Use accurate PRT annular say to weigh a system with the movable type of linear slideway

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Company of Waterhouse finite liability is a the site of factory the enterprise in British Nuo Ding Han, in different application domain say to weigh and carry a system rich experience is had on the design. Use to can be offerred to the user more agile and convenient, performance says greatly more by force to weigh a system, the engineers of this company combine solution of different movable type system together, by British Feucht the production of research and development of mill of Hepco Linearsysteme Hepcomotion of city gives new system: Smart-Cart says to carry a system again, use accurate PRT annular with linear slideway system, although be below damp circumstance,also can undertake nicety says to weigh. Smart-Cart says to carry a system again by independent, movable type calls heavy carriage car composition, each say to there is to say to weigh equipment on heavy carriage car. According to the raw material recipe of different product, say heavy carriage system moves to go up accordingly material labor place, to all sorts of raw material, often be the raw material with very little dosage undertakes automatically accurate metric and say to weigh supply. Smart-Cart says heavy carriage system has the application of many sided, use very agile and convenient, no matter be liquid raw material, pulverous raw material or solid grain raw material, it the can reliable ration that finish and call important task Wu. The metric, burden after saying to weigh can be placed packing bag, canister in other perhaps container. The PRT slideway that graph 1 Smart-Cart weighs to heavy carriage system is used makes its have huge to use flexibility, more extensive individuation can call utility patulously heavy system close to all sorts of different application field, this system place needs say to carry a car to be able to undertake configuration according to effective demand again. The user can carry a system to increase again symmetrically or decrease annular with linear slideway system, make movable type says to weigh system and on material labor poise. Sale and market chief Mr Chris Waterhouse call heavy carriage system extensively say in the light of this one utility: "In the PRT system that produces in Hepcomotion company, the flexibility that contented user place wants and high-power are the first. " accurate PRT is annular can realize a variety of tortuous paths and straight line to carry the mission with linear slideway system, the OK and agile combination such as slideway and slideway accessory is used, satisfy the requirement of tall flexibility. PRT slideway has the width norms of 4 kinds of standards, between 12~76mm, the circular arc diameter that has 9 kinds of different specifications (93~1033mm) . The only part length of the linear guide that uses with annular slideway form a complete set can amount to 4020mm, offerred for the user thereby use annular build the ellipse possibility that carries a system with compose of linear slideway system. Have the aid of at the 4m linear slideway with very flowing juncture, the user can press his an ordinal joining together to rise, build a longer transportation system. Graph 2 PRT is annular have norms of 4 kinds of width with linear slideway, annular between 12 ~ 76mm the roller path PRT with straight system is annular with linear slideway system the mainest characteristic is its quench, the V that each grinding machines slideway and the roller course that match with V slideway. Compare with the photograph of linear campaign system of drive of ball guide screw, this kind of V slideway has noise not only the merit with low, little coefficient of friction, and special still hard usage, not sensitive to bilge, normally the circumstance issues maintenance-free. Even if also be such in very harsh work environment, be produced in abrasive for example or contact medium use with caustic chemical material. Because used center and prejudicial journal bearing, because this appears in V slideway,also can adjust conveniently, compare with photograph of main transfer machinery of ball guide screw, this also is annular the another big advantage with linear slideway system. Additional, also can provide the 90 annular guide with the standard whole structure of 180 for the user. Besides, the company still can need to produce the annular slideway of the annular slideway of special diameter and special angle according to user place. These special demand also made the standard product of Hepco company almost. Annular slideway system also can be used anticorrosive material is made, make annular slideway OK so the manufacturing field that uses at food production and chemical industrial product. Smart-Cart says setup of heavy carriage system is saying to carry a car again, the packing bag that says serious place needs, canister is other perhaps container passes a person to be versed in or carry automatically. Later, say to carry a car again along travel of PRT slideway system, be versed in in designation fill outfit a place stop, be record in the raw material that specifies an amount. After all burden in matching neat recipe, the bag that pack by heal, had imprinted in label and carrying intermediate library. The metric precision that movable type weighs to heavy system can assure is ± 3g. Deployed as a result of this one system adjustable actuating device, accordingly besides move smooth besides, although be when change of traversal speed happening,still have very good stability. The ground that chooses PRT system still includes: The structure is very strong, even if there also are extremely tall precision and inverting capacity when high speed moves. Each PRT says heavy carriage car lies opposite way, the left and right sides deployed center and prejudicial bearing, this makes say to carry a car to be able to pass a hand to move conveniently when occurrence clearance and attrition again adjust assure to move normally. Because Smart-Cart moves along a direction from beginning to end, because this produces manufacturer to suggest: Say heavy carriage car uses fixed bearing to configure means to replace circumgyrate bearing the means that prop up, such in S form slideway the slideway of other perhaps and special diameter goes up when sailing, have better travel performance. The PRT that company of graph 3 Hepco produces is annular also have with linear slideway apply to tall bear the weight of, the HDRT model of big radian is anticorrosive each fill hold dustproof unit labour accurate the sensor contact that goes up in slideway by installation will realize reach the designated position. The positional signal that sensor contact issues can be being said to carry the sensor place on the car to get again by installation, control the berth of the car according to this one signal. The advanced steel products that PRT system component uses and V slideway assured to call heavy carriage car reliable, stability move. To facilitate systematic installation, all join datum plane contains number. Journal bearing and the surface that slideway contacts passed accurate treatment, have very long service life, intensity and the roll that do not have attrition in order to assure. It has during whole service life lubricate enoughly, for there is dustproof cover normally when goods, this are in metage, metric when having caustic raw material to perhaps have the raw material of very strong dust, be indispensable. PRT system contains lubricant device, can avoid bilge invade, come true to lubricate continuously. Below the use circumstance that often lubricates, if the user needs to also can provide the bearing system that runs without oil, its carrying capacity can raise 4 times, service life can lengthen 25 times. The manufacturer of city of main judge standard Waterhouse also is produced make other type of linear slideway say to carry a system again. Mr Chris Waterhouse says when the actor defect that sums up all sorts of systems, the tall flexibility that PRT system satisfies user requirement and efficient it is Hepco company in all sorts of systems best. The technical service department of this company also agreed with this one view, think this one system is system of the first-rate in applying actually. Company of Hepco Linearsysteme Hepcomotion besides offer accurate PRT annular with linear slideway system besides, still supply the DTS system of whole set, this kind of system deserves to have elliptic or square carries course, contain optional actuating device and overload protection system. DTS system provides an user as whole whole set system, OK and direct installation go up in whole set of equipment or plant site. Origin: MM " contemporary make " CNC Milling