But groove of dislocation welding line is special the development of milling cutter

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This groove is special series milling cutter not only each precision index already all reached level of congener entrance cutting tool, can replace entrance cutting tool basically, and absolutely advantage is had on the price, have good sexual value to compare. Normally spring welding line joins groove needs to divide second milling treatment with face milling cutter, not only milling is periodic efficiency of long, treatment is low, and what make sure two skew spend groove hard is even, affect welding line quality thereby. Although most spring welding line joins groove used treatment of entrance cutting tool, but entrance cutting tool not only norms suffers be restricted, and the price is high, unfavorable often change. Accordingly, harbin labour measures numerical control knife to provide finite liability company to use a requirement, development developed a kind to be used at machining groove of join of spring welding line but groove of dislocation welding line is special milling cutter. Carry out a proof via production, application but special milling cutter is opposite groove of dislocation welding line the treatment quality that improves groove of welding line join, reduce production cost, raise manufacturing efficiency to have real sense. Special milling cutter belongs to groove of 1 development program but dislocation shapes milling cutter, design and production difficulty is greater, come true very hard with traditional pattern. The treatment that offers according to the client asks, the I-dieas application software that we use SUN workstation and American SDRC firm is wrapped, combine my company to introduce German INGERSOLL MAX-I model but the design of dislocation milling cutter, process designing, craft and production experience, the CAD that finished this series milling cutter (CAD) and auxiliary make (CAM) , successfully development goes to have distinguishing feature alone but groove of dislocation welding line is special milling cutter series. This series milling cutter uses the INGERSOLL MAX-I structure that establishs outfit razor blade. The treatment of cutter hub is importing center of CNC Machining of 5 coordinate linkage to be finished, assure the production precision of milling cutter and reliable interchangeability. Bit material chooses good special milling name character: Use number of feed inlet to accuse circumjacent grinder to have bit precision work, make sure bit has taller precision to reach bright and clean degree, ensure then the integrated precision of milling cutter: Blade point classics introduces passivation machine passivation, raised the durability of bit. 2 design stage with LY-006 milling cutter (1) seeing a picture is exemple, introduce the CAD design stage of this milling cutter. Graph the sketch of 1 dimension of groove of join of spring welding line that offers according to the user above all (2) seeing a picture, on the computer draw gives milling cutter molded lines to pursue and assure to satisfy the requirement of dimension H, H and α horn. Undertake breaking up to milling cutter molded lines, make every paragraphs all comprise by the edge line of hard alloy razor blade point-blank: Have each bit building receiving inside tolerancepublic errand limits of the regulation, scale is arranged into bit build accept a plan. If the graph is shown 3 times, edge molded lines is built by bit A, B, D, C, E receive and become (bit is built dimension H1>H) should assure when receiving. Graph 2 graphs the 3 structures as a result of this milling cutter are special, because this adopts below in order to two kinds of designs,the method forms cutting fall: The computation of Δ of bit amlposition value that bit amlposition forms cutting fall to sum up derivation of old design experience to go out according to us is formulary (1) , computation gives the Δ of A of the razor blade intermediate to be worth junior travel amlposition, determine the dimensional position of A of intermediate razor blade, made sure D of milling cutter diameter and groove dimension H are worth. Δ =1[Wb+C1 √ ] (in D2-1)2C12+Wb2(1) type: Wb -- axial is sectional the bit width magnanimity that go up is worth C1 -- hind the corner differs D -- the horn after the circumgyrate diameter razor blade of bit cutting blade turns directly is make sure milling cutter molded lines is accurate, after the bit B that arranges good cant to go up, C, D, E, turn the cutting blade of bit directly hind the cutting fall that part will come form treatment place to ask assures to machine angle α at the same time. After the dimensional position of each razor blade is firm, the particular case that reachs treatment facilities character by workpiece material decides the cutting parameter of milling cutter: According to these parameter, the dimensional cutting position that uses CAD and I-dieas software to undertake milling cutter of modelling of milling cutter substance, analysis suffers strength condition to decide every razor blade is correct then. Be in usually, can cut work gradually when treatment to assure bit in order to reduce resistance, the razor blade on cant of this kind of milling cutter uses axial before horn. And groove is special because milling cutter accepts restriction of machine tool space, b value is little and H value is relative bigger, the back wall of bit C, E is very accordingly thin, if use axial before horn, can make of back wall suffer force to increase, adverse to cutting (bit suffers strength condition to see graph 4a) . The horn before accordingly instead axial is lost (bit suffers strength condition to see graph 4b) , reduced bit back wall to get power greatly thereby, satisfied treatment requirement. (A)(b) graph is chamfer of bits of look of 4 designs razor blade, empty tool bore and bolt aperture. Because what machine the cant of armor plate to grow, cutting amount is large, accordingly this milling cutter used the chamfer holding bit that has the larger space that hold bit model. Cloth tine. Number of general mill tooth is according to D of milling cutter diameter and machine tool every age feed FZ will undertake circumferential even number ages all of cloth. Because the user is special,ask this groove is special every tine occupies milling cutter one chamfer, and every groups of razor blade age number amounts to 5, d of milling cutter diameter not quite, if all cloth tooth, can use 4 ~ only 5 groups, cannot satisfy a requirement. Because this uses inhomogenous cloth tooth, make tooth set number increases 6 groups, in all 30 tine. Use this kind of cloth to age the method can increase FZ cost not only, increase cutting amount, and of tooth inhomogenous the action that distributings to still can remove damping. Special set milling cutter develops groove of 3 use effects oneself after put into production, via northeastern petroleum pipeline factory of in relief steel tube of manage bureau distant and Ningxia northwest go straight towards bovine company to produce bovine effect to make clear, this milling cutter not only each precision index already all reached level of congener entrance cutting tool, can replace entrance cutting tool basically, and absolutely advantage is had on the price, have good sexual value to compare. Current, company already can series of batch production LY but dislocation groove is special milling cutter (include LY-001, 003, 004, 005, 006 wait for) , offerred multiple choice for the user. CNC Milling