Agent of drawing of patterns

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Product range: Shenzhen of twist drill of black of Taiwan high-speed steel always acts as agent. Manufacturer is sold continuously homebred 6542 high-speed steel grind silk to attack completely. Professional production level, nonstandard modular embryo; Putting rich, assure quality. Additional representative manages: Series of tall accurate cutting tool, cutting tool: SUS Su broach, milling cutter, qi of ridge of Japan of OKAZAKI, OK wrings well of knife TANOL field, YAMAWA silk to attack, screw die, NACHI gets chew, AMADA to curium SOMTA of belt, United States believes Da Feng steel to get chew, high speed steel to wring knife of gong of knife, film, thick Pi Dao, R head knife, ; SKL wolfram steel gets knife of taper of chew, wolfram steel, Kesite milling cutter, silk of Fuji of machine of OSG Ou Shi, Japan is attacked, filar board, special silk is attacked, larynx is attacked; File of file of each country famous brand, mark, curium piece, straw dish, yi Haiquan grinds milling cutter, homebred AIA milling cutter to wait, can order make cutting tool of all sorts of the cutting tool that be not mark; Entrance, homebred measure: Compasses of narrow measure of TESA of Japanese Mitutoyo3 abundant, Sweden, accurate needle, relatively height gauge of card of watch young, watch, line card, micrometer, electron; Relatively express, a replacement of engine of the milling machine such as compasses of bracket of sex of thickness watch, grow, radian, tooth compasses, ply compasses, drilling machine, grinder, scintilla: The clip of clip of word of molybdenum silk, G, UHT pneumatic tool, broach, grinder, machine that wear a pin, demagnetizer, adjustable type evade Kong Qi, tool 10 thousand force, angle pays plan of compasses, sine magnetism stage, sine, emery wheel nap implement, plastics of punch muller, punch implement, balance stage, the abrasive such as electrode club grinds: Colophony bowl stone, diamond bowl stone, need treasure card oilstone, homebred copy needs treasure card oilstone, emery wheel, young of head of fiber oilstone, burnish, flint, wash slate pencil, diamond to cream, felt of sand paper, abb; The mould assembles a part: Thimble of heat-resisting of canister of head of embryo of modular embryo, the model that be not mark, all alone, thin air tube, department, thimble, flat thimble, Taiwan, catapult; Collaboration manages: Industrial oily kind: Series of lubricant of series of clear lotion of series of antirust of mould of line cut oil, hydraulic pressure oil, lube, mould, loose rust, balata leaves model agent series industrial oily. Miniature motor: Can take the place of the client produces all sorts of model miniature motor plastic particle raw material: Include PP of makings of ABS makings HIPS, GPPS, PMMA, PE, PA-6K to wait for plastic particle raw material; The representative includes Taiwan strange beauty, stage to change, the stage is amounted to, LG of Korea SamSung, Korea. Other: Have plastic mould plant additionally, can take the place of guest or recommend plant acting traveling merchant to machine a mould; Additional: We can help the tool that searchs your place need to the utmost, in rich ourselves product while, also purchase a product to provide more medium of communication to you; CNC Milling