The stage amounts to the application of AE man-machine interface on double plate muller

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One, overview 2MM8470 is me the company is new the belt that roll out is online and automatic muller of metrical accurate double plate. The batch that it applies to the spare parts such as steel, cast-iron, copper, hard alloy, pottery and porcelain, monocrystalline silicon is abrade. Use at component of hydraulic pressure pneumatic, hydraulic pressure motor component of compressor of component of component, car fuel pump, refrigeration, oil pump is component of oily component, motor, tall core of a powerful person of razor blade of cutting tool of annulus of accurate bearing ferrule, weather strip, piston, quantity, mould, appearance, hard alloy, pottery and porcelain, . On this type we used man-machine interface to control, show move overally. 2, the treatment principle that the movement controls this machine tool workpiece is: Workpiece is in planetary gear (separator) inside by the center annulus drive reciprocate, on, next grinding millstones rotates grinding. On, next grinding millstones and planetary gear all become independent drive, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, rotate speed and come back to optional and adjustable. Overall used the baric system with quick response. Set on grind millstones is placed, place, loosen, clamp and rise, drop reach outer shroud to rise, drop movement, move by respective spacing switch demarcate ultimate position. The speed that rocker swings and drops among them is equational it is two paragraphs. When be close to working place low speed swings, prevent to swing to be caused too quickly to machine tool main shaft collide, slow when approaching treatment work fast drop, avoid big swing to cause damage to measuring head and brittle workpiece. Working process cent is press beforehand, advocate pressure, hind pressing of essence of life machines level, pressure value can be adjusted arbitrarily, below circular mode, the pressure of these 3 phase is automatic changeover. Overall circular movement enters → clamp → to issue → quickly to issue → refrigeration slow to start 3 electric machinery of → to start → to press → beforehand to place advocate 3 electric machinery of → are pressed to stop → refrigeration to stop → ascendant → to loosen → to be placed after pressing → . 3, because this machine start is more,the use type selecting of man-machine interface and communication are installed, need shows the data with set is much also, if use relay of pushbutton, indicator light, time to install,come up in face plate control makes machine motion, need many wiring and large space to put pushbutton station, the workload of so electric installation will be very big. And interface of machine of choose and employ persons will control, needed line of communication of RS232 of a 5 core to replace many electric wiring namely only, reduced labor intensity, fault rate also will decrease greatly. Its installation is quite simple also, one party hole opens on face plate can, very beautiful also. For this we use man-machine interface to feel screen to control. Act on price of on the safe side, sex to compare tall, use convenient principle, we chose the stage with powerful function to amount to 256 kinds of true colour to feel screen DOP-AE80THTD to be operation interface, the Q series PLC that installs with the module type of 3 water chestnut is core, transducer and air cylinder regard the system of executive component as configuration. DOP-AE80THTD and communication of Q series PLC are extremely simple, we need to be in only " modular group parameter " lieutenant general " BasePort controller " anthology for " Q   SeriesCPUPort " , communication rate is set for " 19200, 8, ODD, 1 " , communication port is set for " RS232 " , on corresponding set port join communication line can realize communication. 4, operation picture designs this machine to set a hand to move, time, automatic, nap works 4 kinds mode. In feeling all yellow color pushbutton define screen appearance lieutenant general to be used to change a picture, in advocate the picture clicks each job mode to move to fall to corresponding job status. In abrade process, leave current pattern, current movement can stop instantly. Type of hand movable mould basically undertakes the movement of the machine tool adjust, set the button that each movement place wants; Time mode is set the time of each pressure phase, change the pattern of corresponding pressure automatically; Dimension mode and time pattern are basic and same, be in only advocate size control appearance is used to control abrade amount when pressing, stop quickly after arriving at place to require measure to machine, assured each dishes of consistency of a dimension; Nap mode is the place when nap emery wheel is used. Every dishes of second treatment is set to operate frequency and handling time to display a function below circular mode. Treatment operation frequency is every time the frequency accumulative total that complete treatment circulates, can calculate those who give every order to process work in all conveniently a number. What handling time needs time circularly for, whether to need Xiu Rui to provide a basis for CBN emery wheel. Of each electric machinery below each mode come back to be to the time set that reachs locomotive place need below each mode all but free set, have report to maintain a function, offerred for the operation convenient. Nextpage needs to satisfy efficient treatment, we deployed the workbench that expects up and down. When expecting on, need to press " semi-automatic fluctuation makings is " , set is corresponding " hold dish of amount " , fall outer shroud, those who shift a filled up with work carry dish, by " expect up and down " pushbutton, by fixed position program the place that finish needs corner coming back to spend. Again same and ordinal hold other dish push can, finished fluctuation so convenient and quickly to expect, managing time. Designed in the root that touchs screen the hint that gives scroll form from move and call the police information, facilitating handlers and maintenance technician search breakdown account quickly. On every screen we set real time time to show reach a loop to machine Cheng to show. Operate by accident to prevent, we are set " data set was not opened " pushbutton. When needing set numerical value, press first this pushbutton, turn into " data set is enabled " , feel the data boy or girl friend that needs set with the hand next, can give a small keyboard from move, after the input considers the data of set, press " ENT " after key, clavier disappears automatically from screen. Can use screen effectively so. Lift main picture to be as follows: Feeling screen and PLC debugging on-line to should say to return is more successful, but because prepare inadequacy,also appeared a few small issues. If compile times " alarm set address is read take an error " , check a manual to discover seriously " alarm set " read taking an address is " by the word " of set, initiative address should be the multiple of 16, correct read it is normal to take address hind. "Hanging wall falls slow " time shows as abhorrent as set, in checking feeling screen, this set is worth numeric unit to be " double word " , press in the program " monomial " gave out its address, other data carry and made indication is abnormal, after changing address name normal. 5, the application of the PLC of interface of last word man-machine and high reliability, make muller of 2MM8470 double plate can satisfy the treatment below a variety of craft conditions, overall the operation is convenient, maintenance is simple. Once roll out,got namely the attention of the manufacturer of industry form a complete set such as domestic refrigeration, hydraulic pressure, car, its used the effect to satisfy the requirement that efficient high accuracy machines much home client completely. CNC Milling