What grinding of accurate electric spark machines is tangential feed law

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Summary: Using the grinding of accurate electric spark of lump tool electrode to machine a law is low stiffness axis and imperceptible axis kind one of main methods that spare parts electric spark machines, what this method used in the past is radial feed means. The feed way that the article offers a kind of new lump tool electrode -- tangential feed means, elaborated the advantage of means of this kind of feed and applied foreground, undertook abecedarian test and verify experiments. Axis of grinding of scintilla of 1 essence cipher telegram kind filing of feed electric spark also calls radial of electrode of lump of filing of electric spark of feed of radial of electrode of lump of two kinds of of the spare parts main methods figuration piece the law that turn over beat or law of the module that turn over beat. It is to use the lump electrode with exterior figure and same figure of imperceptible axis generatrix, make figuration surface is making radial servo feed to the axes of rotational imperceptible axis (graph 1) . Filing of electric spark of electrode of normal of grinding of line electrode electric spark, the Zeng Zelong that is Japanese Tokyo university is long the professor invented 1984. It is special agree with grinding of accurate electric spark is imperceptible axis kind spare parts, fundamental is shown 2 times like the graph. Filing of line electrode electric spark secures the guider on numerical control workbench with the edge (not be rotational guide pulley) the line electrode that directs the surface makes even shift regards treatment as the tool, numerical control system controls the opposite motion contrail of fixed guider point of tangency, the radial of the imperceptible axis that makes line electrode edge rotational and axial make servo feed. Two kinds of comparison that machine a method <DIV >1.

Imperceptible axis 2.

Lump electrode </DIV> pursues <DIV >1.

Imperceptible axis 2.

Fixed guider 3.

Line electrode </DIV> pursues <DIV >1.

Imperceptible axis 2.

Lump electrode </DIV> pursues 3 lump electrode is tangential the vast difference that feed law processes area volume as a result of discharge, the corrode of lump electrode law eliminates rate law of electrode of apparent excel line (it is) of 5 times above about. Because the loss of electrode of tool of lump electrode law cannot be compensated in time, bring about often interrupt treatment, need often measures treatment size, observe tool loss condition, the discharge job surface that updates a tool. Interrupt as a result of what machine a process can undertake only commonly finite a few artificial interpose, reason ends the loss circumstance of surface of electrode of the tool when treatment to be controlled hard, affect the appearance of workpiece and dimension precision. Especially when many treatment, the consistency of the appearance of workpiece and dimension is poor. And the mobile in a steady stream that line electrode loss can pass line electrode undertakes compensating ceaselessly, need not consider the loss of the tool, the appearance of workpiece and dimension precision are assured by precision of numerical control motion. In treatment of lump electrode law, artificial interpose is much, implement treatment automation hard: And in treatment of online electrode law, because do not have these problems, can realize thick, finish machining continuously. After rehabilitate of surface of lump electrode loss can reuse. And line electrode is one-time use, handling time is long, line electrode is used up big, still need an accurate orgnaization walking along silk, law of reason line electrode finished cost is high. The production of lump electrode, fixed position and adjust a level the demand is higher. The appearance of line electrode and dimension precision and the smooth stability that walk along silk are likewise right treatment precision produces an effect. 2 lump electrode is tangential filing of feed electric spark is overcome above the inadequacy of two kinds of methods, we put forward to be able to undertake filing of electric spark of electrode of new lump of electrode loss compensatory automatically -- , tool electrode is tangential feed means. Lump electrode is tangential the fundamental of filing of feed electric spark is shown 3 times like the graph. Tangential feed means is the tool electrode that places with the level on the surface regards main job as the surface, make the distance between the surface on its and workpiece axes is E, this distance is the treatment radius that workpiece achieves beforehand, the surface on the tool is made along horizontal way tangential servo feed. In the process of treatment, after the loss of tool electrode surface that machines an area, make through tangential servo feed loss gets be compensatinged automatically, till achieve the book treatment radius of workpiece and end treatment. Of tool electrode go up the surface should enough long, make work final never the tool surface with loss or very small loss exits treatment, because this is OK,achieve booked appearance and dimension precision. 3 lump electrode is tangential the compensates tool electrode automatically loss compensation of the loss of electrode of characteristic implementation tool of filing of scintilla of feed essence cipher telegram and servo feed close 2 for one, the tool electrode loss that overcame lump electrode radial feed compensates difficult defect, and the tool electrode that if line electrode law is in that way special,does not need is compensated (walk along silk) orgnaization. Special agree with batch treatment. Can use an electrode, adjust through, process many work continuously, the consistency of the form that processes work and dimension is good. The length of the loss rate of the work measure of every batches of treatment and tool electrode and tool electrode about. For example, with tangential feed law Ø5mm makings of club of some kind of stretch alloy machines Ø0.

6mm, electrode of use lump red copper, the electric parameter with the accurate gauge in using, measures electrode loss rate is 1.

75% . After processing 8 work continuously, the length of the remarkable loss area of the surface on electrode front is 4mm about, front loss deepness is 2mm about, the appearance of loss area is curvilinear right-angled triangle for one bevel edge. If electrode length is 80mm, an electrode can process 160 work continuously at least. If use radial feed, want to achieve same treatment quality, the electrode face that uses identical length can machine 10 only at most. Tangential the work that feed law processes resembles " come out from a matrix " , its appearance basically depends on the appearance of tool electrode surface, its dimension basically depends on tool electrode is opposite the deflection position at workpiece axes, and the discharge clearance between tool and workpiece, can charge a sex because of what this machines strong, from theoretic tell the consistency that can reach very tall figure and size. As to the control of dimension precision, basically depend on the production precision of tool electrode and adjust a level, can grind a workpiece to examine through trying adjust a circumstance, if reach size,the requirement can begin to be produced group by group. The overall material utilization factor of tool electrode is high with line electrode law compensation means differs, tangential the tool electrode of feed law compensates feed automatically via the ability after sufficient loss, without redundant shift: When many treatment, tool electrode already the treatment that the surface of loss shares below one work naturally, make tool electrode uses more sufficient: The surface is over on the tool electrode of total loss bad news, via can continueing to use after new treatment. Because this is tangential,the tool electrode utilization rate of feed law wants prep above radial feed and line electrode way. After can raising electrode of tool of treatment automation rate to adjust, automatic treatment workpiece arrives dimension: When many treatment, except assemble and unassemble outside workpiece, reduced other and artificial intervention: Use reasonable process designing, can realize thick, medium, finish machining to be finished continuously in primary feed process. Covert the pulse equivalent that the ground refined feed is tangential feed law is similar to the oblique plane feed that makes small point of view in machining a process, the individual pulse feed of actual generation is narrowed by big earth. Tiny feed pulse equivalent is helpful for the stability of servo feed, special treatment of small to essence of life electric spark is more favorable. Tiny feed pulse equivalent is brought about likewise time those who withdraw rate is remarkable reduce, the likelihood exists to cast off the hidden trouble of electric arc hard. Although electric spark grinding machines electric arc of not easy generation, but also should take step, nip in the bud. Corrode eliminates rate tall as a result of tangential the effect of feed of small angle cant of feed law, make discharge treatment more successive and stable, corrode also has except speed relatively substantially rise, compare with radial feed photograph, can raise 20% ~ roughly 30% . More important is, tangential feed law leave out many artificial interpose assists time, because of this productivity greatly prep above radial feed. The production of tool electrode, fixed position and adjust a level the demand is higher. We are tangential to lump electrode filing of feed electric spark undertook initial test studies. Experimental result makes clear, lump electrode is tangential filing of feed electric spark is feasible, the work that treatment gives has the consistency of very good appearance and dimension. CNC Milling