Solder the technical application in machine tool industry

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Of machine tool industry solder technical application introduces product technology development to rise as abroad. In the meantime, home solders technical development also promoted machine tool industry to solder technical application. Current, basically solder in what apply in machine tool industry the technology has the following sides: Technology of armor plate pretreatment uses the product line of armor plate pretreatment of machine tool industry, was 1993 by Jinan factory of the 2nd machine tool is begun to use, it begins on the base that uses in shipbuilding industry, serious machine industry, mine industry. This pretreatment product line is by this factory and Qingdao the 3rd cast a machinery plant to combine development to make, its are main technological process is: Board officer smooth, warm-up, cast bolus to divide rust, automatic spray paint, drying, full-length 60 meters. Main technique parameter is: Board officer makes the same score ply 8 ~ 40mm, 3m of school smooth width; Pretreatment plate thickness 8 ~ 160mm, effective width 3 m ; The biggest norms is processing structural member 1500 (wide) × 800 (tall) ; Pretreatment speed is 0 ~ 4m/min; Year processing capability is 40 thousand tons / year; Used PC automata and hand use control two kinds of means. Product line of pretreatment of this armor plate, settled the undesirable factor such as the skin of rustily, oxidation of raw material, raised numerical control cut to fall the exterior quality of makings quality and machine tool product. Technology of numerical control cut applies   the cut that by Jinan factory of the 2nd machine tool began to use machine of cut of homebred numerical control at spring spare parts 1982 falls in makings, began to use the computer 1988 automatic process designing covers makings technology, make armor plate utilization rate raises 74 % by 70 % ; Factory of the first machine tool introduced Jinan 1992 machine of cut of American plasma numerical control and machine of cut of laser numerical control, began the application of plasma of numerical control of machine tool industry and Laser Cutting, thickening is spent for 0.

The precision of cut of thin stencil steel of 5 ~ 8mm was achieved 0.

5 ~ 1mm. "During 75 " , development of mill of the 2nd machine tool studied Jinan technology of cut of nicety of large board numerical control, essence of numerical control of thickening armor plate cut ply closely to achieve 275mm, this project obtained " of industry of mechanical ministry machine tool first prize of achievement of 75 " craft. 1993, factory of the 2nd machine tool passes Jinan introduce machine of Plasma Cutting of oxygen of numerical control underwater, make plasma of numerical control of machine tool industry ply of carbolic steel cut raised 25mm by 8 m m , in decreasing thick board cut is out of shape, the cut precision of large board spare parts in rising and cut quality. Aeriform protection solder efficient solder technical application as foreign technology introduce, by Jinan factory of the 2nd machine tool applied Φ above all 1981 1.

Technology of solder of protection of gas of CO2 of 6 solid core replaces American VERSON the Φ of company of compressor of complete steel machine 2.

Gas of rich argon of 4 medicine core protects solder technology, large to compressor weldment solders craft undertook tackling key problem, gain a success. This project won award of third class of achievement of progress of mechanical ministry science and technology. Factory of 2 machine tools applied Qiqihaerdi 1986 Φ 1.

Gas of rich argon of 2 solid core protects solder technology, solved compressor of large weldment solder problem, use technology of v of copper of filament argon arc, wait for v of layer of workpiece surface copper to piston, air cylinder, the copper that replaces our country tradition is covered score a success. Factory of the first machine tool applied Jinan first on the laminose case structural member in the machine tool 1992 Φ 0.

Gas of CO2 of 8 solid core protects solder. "During 75 " , factory of the 2nd machine tool returns Jinan to protected CO2 gas solder to use compressor the lengthen of taut bolt solders on, this project obtains " of industry of mechanical ministry machine tool achievement of 75 " craft is second-class award. Current, aeriform protection solder efficient solder technology, oneself is extensive the spare parts such as the pipeline flange that after applying at axis of machine tool lathe bed, gear, prejudicial body, rocker, cylinder body, solder, does not machine and case, oneself one of main technology that make machine tool industry solder. New technology of oscillatory effectiveness for a given period of time of   of application of technology of oscillatory effectiveness for a given period of time is 20 centuries the new-style engineering technology that 60 time development rises, this craft has applicability strong, managing the sources of energy, reduce environmental pollution, shorten production is periodic, increase the good point such as manufacturing efficiency. Jinan factory of the 2nd machine tool, began to use this craft promotion to the weldment that introduces a product 1981, obtained better result. Factory of machine tool of yellow stone v is in the research that " had development to craft of oscillatory effectiveness for a given period of time during 75 " and application, obtained " of industry of mechanical ministry machine tool achievement of 75 " craft is second-class award. Current, this craft got applied generally in machine tool industry. Solder the industry of applied machine tool of technology of automation, mechanization solders automation divides CO2 beyond semi-automatic solder, main body buries arc now on the application of automatic solder, the spells solder and pressure vessel cylindrical shell that basically uses at armor plate solders on. Jinan factory of the 2nd machine tool, through introducing American welding line to dog automatically the system was mixed 1993 solder power source, transformed the homebred and crossed crosshead that purchased 1988 to bury arc solder equipment automatically, realized 18mm cylindrical shell of thick the following pressure vessel, seal a head not to open groove butt joint double-faced and automatic dog the solder that bury arc, obtained garden to succeed completely. Solder mechanization, basically be to solder change the application of a machine, 1981 Jinan factory of the 2nd machine tool, solder in what introduce a product began to change on gear the applied research of a machine, but did not get popularizing, change this only a machine transformed gear the automatic cut equipment of spoke board. After 1988, solder change a machine is corresponding in factory of machine tool of v of mouth of factory of Shanghai v machine tool, battalion, Huang Shi factory of forging press bed got applied, rose to solder mechanization degree. Additional, limited company of group of 2 machine tools was in Jinan 1998 succeed in the collaboration of as small as Japan pine will change a machine apply at gear of 40GrMo tall alloy in soldering. Propane is efficient and energy-saving the liquefacient cut gas such as the applied propane of gas of environmental protection cut is the efficient and energy-saving environmental protection that 95 " of 85 " of national " , " extend gas. Limited company of group of 2 machine tools began Jinan to enraged the industrial application of body to undertake study to propane liquefaction 1993, experiment through many contrast, lighted gas to replace acetylene gas in the round with C3 series liquefaction 1998, reduced manufacturing cost greatly, improved manufacturing security and cut quality, match with new-style light gas cutting mouth, improved manufacturing efficiency. The uses technology of flaw detection of nondestructive of machine tool industry application of technology of nondestructive flaw detection, it is above all from container of machine tool product kind the main welding line of the spare parts begins. If factory of the 2nd machine tool was in Jinan 1975,build while vertical position welding receives a workshop, built room of ray flaw detection. Built by national level 1989 perfected guarantee system of pressure vessel quality, carried out GB150 in the round " steeliness pressure vessel " standard and JB4730 " pressure vessel nondestructive detects " standard. Industry of the machine tool at the beginning of 90 time begins 20 centuries the main welding line of main to machine tool product structural member has technology of applied ultrasonic flaw detection 20 % sampling observation, carried out GB GB11345 - 89 " of method of flaw detection of ultrasonic of handiwork of steel welding line and flaw detection result classification " . The main part welding line of the examination has compressor base, beam, slide block advocate stand board welding line; Welding line of slideway of pillar, slide block; The axle sleeve welding line of crossbeam; The fluctuation face butt joint of base, beam, workbench welding line and all joining together board welding line and gear periphery welding line. Center the air feed means of the gas of applied   CO2 of air feed technology, in receiving production, the solder in machine tool industry also gets attention. Current, domestic numerous manufacturer uses air feed of single bottle stand-alone basically, means of this kind of air feed restricted the amplification of scale of production not only, to soldering at the same time manufacturing management is mixed solder quality has bigger effect. The concentration of CO2 gas air feed, raised solder deliver a child to produce efficiency, also make CO2 gas purity rose at the same time 0.

4 ~ 0.

6% , content of aeriform water portion drops 0.

25% , assured to solder quality, in receiving production, the solder in machine tool industry also gets applied. If limited company of group of 2 machine tools was in Jinan 1992,establish new metallic construction plant while, built CO2 gas to center air feed device. This device total actuating pressure 0.

15MPa, 2m3 of size of tube of intermediate keep in storage, but to entire plant welder of many 120 CO2 stabilizes air feed continuously, at that time year solder deliver a child produces ability 12000 tons, the demand that went to 15000 tons to satisfied year of solder to receive productivity 2002. CNC Milling