, increase handling time thereby. Additional, all bend oblique drawing are very difficult also accurate union, consequently the workload of manual burnish can increase, return at the same time greatly grow in quantity movement of pass in and out, often bring about exterior quality the problem moves with more cutting tool. Finally, below this kind of means process designing can generate mutual interference and very take time, the summation of all view often also cannot cover whole geometry form. Graph 2 set an example 4 workpiece view, but work center still has an area to fail to be enclothed, this area still needs an additional bend oblique drawing. The defect that method of cutting tool of axis of graph 2 3+2 machines to overcome 3+2 axis, treatment of 5 axes linkage may be a better choice, more what is more,the rather that some of 5 axes machine tool still has a few functions that design technically for mould industry. Treatment of 5 axes linkage can be harmonious 3 linear axes and two runner shaft coming back make them at the same time movement, solved 3 axes and all problem that 3+2 axis machines, cutting tool is very OK short, won't produce view jackknife phenomenon, the possibility that omits treatment area is less, treatment can undertake continuously and need not guide additionally derive (3) seeing a picture. Graph method of cutting tool of 3 5 axes machine tool of 5 axes milling has machine tool of 5 axes milling a variety of different configuration, for instance: □ through rotating workbench can make workpiece has two freedom to spend freedom to rotate, the main shaft below this kind of circumstance can move along axial only. □ main shaft installs means to be able to offer two freedom to spend, make milling cutter rotates, the workpiece below this kind of circumstance cannot move. □ system can be above the combination of two kinds of circumstances -- a runner shaft coming back is to rotate workbench, another runner shaft coming back acts as by main shaft. Generally speaking, when buying 3 axes milling machine, need to consider a few different features, like feed of rotate speed of horsepower, main shaft, axial limits of rate, work is mixed weight limit. When evaluating 5 axes machine tool, besides these, still must consider following aspects: Repeat the limit of fixed position precision, rotate speed, angle, milling machine that machines place choosing for 5 axes to control systematic etc to hold the post of option. 1, repeating fixed position precision to repeat polarization is the ability that can return same point and retains vector consistency what show 5 axes machine tool is had. Locate to the repetition of 5 axes machine tool for precision, it is the precision of axial position not just, still angle is worth. 2, rotate speed rotate speed also means cutting tool to be spent with the rotate speed coming back of workpiece relatively actually, this value is faster, ground of machine tool cutting is faster also. A lot of vintage the rotate speed of 5 axes machine tool is slower, of course short of is high-powered the productivity requirement of treatment. Rotate speed is a main factor to treatment mould. Machine tools of a lot of 5 axes milling contain axis of a C, z axis is circled to rotate when default. If use work of deep chamfer of milling of short cutting tool, must make cutting tool passes A/B to the axis tilts and rotate C axis will circle workpiece cutting, below this kind of circumstance, the rotate speed function of C axis is the key that gains a success. 3, limit of angle limit angle is the physical maximum that the corner coming back that place of milling machine milling head allows spends, these are a foundation with the design of special machine tool. If need milling head to tilt,50 ° use the shortest cutting tool or cutting pours wine cup, so if milling head has the whirl of 30 ° only the limit, the treatment job that cannot finish this outfit to place operating mode to fall of course then. When considering C axis, angle limit appears very important, the angle motion of axes of a lot of C of machine tool of 5 axes milling is unlimited, also having a lot of of course is limitary. For example, milling can come true possibly only + 360 ° and - the whirl of 360 ° , use the cutting tool treatment that can tilt to establish a wall suppose, cutting tool must machine motion of ground of orbit circuit circuit along workpiece. In this example, by C axis successive movement produces main movement. If one gets bounds C shaft, so the treatment that it comes to requirement machine tool to complete whole work with certain time-interval. 4, working environment process designing person perhaps had been familiar with the working environment of 3 axes quite, but machine to 5 axes, process designing person still must reconsider its work environment. When workpiece or main shaft rotate, effective working limits meeting decrescent? To confirm this problem, can place outfit of common milling cutter on main shaft, measure the working limits on direction of cutting tool vertical, and cutting tool tilts the working limits when maximum. Different 5 axes machine tool uses different 5 axle control implement. When the origin as it happens that the optimal work place of certain controller is workpiece outfit clip and the nodical coincide of runner shaft coming back, certain controller criterion with the function when opposite way feed optimal. A lot of 5 axle control that contain logistic control function implement know where origin is relative to the cutting tool at workpiece well and truly, and with rotate to have nothing to do how many times. This kind of function often is called " rotate cutting tool origin (RTCP) " . A lot of users discover advanced RTCP function makes 5 axial application more simple. After software of 5 axes CAM used 5 axes to machine, the problem that 3+2 axis machines perhaps did not get completely settlement, the problem of process designing is changed into the problem of CAM system, oscillatory control also was become the most important by consideration item. CAM system discovers the vibration between handle of workpiece, cutting tool, awl is insufficient merely, it must be returned can eliminate these vibration automatically, such, CAM process designing person do not need a hand to move adjust on ten million or the banking angle of more several foothold was spent. Additional, automatic process designing can obtain the 5 axes of CAM system the cutting tool application of optimization, that is the shortest knife long (graph 4) . Graph the cutting tool with 4 lesser diameters is in the odd material in milling workpiece corner, this profit from automatic process designing can obtain 5 axes the result of optimization, that is the 5 axes function that the shortest knife grows to be like face of turbine lamina, wing and propeller with special workpiece different, die maker was not necessary " perpendicular " all sides that show in cutting CAD file, their simply rotates simply enough banking angle with eliminating the vibration between handle of cutting tool, awl and workpiece automatically can. Graph the 5 combination that showed vibration of automatic knife handle eliminates the cutting means with more polymorphous type make treatment of 5 axes mould is had taller efficiency and flexible. Graph 5 it is examination of simple awl handle vibration not just, vibration of automatic knife handle is eliminated to deep antrum treatment needs very much, especially efficient treatment, vibration of automatic knife handle is eliminated and the combination of the cutting means of more polymorphous type makes treatment of 5 axes mould is had taller efficiency and flexible when should evaluating the CAM software that is used at machining a mould, machine to deep antrum mould especially, a lot of elements need a consideration, the limit that uses machine tool of milling of gender, 5 axes the dependability of the method of cutting of flexible, 5 axes that is like 5 axes function, easily, case that cannot use 5 rods. 1, flexible in strategy of 5 axes milling, flexible a be need consideration main feature. If the user is using to contain the software of 3 axes CAM of a variety of strategy to wrap, why to consider to strategy of a few 5 axes use even? One can offer flexible newest way is, the mould is made, punch craft, cutting tool applies 3 respects to use the CAM software module that can make cutting tool way automatically. Say simply, this module can automatically translate into of method of 3 axes cutting the method that 5 axes machine, make rotate the banking angle enough of cutting tool avoids vibration, also brought so bigger flexible, because method of all 3 axes finish machining are OK,5 axes environment uses translate into. 2, 5 axes machine dependability the reliability of cutting tool method is very fundamental, because two whirligig increased in 5 axes, oscillatory possibility increases greatly, accordingly vibration detects and avoid measure must reliable, can cause the damage of costly equipment otherwise. 3, use what the gender is used easily and 5 axes process designing once was considered as mutual repulsion easily, 5 axes process designing is considered as difficulty, take time and interference case is very severe. But want to retain competition ability, the idea must transform. If the CAM software that can make cutting tool way automatically is used in the surface or hypostatic mould treatment, so found 5 axes cutting tool method and like establishing method of 3 axes cutting tool simple, because such CAM software can undertake complex the 5 axes process designing of workpiece of deep antrum mould, and can avoid vibration. 4, the 5 axes treatment that the qualifies 5 axes facility limitation of 5 axes equipment can affect. CAM software must can the 5 axes facility with specific imitate adjusts cutting tool method to move in order to avoid to rotate the limit. If 5 axes equipment is in some,C axis has the limit, CAM software must can enter discontinuous behavioral place cutting tool path, retain the cutting tool way that does not have vibration at the same time. Additional, a lot of 5 axes configuration have different limit on its A/B axis, for instance some kind of machine tool can be in A axis - 90 ° rotate, but allowing only up + 15 ° rotate, so, understandable CAM software considers this limit automatically inside to be in in order to avoid Xiang Chao is restricted. 5, the case that cannot use 5 rods has some of circumstance to should not be adopt 5 axes plan, cutting tool is too for instance short, or knife handle is too big, make the operating mode of any banking angle issues indispensable vibration. Whether does CAM system stop in this bit? Whether can you produce cutting tool method far from? Whether to show problem extent? If let an user assume many experiment and mistake, or recount is whole cutting tool method, this will naturally produce adverse effect to whole production. Had better be CAM system can locate issue area, can use longer cutting tool, shorter knife handle or simple editor to give these points. Graph the 6 oscillatory range that showed a few mark are nodded, subsequently these vibration can be eliminated automatically (graph 7) , make the much of workpiece still can provide cutting with snickersnee. Graph the vibration that 6 mark nod is replaced to pursue by radial motion place unit of automatic vibration isolation can emerge 7 use cutting tool synchronous method of 5 axes cutting tool, with as far as possible short cutting tool is complete method of 5 axes cutting tool can use synchronism of conclusion of ground milling workpiece short cutting tool processes whole work, and the long cutting tool that need not lay a requirement with 3 axes environment. The use amount that 5 axes treatment can reduce welding rod and the operation measure that EDM machines. 5 axes treatment can reduce synchronism the problem that 3+2 axis treatment exists, found many bend oblique drawing for instance and all amalgamative tilting view. CNC Milling