The laser agglomeration of titanium: Value is shown

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Graph 1 tooth cultivates body bolt to use mixture structure to make, include completely compact system and poriferous surface form. The traditional production method of a lot of titanium application is to burn casting, forging and machining, these methods are very arduous and cost is higher. Nowadays, the laser agglomeration production methods of system of use EOSINT M-270 is used in a lot of titanium application, this system out is located in Germany Keailin the EOS company of city (Www.


Com) . Create a concept according to the electron of EOS company, titanium often is used at crop relatively lesser but the part with important value. Laser agglomeration method can create the light-duty structure such as clean heart easily, in component of such as spaceflight consequently such counterpoise measure very exacting application in, method of use laser agglomeration can promote titanium the function of the component and value greatly. Titanium alloy is having admirable physical characteristic and corrosion resistance, proportion is small, biology consistence is good. Up to now, laser titanium agglomeration basically applies at medicine and dentistry equipment, spaceflight and car motion and fashionable industry. Most the data that often uses is EOS titanium Ti64, alloy of a kind of fine pulverous Ti6Al4V. What content of low clearance element uses in case of a few medicine is pulverous, or industrial pure titanium is pulverous. Visit the applied territory that laser agglomeration titanium lets the person is impressive next. Leader Italia company (Www.


It) the lead company that is equipment of medicine of production of titanium of agglomeration of an use laser, this company already developed an a series of new-style teeth that call TiXos to cultivate body bolt. TiXos owns special design, can use titanium raw material to have production in EOSINT M-270 system thereby, tiXos still includes a few distinctive good points (see a picture 1) . Normally, such bolt is become by solid metal machining. In laser agglomeration, these bolt are formed through be together metallic powder frit, won't waste raw material consequently. Become a kind to include the mixture construction of completely compact system and poriferous surface configuration through dominating laser exposure a future life, such need not coating, still can raise biology active. Laser agglomeration still has extremely tall production efficiency. Graph 2 laser agglomeration can realize distinctive headgear modelling to because do not use a tool,be designed, can produce the bolt of different sort and dimension according to needing to be in every time exercise. Thereby batch of efficient and agile ground produces high-powered product. Laser agglomeration makes the company can use the computer to undertake designing, can provide characteristic ground to imitate hole of join of skeletal structure interiorly quite when production tooth cultivates body and relevant surface, the finishing craft previously accomplishs this impossibly. A British company that the name is FutureFactories (Www.


Com) devote oneself to to use E to make the fashionable consumable with original production all the time, be in lead position in industry. Latter, agglomeration of this company use laser produces product of the plastic lamps and lanterns that has conspicuous geometry appearance, chair and metallic headgear, and it is very difficult that other production method should accomplish this impossible even. FutureFactories company produces goods of edition of set limit to break free from conventionsingly, each commodity owns yuan of collective design but unique, what can realize dimensions to change consequently is custom-built. This kind of design is very complex, having mutual and intricate free appearance, use titanium will finish make, and commonly used the tradition that produces at headgear solders the method cannot apply in titanium this kind of material is qualitative on. Become agglomeration of laser of compact metal classics after acting the role of polishing, the beautiful style that presents an expectation (see a picture 2) . Graph the 3 new art that realize a shoe through shaping quickly design Ms. Kerrie Luft (Www.


Com) it is an England shoe kind stylist, she laser agglomeration such new technology is used at making chic shoe kind. In its newest series Nouveau, shape quickly through titanium the heel that will make intricate geometry appearance, in order to reflect the feature of new art. She created the appearance that innovates a gender on vamp and heel. The filament structure that follows high needs high strenth data, choice titanium is the most appropriate. She revealed the shoe of MA series in London, this kind of shoe owns revolutionary heel design, agglomeration of use laser titanium is made (see a picture 3) . Of course, laser titanium agglomeration still can apply at other sphere. CNC Milling