Heart beauty pushs new-style bicycle to use porcelain to make ball bearing

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Enjoy the fun that cycle to let the person that cycle, the bike manufacturer of Germany and United States uses new technology in succession, roll out light and comfortable new-style bicycle, use porcelain to make ball bearing, this kind of bearing can be used tens of year. The new-style bicycle that a few manufacturer of these two countries produce is moved very convenient, the weight that connects bicycle of collapsible around two-seater even also has 29 kilograms only, fold hind can put it in the mothball box of the car. The weight of bicycle of a few country is less than 12 kilograms. A few bicycles use the triumphant husband with light weight of qualitative dungeon solid to pull Er fiber. Easton of business of American bike production - Sports plans to be inside this year put the market on first bicycle that makes by carbon fiber. CNC Milling