Concept of miniature machining technology

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Miniature machining or call miniature Electromechanical the system or miniature system is only OK batch makes, sensor of collect miniature orgnaization, miniature, miniature is carried out implement and signal processing and control circuit, even circuit of periphery interface, communication. Its are main the characteristic has: Volume is minor (diagnostic size scope is: 1 μ M-10mm) , weight can low, function stabilizes light, waste time; Be helpful for large quantities of quantities producing, reduce manufacturing cost; Inertial small, syntonic frequency is tall, noisy should time is short; Intensive hi-tech achievement, additional cost is high. The purpose of miniature machinery depends on narrow measure and bulk not just, its target more changing at passing miniature, compositive change, the component that will search new principle, new function and system, open up domain of a new technology, form batch to change an industry. Miniature machining technology is to point to make the imperceptible processing technique that is machine. The occurrence of imperceptible treatment and development are early be with circuit of large scale integration closely related, integrated circuit requirement can contain more electronic element on the semiconductor of small area, in order to form the function is complex and perfect circuit. Circuit is imperceptible the width of the smallest line in design is to raise integrated circuit compositive spent crucial technology mark, machine pair of microelectronics industry imperceptibly and character machines measure one kind to go to what accept rice measures level to produce small size from micron namely yuan the advanced production technology of parts of an apparatus or light standard graph. At present miniature processing technique basically has be based on the silicon plane treatment that from semiconductor integrated circuit the development in machining craft imperceptibly rises and body to machine craft, 80 time metaphase is in the century later on LIGA is machined (miniature mould eletroplates craft) , accurate LIGA treatment, exceed treatment of imperceptible treatment, imperceptible electric spark (EDM) , plasma bundle treatment, electron beam treatment, fast prototype is made (RPM) and the respect of imperceptible treatment craft such as bond technology obtains quite great progress. System of micro computer weapon can finish the job that systematic place cannot complete report of large scale computer. Miniature machinery and electronic technology are united in wedlock cheek by jowl, the miniature parts of an apparatus that will make sort various comes out, these small parts of an apparatus use large quantities of amounts compositive make, the price is low, will apply at the mankind to live widely numerous domain. Can expect, inside this century, miniature machinery will be moved toward from the lab stage by stage applicable change, the progress that waits for a domain to medical treatment of industry and agriculture, information, environment, biology, space, national defence will produce major effect. A imperceptible machining technology is domain of technology of micro computer weapon very important and very active technology domain, its develop to be able to drive the development of a lot of relevant course not only, it is with national science and technology development, economy and national defence build be closely bound up more. The development of miniature machining technology is having tremendous industrialization application perspective. CNC Milling