Transducer of 3 water chestnut maintains reach a note

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Transducer of 3 water chestnut maintains reach note physics environment is waterproof the knot dew that prevent: If transducer is put in the spot, need notices transducer ark upper part not have conduit flange or other leakage place, there cannot be splash flow around transducer, put oneself in another's position of anyhow spot cabinet defends grade wants to be in IP43 above. Of transducer of 3 water chestnut dustproof: All air inlet should install dustproof net to cut off garrulous shape is sundry enter, dustproof net should be designed for dismountable type, clear in order to go to the lavatory, safeguard. The reseau of dustproof net decides according to the particular case of the spot, dustproof net all around should handle rigor with the combinative department that controls ark. Anticorrosion sex gas: In chemical industry this kind of circumstance sees more quite, can put frequency conversion cabinet in control room right now. Working temperature, transducer interior is the electronic component of high-power, be worked extremely easily the influence of temperature, the product asks to be 0 ~ commonly 55 ℃ , but to make sure the job is safe, reliable, lv of the take an examination when using takes superabundant land, best control is under 40 ℃ . In controlling box, transducer should be installed commonly in casing upside, abide by the installation requirement in product manual strictly, do not allow a calorific component absolutely or easy the bottom installation that calorific component relies on transducer closely. Environmental temperature. Temperature is too high and when temperature change is bigger, easy occurrence knot shows transducer interior phenomenon, its insulation property can be reduced greatly, cause short circuit accident possibly even. When necessary, desiccative and heater must add in box. Caustic gas. If use environment is caustic aeriform chroma is big, the down-lead that can corrode yuan of parts of an apparatus not only, printed circuit board wait, and the ageing that still can quicken plastic parts of an apparatus, reduce insulation property, below this kind of circumstance, should make control case into enclosed structure, have take a breath. Vibration and concussion. Of the control of transducer ark gets when mechanical vibration and concussion, can cause electric contact undesirable. At this moment besides the mechanical strength that increases control ark, outside be far from oscillatory source and concussion source, outside still should using aseismatic rubber to fill up fixed control ark, mix inside yuan of parts of an apparatus with oscillatory generation of electromagnetism switch and so on. After equipment runs period of time, answer its to undertake check and be maintenanced. CNC Milling