Electric power attempers the application of technology of the electric power in moving

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The power system of our country is after the development level that experienced tall voltage big electrified wire netting, realizing the interconnection of large area electrified wire netting stage by stage. As the need that the power system that has developed reforms, market mechanism runs the production of system of power be introducinged in, electric power trades wait for market action to will happen in great quantities, whole power system will become " system of power of industry and commerce (ICPS) " . These metabolic requirements attemper as moving personnel, cannot satisfy at understanding to save electrified wire netting originally only, and should accomplish base oneself upon this net, scan widely whole nation; At the same time also cannot only attemper to what power safe production moves direct, and should accomplish production and trade pay equal attention to, safety and economy develop simultaneously. Accordingly, attemper traditionally duty will expand, attempered business will increase, the technical support that relies on to have only is far insufficient, the requirement attempers moving personnel can use technologies of more contemporary electric power, will attemper for electrified wire netting coverall Wu. already or the technology that is about to use at attempering to run the job undertakes introductory simply. 1 computer technology attempers in power system the applied   in moving 1.

The real time database of subsystem of assessment of structure of 1 design database includes real time database and library of real time relation partly two parts. Dispatcher of record of real time database is attempering all sorts of data that the record wants in handling the work. Real time concerns the library criterion computation according to each business formula and computational relation, all sorts of heft that computation needs, the subsystem extraction that is in from heft comes out, each heft the relation induces summary, form computational relation database. 1.

2 databases run this database to weave in the light of dispatcher, it is a kernel for interface and VB with MSEXCEL, data of computer of ticket of main implementation operation is generated and data storage function. The limits of authority that dispatcher can use this library to offer and file operation ticket transfers a function, in aspirant travel is revised and already operation ticket foundation is combined, generate place to need to handle a bill then, use the computer to print, avoided to write a lot of inconvenience of the ticket and mistake element by hand, rose to operate a ticket to plan to write quality and efficiency greatly, reduced bad bill rate and invalidated ticket rate. At the same time this program also provided operation ticket library for dispatcher, stored much primitive operation bank note, went to the lavatory already statistic and inquiry, also can go to the lavatory below the case that defends personnel to change in means, to typical operation the ticket undertakes modification. Ensured attemper the number of uninterrupted real time with bit righter place of automation system implementation is transmitted according to what flow, made sure dispatcher bisect stands to count the monitoring that occupy in real time, make electric power attempers the safety with automation more reliable system moves. Following attempering must consider to run analytic computation characteristic in moving according to the library with duration: (1) satisfies calculative requirement of real time sex; (2) solid duration occupies a library, use TCP/IP synchronism and open stop switch synchronism substance these two kinds of synchronous methods come true advocate the synchronous problem of equipment data; (After 3) considers to be calculated in real time everyday of accumulative total data clear problem; (The cycle of 4) consideration computation, formulary, user that checks a level defines a gender oneself; (The diversity of the can check the sex that check and each user assessment method of result of 5) consideration computation, standard and forms for reporting statistics; (What 6) considers to check professional work is infinite but expansibility. 1.

Advanced application software of EMS of installation of advanced application software of 3 installation EMS undertakes " condition estimation and online tide computation " , the initiative condition of this program is means of travel of power system solid fortune, the network develop that wants condition estimation to offer only attacks correct, its tide is accorded with with photograph of practical tidal current. To power system dispatcher, want to undertake tide reckons the job must depend on tone to spend experience before, cause an error easily, and tide computation provided system of the power below active run mode any breakdown are right the change data of tide, this to attempering personnel opposes accident level rise have huge help. Attemper at present estimation of the tide before personnel basically uses this program to have expect of daily tide figure, accident and operation. Particular program is as follows: (1) is familiar with means of systematic tie line and normal tide through daily tide figure, strengthen the attention of pair of system weak point. (2) is in system of a few power is large before the operation (if transformer substation is started, generatrix of hub transformer substation stops answer battle to wait) with the system circumstance of special ties line falls to be forecasted into act reason, the means arrangement that handles personnel to attemper through this program offers tide complement, reduce accident loss to lowermost rate, at the same time effectively accelerates trouble removal rate. (Before 3) is undertaking power system combines the special operation such as solution annulus, make attemper personnel undertakes operating a risk to evaluate, undertake in order to choose optimal opportune moment operating. Tide computation program the tide basis that to attemper the moving operation of personnel provides, make attemper personnel undertakes operating a risk to evaluate becoming a possibility. Technology of 2 thunder fixed position attempers in power system the harm that thunder applies to kill weather to be caused to power system in moving is massive, circuitry of be struck by lightning causes tripping operation accident, affect power supply reliability. If power plant, change electric place is built in thunder to kill produce frequent region, cause large area power failure very easily, affect the safe production of each industry. Technology of thunder fixed position attempers in power system the rationale that in moving, applies is to use computer software and network technology, implementation falls to nature of thunder circumstance measure, receive, build system of thunder information network finally, implementation data communication and information are shared, make the user can use C/S(B/S) means to browse wants thunder information, statistic gives thunder distributing, inquire breakdown of be struck by lightning is nodded convenient and quickly, coach the fixed position of breakdown of be struck by lightning is handled. Are its specific is executive move as follows: ? ?1) installs hardware equipment, use at measuring peak value of thunder arrival time, wave and thunder deflection. (What 2) installation requires software equipment, original to thunder message, fixed position information undertakes parameter is analysed. (3) builds perfect thunder to detect target database and analytic database, possess library of complete statistic of automatic thunder parameter. (4) coordinates relevant major, collect builds the blueprint data that systematic place requires. (5) uses network resource, adopt to different user receive kind bestly, realize thunder information to share. (6) uses firewall technology and the limits of authority that appoint IP address to allocate an user, prevent what system of thunder of network virus enroach on creates a system to break down. 2.

1 attemper in power system the applied   in moving (1) coachs breakdown of transmission network be struck by lightning is nodded search: ? Yun? every time tripping operation of be struck by lightning of transmission network happening, spend a command according to tone, circuit runs an unit to must send personnel of large quantities of line of make one's rounds, can protect result of breakdown range finding accurately according to calculating only, along the line chases lever to search trouble spot, efficiency is inferior. If breakdown happens in a mountainous area, tramp over hill and dale of staff of string of make one's rounds, arduous take time. To catastrophe failure circuitry, cause contact line power likely still to exceed be restricted, safety of system of power transmission of incur loss through delay, power stabilizes a level to fall low and serious consequence. Through using thunder location system, after tripping operation of circuit happening be struck by lightning, need to attemper only moving watch member provide tripping operation exact time, indicate point of breakdown of be struck by lightning well and truly, shun the whole line perambulatory, shorten time of rush to repair, reduced the working intensity of circuit staff member greatly again at the same time. (Does 2) guidance judge the: of dependency of be struck by lightning of line tripping operation? Hey of  of Yun  ⑸ child south comfort soot  slander  ? detects when personnel fails to search clear breakdown to nod, often tripping operation reason breakdown of be struck by lightning of attribute a fault to, moving unit ignores pair of true accident reasons then search, stayed again the hidden trouble of the accident. System of location of applied be struck by lightning is OK attemper the switch information of the tripping operation of power line accident in automation and time information bale convey thunder system. The basis attempers the real time information of automation system, implementation inquires the be struck by lightning near this circuitry is nodded automatically, and stand in user terminal show a result, cancel to include to receive announcement, hand to move inquiry thereby thunder fixed position, wait for link to concerned department report, certain route tripping operation hits the possibility volume that cause by thunder, quicken the analysis of the inquiry of breakdown of pair of be struck by lightning and accident reason at the same time. (Does 3) master circumstance of activity of real time thunder to undertake means is adjusted with accident expect: ? Midge of Jiao of barren of vertebra Duo ㄎ paragraph  stool goes straight towards Suo to go straight towards Huan ⒌ an ancient nationality in China by neon of  of cool muching ⑸ scrupulously and respectfully courtyard of ⌒ of   of  of ⒓ of idle of  of tan of ⒗ vertebra Si dash forward Tao Man asks  of  M ü Meng Di to small cup of celestial bodies mail falls dispatcher of? of bank of harmonious vertebra Lei. At the same time according to these particular cases, can in time be amended below likely premise and change the run mode of power system, do measure of be struck by lightning of good look official seal and accident in time beforehand case, the establishment of electrified wire netting in avoiding to move suffers the needless pecuniary loss that place of be struck by lightning causes and power system accident. (4) undertakes thunder statistic is analysed, : of run mode of Leiji of directive arrangement system? The thunder that head of a surname of  of act of You of  of Li of vertebra of ü  cracking Ke rules? to be able to understand thunder to send area more roughly distributings reach intensity information, thereby reasonable make mine field distributinging plan. Can coach circuit runs an unit to strengthen thunder not only the easy be struck by lightning of concentrated section and circuitry paragraph move safeguard, guidance arranges run mode of entire network Leiji, the necessary basis that prevent thunder is provided when still can designing a branch to undertake the design such as station of power line, plant for electric power. 3 more advanced and perfect safe stability control technical   3.

The function security that 1 safe stability controls a technology stabilizes control technology to be called again " the system is protected " , " special protection " , it is to make sure systematic safety stabilizes the main technique measure that run. Form of big electrified wire netting gradually as the whole nation, the system with new correspondence stabilizes guideline, all sorts of safe stability control a technology to apply extensively, no matter be to be on deepness, there still was very great progress on range. 3.

2 safety stabilize the classified   A that controls a technology.

Differentiate according to applied electrified wire netting. Cent carries solution of side of side of electrified wire netting, electrified wire netting getting end, electrified wire netting to list 3 kinds to send. B.

Differentiate according to applied limits. Cent is net of couplet of control of control of local electrified wire netting, area electrified wire netting, large area to control 3 kinds. C.

Differentiate according to stable type. Cent stabilizes control, frequency to stabilize control, voltage to stabilize control, equipment to pass the bear control, control that lose a condition for transient 5 kinds. The technology of electron of applied electric power of technology of electron of 4 electric power is the new technology in electrical engineering technology, it is electric power and electronic technology (strong report and weak report technology) shirt-sleeve, already producing tremendous effect in national economy, to system of prospective transmit electricity function will produce tremendous effect. At present the application of technology of electric power electron in power system basically is high-pressured dc transmit electricity (HVDC) and soft sexual intercourse shed transmit electricity (FACTS)2 respect. 4.

Transmit electricity of dc of 1 high pressure (HVDC of HVDC)     basically is the consideration that stems from economy and technology, be in remote when transmit electricity, use HVDC more economy, and the restriction that does not accept stability, can improve the dynamic stability of the transient stability of two upright systems and even whole system. Because shed transmit electricity not to ask two end communicate systematic synchronism continuously, can use at will two or the join of alternating current net of many not synchronous different even frequency. The core technology of current HVDC and equipment ― are changed stream technology and change in shedding a powerful person to be in major shake-up, the development foreground of dc transmit electricity is very capacious. 4.

2 soft sexual intercourse shed transmit electricity (FACTS of FACTS)     basically is to use technology of modern electric power electron to undertake to communicating transmit electricity system flexible control (can successive, fast, agile and repeat control) and optimize cooperative control, raise its to be able to accuse thereby gender and transmission ability. FACTS controller already had tens of planting, by its installation position can be divided to generate electricity model, transmit electricity with power supply model 3 kinds big, but collective function is in controlling power system through fast, accurate, effective ground or a few variable (wait for) like electric current of voltage, power, impedance, short-circuit current, excitation, enhance those who communicate transmit electricity or electrified wire netting to run function thereby. Controller has the FACTS that already applied to still do not have result compensator (machine of SVC) , dormant phase modulation (STATCON) , dormant fast excitation implement (compensator of PSS) , series connection (SSSC) . 5 transformer substation are integrated the applied   of automation technology 5.

1 transformer substation is integrated transformer substation of automation technology brief introduction is integrated automation is a when in recent years development rises new technology, be in try out phase in countrywide electrified wire netting at present. Transformer substation is integrated automation technology is a foundation with computer technology, with data communication is a method, share with information for the target. Can it realize following functional: ? ; Bursa of ⑺ of ⅰ of danger of ず Tuo Gao! ⒐ of make a present of of Chen of ⑽ of  of fir of ⒌ Duo alkyne receives next disease? and still can implement expert system. Its development experienced complete works Chinese style roughly level, big RTU phase, statified distributed phase. 5.

2 statified what what the characteristic of system of distributed integrated automation uses now is statified mostly system of distributed integrated automation. It is the faces a function design that replaced a tradition with the new-style design that faces interval, collect data device (the place that IED) installation is on switchgear or leaves switchgear closer, network of repass appropriative communication is linked together, implementation data is shared, lose number to stand to monitoring machine and engineer as it is said, on the administrative levels of whole transformer substation implementation data is shared. Reduced system and the setting that dominate signal screen 2 times greatly so, real time sex of the system, reliability is high, flexibility is good, can improve automation level and level of management greatly. 5.

3 pairs of requirements that move degree of moving work as a result of transformer substation integrated automation has afore-mentioned characteristics, future inside period of time will abundantly applies in power production, this spent moving job to raise new requirement with respect to exchange, in advocate the moving surveillance of equipment, adjust operation, protection to cast stop, the respect such as trouble removal differs somewhat with traditional transformer substation, this will be become attemper the new task that personnel studies. The construction of system of support of technology of operation of 6 power market and applied   6.

The necessity that 1 electric power commercializes operation is contemporary power system as to large-scale change, the development of automation, appeared to commercialize operation again. Contest price gets online is phenomenon of a surface only, electric power as a kind of the sources of energy, must want to contend for the portion of the market with product of other energy resources, to live in big market, power system must want solid quotations field to turn operation. 6.

Is the operation in the final analysis of the action power market of system of support of technology of operation of 2 power market to should realize: ? Foolish ash of 〗 of Si κ humorous drops collect of arch of Fei Dun  looks for? of Bi of  of Sou of ≡ of humorous of joyous ǖ neon to organize the market each member, below the premise that assures safety of electrified wire netting, offer hair, be defeated, the service of distribution. And should complete this work, must want to strong technology supports a system. It is different that the different orgnaization in power market and the operation technology that member place needs support a system, attemper what moving personnel cares most is to be used at electric power to attemper trade orgnaization (center) technology of power market operation supports a system (EMOS) . 6.

The compositive   EMOS of 3EMOS is safety of system of buying operation of market of power of be in harmony, electrified wire netting assessment and system of real time supervisory system, contract management, settle accounts system, electric energy is metric system of management of information of system, market and soft hardware run supportive platform to commercialize operation at the electrified wire netting of an organic whole integrated technology supports. 6.

4 attemper personnel is in in the action in power market operation of electric power in commercializing operation, attemper the commander that personnel is power system not only, and the trade member that still is power market, the electric power that must support a system to have open, fair, justice according to the technology trades. This to attempering traditionally mode posed very big challenge, collectivity attempers the understanding that personnel ought to deepen pair of power markets, on the foundation that assures safety, with the technology supportive system is safeguard, try real time attemper trade, assure the demand of consumer, achieve the market hard each square production increase is the biggest change. Technology of a few kinds of when article place narrates 7 epilogue contemporary electric power has applied in the power production of our country, and affecting the development of power system increasingly, some is producing enormous economic benefits stage by stage, this also proved " science and technology is the first productivity " . Countrywide electrified wire netting is sure to realize net of large area couplet and even net of entire network couplet, the modern electrified wire netting that exceeds high capacity (countrywide couplet net) do safeguard with modern electric power technology necessarily, of electric power the only way that commercializing operation to also be sure is development of power company oneself. As attemper personnel, ought to realise these adequately, realise the objective law that electric power develops, develop the subjective activity of oneself, deepen the academic recognition of market of nets of pair of entire network couplet, power, strengthen the study of technologies of pair of contemporary electric power, the safe and steady economy that just can assure power system is high grade move. CNC Milling