The robot application in line of car scuttle gelatinize

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The car has applied generally in people life, as life quality rise, people is higher and higher also to the configuration requirement of the car, car scuttle configures eye this to come round to say or discriminative car configures a mark of on any account. When sunshine and fresh air are being enjoyed through scuttle inside the car when us, how many friend can know the manufacturing process of scuttle? A poor dissimilation in regarding a car as numerous component product configures a product, car scuttle oneself also is be assembled by many component and become, the assembly line with automation higher rate can bring taller manufacturing efficiency not only, also can ensure a product to assemble quality to accord with design requirement. And this among them, the compositive application of much more articulatory robot rises for integral automation degree had crucial effect, at present appropriate family company establishs a robot already technically compositive create career department with intelligence, system of comprehensive and thorough robot is compositive reach industry application domain. Depend on in automobile industry system the brilliant achievement of compositive business, appropriate division carried on scuttle of 3 big main trend produce one of businesses the assembly line of shade of sunshade of scuttle of a car with custom-built place. The product applies finally at a heart to fasten high end to go up by the brand that use a car, use at the ship-fitter foreword of component of shade of sunshade of panoramic scuttle interior, the client asks assembly line wants those who achieve stability to assemble quality, the oldest rate rises automation in order to reduce labour cost, the technical personnel of appropriate family company is passed hard, completed this product line outstandingly order make an item, laid good foundation for bilateral henceforth collaboration. Subsequently, appropriate division is the form a complete set of globalization versatility platform of enterprise of some famous car component to design line of car scuttle gelatinize again, reach about automation degree to satisfy a client flexible the requirement that changes production, product line of client of mature later period is patulous at the same time ability, the robot is compositive applied technology appears in this product line particularly important, be versed in to differ for company of this appropriate family chose two robots, with will complete whole gelatinize work. Among them a robot is in charge of be frame of metal of scuttle glass face plate, scuttle to undertake pre-treatment, include the processing that cleans agent, activator, priming paint to wait. The two outfit card that two kinds of parts decide after the engineer of appropriate division is undertaking be assessmented in detail to site technological process carries a line common this robot, in the meantime, around this robot still can expand two carry a line again, can promote with satisfying sequel to produce turn over the requirement of times. Robot itself is much more articulatory design, agile and fast, can satisfy different manufacturing metre requirement, according to actual order demand undertakes metre is adjusted after facilitating put into production. At the same time all clamping apparatus come true through sensor technology flexible change manufacturing design, the robot can identify the scuttle part of different model automatically through the feedback of sensor, automatic choice handles an order, this one design also is reflected be versed in in all keys on tool. Produce in the standard can below the condition, whole industry the member that need one master job only is in charge of frame of vitreous face plate, metal on next makings, makings work, and of whole product line join mature also the intensity of the member that work, next makings jobs lay one worker worker namely actually on makings job, the shift of the intermediate the biggest member that changed the ground to reduce operation is apart from, so that make sure the stability of automation line is on the move, the promotion of automation level got height is reflected here. The below one labour of product line cent is two parts, of core part applied another robot to undertake gelatinize works not only, still applied visual system to be versed in to going up the processing circumstance of a vitreous face plate undertakes detecting at the same time, measure in order to ensure final finished product is simple. Regard a core of a product line as the ministry 1/0, the vision detects the technology ensured qualification is tasted enter segment of below one gelatinize, undesirable article be recorded and " go back " await further processing, this one process not only speed fast, precision is tall, and do not need overmuch artificial interpose, avoid occurrence person to be sentenced for the quality miscarriage of justice of the element, leakage. Qualification is tasted subsequently by carry a line automatically to carry robot gelatinize to be versed in, through flexible change product line design, the sensor that goes up by robot tool feedbacks automatically the scuttle model of vitreous face plate, the robot can match corresponding gelatinize order automatically, the robot also is met during ask according to established order, undertake coordinate detected at 0 o'clock regularly, utmost ground ensures gelatinize is carried out strictly according to design standard. Before the course two working procedure, face plate of semi-manufactured goods glass and metallic frame enter below one industry undertake crimp works, ensure vitreous face plate is formed with metallic frame " an organic whole " , the general assembly that is finished product scuttle supplies a crucial main body part, here appropriate division applied sensor technology and technology of servo press fitting to ensure press fitting quality and press fitting efficiency, assure this craft paragraph finished product accords with overall design requirement, vulcanization of nature of course of press fitting finished product, general assembly product line can be entered after detecting. The design of this product line makes scuttle gelatinize this one craft paragraph automation degree, flexible changed productivity to get rising, reflect be the member that work to decrease directly and the production confusing a line of much norms scuttle, decrease from ten people to 3 people, produce to much norms from onefold norms. The profit that brings for the client is distant still more than and such, appropriate family company regards automation as the supplier of product and solution, the robot that offerred tall sex price to compare for the client not just is compositive solution, and offerred include product of I/O module, sensor, safe light the product of the appropriate division such as act and safe relay, and the compositive service of a variety of equipment that be not mark, this is the advantage place of appropriate division. Current, intelligence creates a concept around our country manufacturing industry " produce can promote " , improve efficiency, reduce the cost, demand that assures the respect such as product quality to expanding quickly, this will be manufacturing industry transition upgrades, face the core that future develops. Appropriate division, it is contented user demand the target from beginning to end, the satisfaction that promotes an user the experience ceaselessly is spent, push traditional manufacturing industry thereby by " China is made " to " Chinese wisdom is built " change. CNC Milling