Institute of Yangzhou university Electromechanical is developed successfully " lathe of piston annulus numerical control "

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Not long ago, development of success of institute of Yangzhou university Electromechanical goes those who be in domestic banner level " lathe of piston annulus numerical control " , fill home is in " the lathe of piston annulus numerical control of drive of linear electric machinery " the blank of the domain. This lathe appears on the exhibition of machine tool of international of the 9th Beijing this year, attracted the eyeball of many users namely. It is reported, project of this lathe research directs research by institute of raise big Electromechanical Professor Wang Longtai. The experiment proves, new-style lathe and this traditional lathe photograph are compared, improve treatment efficiency 2, 3 times. Last year on December 25, this project passed Jiangsu to save the technical appraisement of hall of science and technology. Current, this lathe already won national patent. Additional as we have learned, every price is as high as foreign congener product 620 thousand U.S. dollor, and every price is this lathe only 250 thousand yuan of RMBs, sexual value is overter than the advantage. CNC Milling