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Without doubt cutting tool already appeared more and more important in the position in metallic cutting treatment, the industry should improve productivity, reduce cost, must count efficient cutting tool and efficient treatment technology program greatly. Hill tall cutting tool (Shanghai) assistant manager of department of government of limited company product Mr Xiang Huafeng is current, the development trend with metallic treatment the most fundamental industry seeks higher cutting rate namely in order to realize taller productivity. Undertake to drop the consideration of cost and environmental respect working machining mixing / or minimum is lubricant (MQL) . Difficult treatment material (for example for the spare parts lighter high strenth material) ceaseless emerge in large numbers. All these trends are qualitative to cutting tool material the wearability of grade, fight plasticity to be out of shape ability and tenacity raise taller requirement. Company of every cutting tool begins in the light of afore-mentioned trend its are new the development of the product. Hard alloy material pledges grade is aimed at the matrix with custom-built domain of some kind of specific application and coating namely optimize combination. Design a kind of new material qualitative grade, want to find the optimal combination of matrix and coating physics function namely. And among them the mainest character is hardness and tenacity, they conversely as mutual as material function correlation. The result is when cutting tool research and development, it is necessarily normally between wearability and tenacity eclectic. Hill will overcome this kind of awkward situation high through a few new approaches, make admirable wearability and good tenacity look are united in wedlock. Hill Gao Dao has the positive result of research and development of the DuratomicTM craft of the company, it is a kind of revolutionary method that produces film, used new technique and operate the crystallization control of film at atomic level. DuratomicTM results from hill is tall the wearability of new to having standard and tenacity (always be two kinds of completely contrary character) the research development of material qualitative grade. Gets DuratomicTM film structure is very durable, because its feature is the unique combination of these two important parameter. This makes productivity and dependability get risinged to improve exterior surface roughness at the same time. Of the TP0500 of new material qualitative brand as razor blade of hill tall turning roll out, hill uses Yu Gang high the series of DuratomicTM material qualitative grade of turning will become more complete. TP0500 took the consistent advantage of hill tall TP1500, TP2500 and TP3500, use technology of particular film of armour of DuratomicTM King Kong, can offer outstanding wearability and hear resistance at the same time. TP0500 is special for the applied circumstance of the heat-resisting with very high demand and wearability development, can apply to cutting time to grow or process data relative to harder operating mode. From the point of metallurgy angle, TP0500 is mixed by wear-resisting fight metabolic matrix and composition of film of armour of DuratomicTM King Kong, it is steel the rate in treatment is the rapiddest and most the material qualitative grade of wear-resisting. TP0500 increased cutting linear velocity, have extremely high metallic excision rate, can machine relative to harder part, can maintain taller precision, it is rough machining and semifinishing machining steel optimal cutting tool. Of course of cutting efficiency rise be not itself of only support cutting tool, however system of a whole, the industry should improve productivity, reduce cost, want to rely on advanced processing technique to improve cutting efficiency. Commonner high speed is machined (HSM) , high-powered treatment (HPM) wait for efficient processing technique. The implementation that high speed machines depends on CNC of system of high speed main shaft, fast feed system, high speed to control technology of technology and cutting tool of high speed cutting. Apparent, before 3 attribute the functional part of the machine tool. Each link are coordinated each other only, ability achieves its due beneficial result, realize cutting whole to optimize. In addition cutting tool stuff is right of cutting efficiency rise to also have conclusive sense, hill is tall the cutting tool material that already developed at present has diamond, cubic nitrogen to change hard alloy of boracic, cermet, film to wait. Diamond cutting tool basically is used at high speed to machine the nonferrous metal material such as aluminous, copper and metalloid material and titanium alloy. Cubic nitrogen changes boracic cutting tool to basically apply to high speed to machine hard steel of cast-iron, temper by dipping in water and high temperature alloy. The respect of research and development that hill pledges high in PCBN material, go in the foremost edge of tide all the time. Cutting tool of film hard alloy has the most extensive application field, it is the main body of material of contemporary cutting tool. Without doubt cutting tool already appeared more and more important in the position in metallic cutting treatment, the industry should improve productivity, reduce cost, must count efficient cutting tool and efficient treatment technology program greatly. Arrive again to supplier of cutting tool system from tool supplier when us when the person that plan of machine treatment whole is offerred goes all the way, at first we discover ourselves and was not considered as associate by the client, still be outside supplier of the client only. Accordingly " participate in " should build alliance of a kind of strategy to concern with the client namely, regard the client's target as oneself target, include to arrive from the design production whole process. Produce all sorts of efficiency, craft plan that reduce production cost and make to raise an user, must include the part of as interactive as the client collaboration, help client increases competitive capacity, of the promotion that just can realize oneself competition ability truly so and market share rise, with reaching pair of winning phases finally. CNC Milling