The current situation that labour accuses the computer and PLC and its development (go up)

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Com editor's note] in industrial automation domain, can make up Cheng controller and labour to accuse machine it is the equipment of two kinds of control that people must carry, they are the fundamental facilities of most automation system. Can making up Cheng controller and labour to accuse the latest technology of machine to develop is an engineer what ask to equipment application function is perfect reflect: The hardware of controller is standardized, and all sorts of control demands of the user have a change through software. 1 overview can make up what Cheng controller uses computer principle one kind to be designed technically for sequence control namely, general, use handy device. It used the hardware of special design, and performance characteristics is to pass control program to decide. The PCI bus line that is versed in accusing machine criterion was to use a PC and PC/104 bus line, use functional board to block dot of patulous control I/O to realize the control equipment that computer pilot goes to the lavatory one kind. It has character of industrial field application, exploited the software environment of the PC greatly again at the same time, the user can select the product that each manufacturer offers conveniently. PLC and labour accuse the state of technology with current aircraft to already exceeded level of the technology when its appear greatly, respective fixed position is in different level. PLC suits project of low cost automation and the I/O station that regard large DCS as the system, labour accuses machine in in dimensions has very good performance/price ratio in project of little scope automation, of course this kind of fixed position also is not absolutely. According to forecasting, the market dimensions of automation of our country industry was amounted to 2000 17 billion to 20.7 billion RMB, be versed in among them accuse machine occupy 4 billion the left and right sides, PLC 3 billion the left and right sides, plus DCS system, FCS system and NCC system (occupy 6 billion) in use PLC and labour accuse machine, can see its get the action that holds the balance inside the country in industrial automation. Equipment of these two kinds of control acted indispensable part in the automation of each domain. Graph 1 gave out the typical form composition of a picture of system of control of some waterworks industry, used PLC to control station, labour to accuse as I/O among them machine as monitoring machine. Graph the typical form composition of a picture of system of 1 industry control is current, the mainstream manufacturer that can make up Cheng controller has A-B, Siemens and Modicon to wait. Labour accuses the mainstream manufacturer of machine to have Shanghai Kang Ta of Kangtaike, Beijing and grind China, Ai Xun. PLC and labour accuse machine in the course that in its the technology develops, to fit the need that the need of industrial field application and user develop 2 times, actively development high reliability, network and the specifications that high-powered user develops software field. Introduce the emphasis PLC and labour to accuse below machine the current situation and development trend use in hardware, software and network respect technology. 2PLC and labour accuse the hardware technology current situation of machine and development PLC and labour to accuse the final user of machine to be metallurgy, mining, cement, oil, chemical industry, electric power, machinery to make, car, assemble and unassemble, the industry such as papermaking, spin, environmental protection, its main use is: · sequence control sequence control is the field with the widest application, it includes group control of stand-alone control, much chance, automatic product line to control, if record model machine, printing machine instrument of instrument, stapler instrument, paper cutting machine, modular machine tool, grinder, assemble the mechanical, production that pack, eletroplate automation line and elevator control. Application of · sport control pulls the odd rod that uses system or servo electric machinery or control of buy of much position of axle in electric power. · process control uses imitate to measure module to be able to control physical parameter, for example temperature, pressure, speed and discharge, provide the function of the closed-loop control such as PID. Data processing can support · the control of numerical control machine tool and management, much axle control. Because the demand of automation system rises increasingly, the traditional PLC that offers I/O to order a service and labour accuse machine cannot have satisfied complex craft requirement. Accordingly, PLC and labour accuse machine there was fundamental change on hardware system. PLC system has in the technical development on module: · processor module deploys high capacity memory, ask to satisfy real time pilot and optimize a design, besides switch of general I/O scanning and control, long-range data, program of tiring-room of independence of the compositive control with large support, communication, collateral operation, processor and processor input are interrupted wait for a function. If the ControlLogix processor module of A-B company is in its kernel,the design has communication function, have the aid of does not have source data bus line at it, systematic bottleneck is able to eliminate. This kind of agile structure allows many processor, network and I/O to in a frame collocation is used and was not restricted. Module of · information coprocessor is read take advocate the data table of processor and condition file, or keep data through advanced language program advocate processor, the program can be below environment of real time much task and independent the method at PLC processor, move in coprocessor alone. Coprocessor of · advanced language undertakes complex calculation and algorithmic implementation through the interface of C and Basic. · network is comfortable match module to offer communication port between spot bus line and processor, so that PLC processor and I/O module have long-range data trade. The I/O module that · has special function if A-B company offerred intelligence to change in its product send implement module, temperature control module, say speed of heavy module, open loop commands module, plastic production module, moment of force control. The design of these module considered the need of special industry, make complex control function is able to solve with modular means, raised dependability and professional level. Same, labour accuses machine also from I/O develop ahead at full speed on the foundation of board card, the revolutionary development of circuit of large scale integration and computer itself accuses to labour machine provided stage. Labour controls machine series product the I/O besides whole set outside board card, still developed unifinication workstation, area electron dish labour accuses the machine, long-range RTU, miniature labour that applies to bearing industry to accuse the machine, labour that applies to video and multimedia industry to control the machine, area that applies to newsletter industry the labour of screen of monitoring liquid crystal. The applied environment of industrial spot asks PLC and labour accuse machines and tools to have very high reliability, and dependability is to rely on electromagnetism compatible character (EMC) will assure with fault tolerance technology. PLC and labour accuse confidential to pass strict electromagnetism compatible detect, if radiation susceptibility detects, harmonic / voltage is fluctuant / voltage pelter detects, electrostatic / fast pulse / be struck by lightning detects, electromagnetism interference detects etc. EMC made sure equipment is in substantially interference rejection is characteristic. But, should assuring to control equipment not to give trouble is impossible. Accordingly, the system that uses fault tolerance design cannot stop to the requirement machine, cannot the expensive reliable system of out of control is very important. At present technique of main fault tolerance design has Watchdog and double machine heat to have (the hot equipment that includes lead plane, module and communication medium) . The job of hot equipment system is transparent to the user: Happen when breakdown namely when, the backup of all excision that nod to breakdown and data is finished automatically inside the shortest control cycle. Of this technology finish included equipment hardware and software 2 respects. Graph 2 gave out PLC double machine is redundant systematic structure. 3PLC of redundant construction of system and labour control graph 2PLC double machine the software character PLC of machine, labour accused machine and spot bus line to offer very good ground floor to control hardware base for industrial automation. As the swift and violent development of software technology, controlling software is flat number and menu operation interface no longer, however the interactive tool that the graph turns. Good work accused software to include to be collected from rock-bottom data, operation of logic of database, control arrives interface of man-and-machine chart form (MMI) . Here, the angle introduction PLC that we accuse software architecture from labour and is not individual software function and labour accuse the character that the application software of machine should have. Microsoft advanced the idea with a powerful function for the distributed network structure of manufacturing industry, it included company natural resources to plan (ERP) plan with production resource (MRP) interface of main function, control, man-machine and data are collected and monitoring (SCADA) , make executive system (MES) , batch control and equipment interface, but they increased user cost and the difficulty that share data at the same time. Accordingly, 1998, microsoft introduced Windows distributed interrelate the concept of network application, abbreviation WindowsDNA. It is all sorts of business inside the enterprise application software has notting have seaming connective a kind of structure. This kind of structure can make the software of manufacturing industry develops business to be developed strong, the product that has a variety of character, the production that makes final user becomes independent his severally and commercial software application are compositive to a number neurological in go. Each control equipment produce manufacturer to be like company of automation of Luoke Wei Er, pass its product and the collaboration with Microsoft, introducing WindowsDNA structure manufacturing industry. These companies develop the politic frame that he have in the process in manufacturing industry software, if Internet of Luoke Wei Er uses a structure, or weigh RNA, a the defines for the enterprise DNA structure that offers with Microsoft namely is close together and parallel kind. The Microsoft Office that builds the WindowsNT that is in Microsoft and Windows9X operating system and user to accept is covered, on the foundation of Microsoft BackOffice tool, microsoft introduced DNA structure 1998. WindowsDNA is adopted to be join to be in an independent company immediately the politic structure of a variety of products in distributed old system. DNA included interconnected system of traditional computer science department to allow to form the Client/Sever system of variable structure, this system can improve a technology grade and undertake applied an innovation. The crucial element of WindowsDNA includes process of tool, compositive memory, business affairs, user interface and navigation. In more detail says, DNA has following features: · public operating system and network; · public data is visited; · BackOffice tool and service; · common uses rock-bottom structure; The Office application of · and Microsoft is compositive; · develops a tool strongly; · but genetic system is compositive tool; Microsoft of no less than defines in that way, the WindowsDNA of manufacturing industry included company natural resources to plan / production resource program, control (no matter its are distributed, be based on PC or interface of PLC) , man-machine and SCADA, make executive system, batch processing and equipment interface. Without the DNA of manufacturing industry, can come by user interface and drive equipment only in the chasm between these applied functions so fill. This will make the cost of owner system raises, and share data very hard as a result of data format problem. Be in early 80 time metaphase, automation of Luoke Wei Er decided above all in its CIM version the factory ground floor and go up a demand of connective of all of computer science department. But, the core technology of the software of concept of up-to-date implementation above and hardware just matures, the application that they include commercial side is collected like data and interface of monitoring, man-machine (HMI) , batch is controlled (Batch) , the interface of MES, ERP, control that is based on PC bus line and communication. It is with RNA structure exemple, it included: (1) operating system platform included from the earliest Win3.

The man-machine interface of 1 environment and process designing software develop interface of complete function man-machine to WindowsNT. As the arrival of WindowsCE, a few companies are planning to provide software of interface of the PLC process designing of the complete set that is based on CE, man-machine and control. (2)COM and DCOM build COM (package object model) with DCOM (model of distributed component object) make the product has each other to operate gender, expansibility and flexibility. The union that COM and other labour accuse software product increased to offer compositive package (ProcessPak and ControlPak) ability, what still increased each independence software is modular degree and the compositive capability that promote some company product and other manufacturer product. For example, RSSQL of software of Luoke Wei Er is a data enters the system with deferent processing, use COM technology to offer join to control the two-way connection of system and enterprise database system, it is the version that supports environment of database of manufacturing industry DNA. (The applied Microsoft of 3)VisualBasic thinks VB is in-house and compositive crucial technology implements inside DNA frame. VBA provided 3 great benefit for DNA structure, above all, it is offerred for final user do not need to learn specific language and can weave oneself standard method that uses a program actually; Next, VBA was offerred data or market success are shared between many application can method, for example, it allows man-machine interface software to be able to use the function of the Excel form of Microsoft, this is the product of company of model of a system, have computational function and manufacturing plan function; Finally, final user if will inside embed VBA product compositive make information system to what be based on DNA, it can make industrial group at present numerous the engineers that use VB regards a system as rapid development tool promote his software product. (The application of 4)ActiveXActiveX technology is increasingly wide, the product that a lot of manufacturers roll out supports ActiveX. Company of software of Luoke Wei Er introduced ActiveX technology to make industrial application software above all, and be the software of the first accredit develop business, can embed VBA go in core product at the same time. (5)OPC - process control OLEDDE is the shares the data with relatively constant particle technology that Microsoft is Front-office application development. Differ with DDE, the control function that the process controls OLE technology to face production environment, structure is designed with dependability. The manufacturing industry DNA of Microsoft decided to equipment, control applies and open sex and feature of interface of sex of each other operation should be had between commercial application (OPC) . Luoke Wei Er is OPC organization constitutor and main developer. The application that OPC is in charge of building based COM technology is normative, it allows all applied processes to use the same interface that is based on COM technology to visit data, simplified the collection of data and share a method. After according to above the requirement used a lot of technologies of manufacturing industry DNA, luoke Wei Er still offers the compositive software that faces enterprise and industry to wrap, if be used at batch pilot RSBatch, RSView32, RSLogix,wait can use at undertaking process designing to functional-block diagram. They also use COM compositive, VBA and OPC operate gender and the other layer link with the enterprise to each other is offerred between application. The control that controls software package to still be bus line of join I/O, PC, process designing, VBA and COM object offer identical each other to operate a gender. The highest state of manufacturing industry IT is to use without seam join, investment the thought of the development that effective, dimensions did not come to with give attention to two or morethings neatly shares the data that collects from shop ground floor inside the enterprise. The existing software that the technology of RNA assured to its user uses them goes realizing the environment that is based on DNA. It is better with making to can get enough information when the enterprise only decision-making, supply its channel and run union to rise, ability makes his whole the system is close to an user more. Although computer hardware and network technology already had very great progress, the job that there still still is a lot of in software domain wants to do. CNC Milling