Breakdown of tool carrier of numerical control cutting tool solves an analysis

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The important configuration that tool carrier regards numerical control as lathe moves in the machine tool once appear,is crucial effect in the job the accident that breakdown causes workpiece probably to discard as useless to cause chuck and tool carrier collision even. Route of section of electric in the breakdown maintenance of numerical control machine tool control is complex breakdown phenomenon is changeful some breakdown phenomenon is not quite apparent search difficulty is greater and mechanical part and general accuracy machine tool to compare similar breakdown to eliminate relatively easily. Want when searching breakdown account integrated machinery and electric two respects are searched at the same time. Tool carrier changes a knife not to reach the designated position or tool carrier cannot below the breakdown phenomenon of locking and reason in order to provide GSK980TD system (system of Guangzhou numerical control) lathe is exemple undertake demonstrative: When this lathe is round outside processing work outside round knife appears suddenly " plunge into a knife " wait for operation personnel to press " restoration " the microscope after reference point of pushbutton go back: Check cutting tool to whether become loose above all or in good condition; checks the cutting tool after damaged is checked next whether does surplus of work semifinished product accord with a requirement via measuring greatly too because; is midway appears this one phenomenon can be sure machine program won't have problem; to operate personnel to doubt a likelihood again then is " cutting tool compensates a value " . It is normal that after operating restoration of system of personnel general machine tool, new outfit places result of another workpiece test-drive to move. Same breakdown appears to be passed again again suddenly after processing a few work continuously afore-mentioned a series of the maintenance technician after examination breakdown reason still did not have fish to look for personnel of course of professional maintenance technician and operation to communicate finally measures machine tool system to input voltage and voltaic result to all doubt a likelihood normally above all is mechanical failure. Then the hand moves test-drive even if shift is transverse procrastinate board, the main shaft that start, rotational tool carrier uses roll in successive hand but be being machined,judgement of not automatic locking is breakdown of tool carrier system appear in the process. After tool carrier disassembles, maintenance technician will discover the fixed position of a bedspring inside relies on to sell instead rupture (numerical control is dynamoelectric 4 labour Fang Dao is worn inside deserve to 4 bedspring fixed position relies on to sell instead) in machining workpiece process, become semifinished product surplus largish or hardness. Good tool carrier of the installation after the bedspring fixed position that after breakdown handles machine tool maintenance technician to be checked in the round, electric equipment of this tool carrier controls a part to belong to mechanical failure to rupture through changing normally relies on to sell instead is new test-drive breakdown gets eliminating. Tool carrier runs continuously or some knife below ceaseless breakdown phenomenon and reason in order to provide DTM system (system of numerical control of horse of spy of the Supreme Being) lathe is exemple undertake demonstrative: This lathe is running a course automatically in now and then occurrence tool carrier runs continuously or some knife ceaseless phenomenon runs continuously sometimes 2~3 knife hind stop again turn locking. When successive movement or some knife when keeping, show to appear on screen " 301 " date calls the police (tool carrier breakdown) the machine tool moves automatically stop to should run continuously 2~3 knife stop turn did not show after locking call the police it is normal that date machine tool moves automatically. After because this breakdown is of random sex,doing not have the rule to be not checked at searching maintenance technician so, decide belong to electric equipment to control breakdown. Measure a result to detect normally through controlling a system to output voltage to tool carrier relay of system of tool carrier control is normal also. The electrical wiring when the shield that tears open a tool carrier top finally chases a root to measure Huoer cell line to input voltage to discover cupreous core ruptures to protect balata skin join to turn to some position when tool carrier by electrical wiring temporarily among a line as a result protects balata. Move means to turn tool carrier the electrical wiring when proper place protects balata skin to loosen cupreous core string when defensive position of machine tool restoration two termination connect tool carrier roll to appear no longer normally call the police date. It is normal that breakdown handles breakdown of the test-drive after Huoer through maintenance technician component joins line changes afresh to get the machine tool moves eliminating. Integration analysis above of two breakdown search reach eliminate a process we can make clear breakdown of numerical control machine tool to happen in electric part to appear possibly also in mechanical part not just. When to deploying above the numerical control lathe of two kinds of systems all belongs to system of half closed-loop control not to have function of mechanical failure feedback to be used in the operation, should strengthen be safeguarded daily and maintain after occurrence breakdown if did not show " call the police number " when belonging to mechanical failure probably to maintain, want to check mechanical part mainly this to maintenance technician. CNC Milling