Pasternack rolls out a series of belts D

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American California Irvine city -- the radio frequency with banner industry, microwave and company of Pasternack of United States of supplier of millimeter wave product roll out relay of a series of new-style Electromechanical type switch, these switch products are used can be in DC~26.

What work inside 5GHz frequency limits is wide welcome compose, and the interface of connector of D-SUB much needle that can realize reliable volts d.c. and command control function. Connector of D-SUB much needle is connector of a kind of reliable type of the crimp that avoid solder, its but as permanent as connector of corresponding the much D-SUB that insert aperture lock is decided, although be being carried medium or pound and the pine also won't be happened to take off below oscillatory environment. The typical utility of new product includes martial communication, business uses aviation, gao Ke relies on sexual electron equipment, satellite communications, the test reachs instrument appearance, broadcasting system reachs medical treatment device. Afore-mentioned new range of products include relay of type of 44 different Electromechanical switch, cent is + 12V and + 28V two kinds of designs and short-hilted broadsword double cast, short-hilted broadsword 3 cast, short-hilted broadsword 4 cast, short-hilted broadsword 6 cast 4 kinds of compose, closedown of these compose support, fail-safe or often leave model send move implement, and contain the useful function such as parts of an apparatus of indicator light, termination or TTL logistic circuit. The typical performance data of this kind of product includes: Insert loss for 0.

15dB; segregation level handles ability to be as high as 600 to cover with tiles; is enclosed for 90dB; rated power cabinet and durable and limits of temperature of job of tall; of dependability of; of supportive SMA or N connector is - after C; of ° of 20 ° C~+70 closes first, break (cold switch) the rated switch frequency below the condition is 5 million times. "This series is new-style switch provided the Electromechanical type relay that takes D-SUB connector interface of a kind of on the safe side that can realize volts d.c. and command control function, the short-hilted broadsword that shares 44 different type casts compose switch can choose for designing staff more, the working frequency of these switch is as high as 26.

5GHz and rated switch frequency is 5 million times, can realize high reliability to operate thereby. More conspicuous is, all these switch products all are inventory merchandise on hand, can deliver goods that day. " , product manager Mr Tim Galla explains. CNC Milling