Do not have in numerical control machine tool call the police of breakdown repair

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The control of numerical control machine tool has breakdown to diagnose a function oneself in the system, when malfunctioning usually, have call the police information appears, the control system that uses according to machine tool place is different, offer call the police content how many differ, but the examination of breakdown processing technique in pressing a manual, most breakdown can find a means of settlement. The machine tool also has some of breakdown to be not had already in be used actually call the police, the phenomenon also is not apparent, to this kind of circumstance, processing rises to have with respect to unlike occupy what can check simple in that way. After having some of equipment occurrence trouble additionally, not only without call the police information, and the data that lack requires about maintenance, in use of some machine tools appears breakdown hind if a bit carelessly, still can create workpiece rejection of lot, when be being handled so more difficult. To processing of this kind of breakdown, when should repairing personnel to lack certain working experience, the regular meeting when processing makes wrong judgement, cause needless pecuniary loss or lengthen repair time. The frequency that appears as a result of breakdown sometimes additionally is not tall, very big trouble also can be encountered when maintenance of engage by special arrangement serves a processing please, to this kind of breakdown we think: Need fibrous root occupies particular case, microscope, undertake an analysis from small part of the phenomenon, find out its real reason. Should make a thorough investigation of the reason of this kind of breakdown above all must from freely stagger the true implementation that it finds out in all sorts of surface phenomena is resembled (this " phenomenon " the true condition) of hereat barrier, find out the account that produce from inside affirmed breakdown phenomenon again. Comprehensive ground analyses a breakdown to seem a decision to judge whether correct main factor now. Before searching breakdown account, must understand the following situation above all: Appear in regular job or ① breakdown just switched on the mobile phone to appear. The frequency that ② appears, it is first time already still happened for many times. ③ affirms the machine program of the machine tool won't be wrong. ④ other personnel has denied pair of this machine tools to undertake repair or be adjustmented. Whether does the circumstance of the breakdown phenomenon when ⑤ is repaired please and spot have a difference. It is us below encounter in maintenance a few without call the police the processing of breakdown analyses a method. Breakdown one in machining center of nimble THY5640 vertical, the place such as the main shaft when in working, discovering main shaft rotate speed is under 500r/min and gear-box has unusual voice, the dynamometer that observes electric machinery discovers the output power of electric machinery is not stable, index swings very big. But unusual sound disappears again when use 1201r/min above. After switching on the mobile phone, in without rotate below instruction circumstance, the dynamometer of electric machinery can swing by oneself, proper motion of electric machinery drift is rotational at the same time, time of the apply the brake after normal movement is too long, the machine tool is not had call the police. The basis checks the phenomenon that see, the cause that causes this trouble may have out of control of main shaft controller, the reason on mechanical transmission or electric machinery also cannot eliminate. The workload that because disassemble,mechanical part checks is bigger, because this is opposite first,the main shaft controller of electric part undertakes checking, controller is Xi Menzi 6SC-6502. Check the parameter that sets beforehand in controller above all, reexamination control plate, do not have unusual, via examining circuit board dirtier, be opposite by the requirement circuit board undertakes cleaning, but breakdown switchs on the mobile phone after mount unaltered. Accordingly the breakdown reason inside controller can eliminate temporarily. To decide breakdown is in electric machinery still is in mechanical drive part, must break away from electric machinery and machinery, when test-drive switching on the mobile phone to discover to electric machinery rotate speed the instruction is close to 450r/min after breaking away from, begin to appear uninterrupted unusual sound, but when dictating to 1201r/min, unusual sound disappears again. For this we undertook an analysis to main shaft part, when original low speed given 450r/min dictates and the 4500r/min instruction when high speed is same to electric machinery in top rotate speed, slowdown just had through gear when low speed, so breakdown basically can decide in electric machinery part. Classics analysis, unusual sound may be bearing undesirable cause. Disassemble electric machinery undertake checking, discover bearing truly bad already, when high speed bearing is gotten stuck to cause load to add ambassadorial dynamometer to swing errant, occurrence deflexion. And drift of the electric machinery after stopping and apply the brake are too slow, via checking the CD lacerate that is coder, change all breakdown after bearing and coder eliminate entirely. This breakdown basically is main shaft when rotating have unusual voice, because of acoustical source should making a thorough investigation of when this is eliminating, undertake checking again. Have unusual voice common for machinery photogenic brush, block block and bearing attaint. Breakdown main shaft of 2 machining center is directional forbid or amlposition. Of machining center main shaft directional use 3 kinds of means normally, magnetism sensor, coder and machinery are directional. When use magnetism sensor and coder, besides adopting the position that adjusts component, still can pass pair of machine tool parameter to adjust. When producing directional mistake, do not have mostly call the police, can produce the ability when interrupting to be able to be discovered in the process that change a knife only. Appeared on a machining center that has changed his costume or dress once directional forbidden breakdown, in the begining the machine tool often appears in the job interrupt, but occurrence time is very not much, switch on the mobile phone to be able to work again afresh, breakdown appears repeatedly. Via careful observation having to the machine tool after breakdown appears, the real reason that just discovers fault is main shaft sending strange place deflection backward surely, strange is main shaft is being decided if use a hand,touch backward (with the when cutting tool inserts main shaft circumstance close when the knife is being changed in the job) main shaft can arise to opposite way drift, check electric part not to have any calling the police, mechanical part very simple. The directional use coder of this machine tool, look so from the phenomenon of breakdown and the position that produce possibly, the possibility of electric part is less, the mainest on machinery is connection. So the decision checks mechanical connection part, what discover when the link that checks coder the connection on coder is covered is close calm bolt becomes loose, make connection is covered regressive cause the connection part clearance with main shaft to cross an ambassador to rotate different situation. Will decide the breakdown after bolt has been secured by the requirement closely to eliminate. Produce main shaft the breakdown of directional respect should undertake analytic handling according to the particular structure of the machine tool, check electric part first, like mechanical share considers again after it is normal to affirm. Breakdown three it is normal to accuse occurrence hand of lathe in use to move shift, return zero hour automatically shift is not moved after a paragraph of distance, reopen hand moves shift normal. Lathe uses economic numerical control, the pace enters electric machinery, because rate is a bit slow shift is normal when the hand moves shift, answer zero hour automatically to move quickly the distance is longer, occurrence machinery blocks a phenomenon. Undertake an analysis according to breakdown, basically be mechanical reason, hind classics inquiry, just be informed the dimension when this machine tool is machined because of discovery to forbid, the electric machinery that gets on another machine tool is torn open will use, this breakdown appeared after, via microscope because the gear space in gear-box is too little,be cause, after readjust normal. This is the trouble that a factitious element causes, if do not add an attention,in repair classics regular meeting happens, in working accordingly, should cause take seriously, avoid the happening of this kind of phenomenon. Screen of the machine tool after breakdown quarto machine is not had show. To this kind of breakdown eliminating is to make screen works normally above all. Also can be the reason of indication part merely sometimes. But may coexist in a lot of moment a variety of breakdown. Machining center of horizontal of H500/50 of a Japan, the screen when switching on the mobile phone black, the NC on operation face plate mains switch already pressed, red, green light is bright, the switch in examining electric ark and body as good as constant, close the reopen after machine, breakdown is same. Via checking, trouble is caused by much place attaint, changing monitor, the screen after indication control plate appeared to show, make the machine tool can enter the breakdown maintenance of other. Machining center of vertical of peaceful accept DM4800, the screen after switching on the mobile phone is not had show. This machining center uses system of 3 arris M300, cause screen to have a lot of without indication account, because of,after be being checked via undertaking to breakdown, affirming is advocate board breakdown is caused, because this undertook changing, as a result of advocate board the parameter after changing needs to be installed afresh, install measure by systematic parameter, contrast the machine tool after the parameter watch with accessary machine tool undertook installing adjustment is normal. Indication breakdown account is not had on screen a lot of, must find out a reason to eliminate above all, if still have other trouble, according to the machine tool call the police to make processing with other breakdown information. Breakdown 5 in numerical control equipment, appear without call the police breakdown is most is machine tool error or dimension forbid. The phenomenon of error breakdown is more, the expression when appearing on all sorts of equipment is differ. If numerical control lathe is in,diametical direction appears the phenomenon of size is more. The circumstance of occurrence error of vertical on machining center axis is more, common is dimension increases gradually downward, but the appearance that also dimension increases up, the trouble that there also are a few minor errors via regular meeting on horizontal axis appears, some often change, stand or fall makes the dimension of the spare parts is controlled hard. Breakdown of the error in causing numerical control machine tool but do not have the circumstance that call the police again, basically have a few kinds of cases: The numerical control system of ① machine tool is simpler, detect without the setting to the error in the system, because this cannot have when machine tool occurrence breakdown,call the police show. Inside the range that the error circumstance that appears in ② machine tool does not forecast when the design, because this does not detect when occurrence error, what use as a result of most numerical control machine tool is system of half closed circuit, because this cannot detect,arrive the real position of the machine tool. The frequency that the shaft coupling structure of ③ guide screw and electric machinery produces to breakdown and possibility are distinct, the phenomenon after occurrence breakdown is different also, some dimension can increase to negative direction only, but the possibility that some are losing direction to change can happen, the basis repairs all sorts of medium circumstances, we reach such conclusion: What stretch connection uses among shaft coupling basically is negative to many what increase, and two kinds of breakdown of connection of intermediate use key all can happen. 0 way are winded in the electrical system of ④ machine tool the setting is undeserved, time unwarrantable at 0 o'clock consistent, the error that this kinds of breakdown appears is general and minor. Besides general outside because decelerate switch is undesirable,causing trouble, the decelerate distance that returns zero hour is too short also can make at 0 o'clock deviate. Have in the monitoring page in some systems " cutout case is measured " one, record and often check can discover a problem in time. Numerical control machine tool is not had mediumly call the police breakdown is a few more unmanageable breakdown mostly. In these breakdown, what cause with mechanical reason is more, it is the trouble that a few integrated elements cause next, to these breakdown repair the difficulty with be had certain commonly, judge to the phenomenon of breakdown especially especially important. In numerical control machine tool in repairing, to the judgement of this respect breakdown experience is only in practice undertake fumbling, ceaseless summary, rise ceaselessly, in order to get used to the need that new-style equipment services modern industry. CNC Milling