Main shaft of report of form of the buy inside Kaswin KSB

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Motor of main shaft of the buy inside the KSB that Korea Kaswin company produces configured coder technically to undertake milling treatment is mixed attack thread machining. Buy main shaft applies at the machine tool of intermediate above inside, its high speed cutting, low oscillatory level and puissant motor, will provide an user more choices, main characteristic is: Taper blocks the adjustment of the head to just loosen undertake when the position in handle; Clip holds device to be HSK clamp device; 4 systems prevent cutting fluid to invade; Pass under 7? The refrigerant of MPa pressure undertakes cooling; Loose piston moves, knife library moves ahead, main shaft moves backward; Use the bearing of pottery and porcelain of high accuracy, because this can maintain high speed, high accuracy, tall tigidity; Those who pass bearing is compound arrange and beforehand tension obtains necessary tigidity; Inside buy motor vibration is low, raised the accuracy of craft, direct drive prolonged cutting tool life; Contain between the bearing before electric machinery bearing of main shaft around, because of this light heavyweight, compact; Axis and electromotor are compositive, because this does not need to adjust the center of motor and main shaft,be opposite neat, decrease assemble time. CNC Milling