New-style solder dot is torn off implement application

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Detect to what NQST is worth the method is based on basically truckload ruinous examine, but debugging level, with try board the test solders when parameter, undertake avulsion an experiment without very good method, tear off by employee handiwork normally, the parameter of such tests is unscientific and have menace to staff person safety; The site of a kind of solder that the article recommends is torn off implement, it is to be aimed at solder try board avulsion portable tool, can satisfy a requirement well. Each are big in recent years leader plant already gradually think the NQST value of intensity of dot of solder of white automobile body, automobile body accords with rate IQG value and value of AUDIT of white automobile body regard white automobile body as index of 3 great main quality, as one of main levels that measure position of quality of white automobile body. The NQST value of new model is to pass truckload ruinous examine reach, but debug a process in new model normally in, debug an engineer to install welder to solder according to experience data above all in the spot parameter, use next be the same as character with material board thick be the same as number of plies try board undertake trying solder, try to these next board undertake avulsion, after test and verify is eligible, reentry travel is truckload solder, will truckload finally the equipment that sends toward the lab to use major (machine of hydraulic pressure tension) undertake ruinous tear off an experiment. Normally experiment method solders commonly try board the standard that is 200 × 50mm normally, using try board when debugging parameter, it is to will try normally board across overlaps together, after soldering, twist artificially, the avulsion that carries mother material degree, judge the join intensity that solder nods. As new model increasing, debug time the requirement is shorter and shorter, safe to staff person protection is stronger and stronger also, urgent need abandons this kind of primitive method, search the save labour when a kind of province, and the appliance of safe advantage or method. A kind of new tool introduces for everybody below -- portable solder dot is torn off implement. Portable solder dot is torn off implement 1.

Portable solder dot is torn off implement principle above all, solder dot is in truckload on susceptive stress is given priority to with pulling stress, and truckload the law of check proved recipe of NQST also is support pulls stress to undertake analyse to solder dot bad, tear off so implement try to soldering board solder dot should bring to bear on pull stress, such reaching solder parameter ability is close to effective demand more. Next, in debugging a process, in the light of every kinds different capable person pledges, board thick with number of plies solder parameter needs to use solder try board undertake test and verify. Be based on consideration of employee safety in operation, solder dot is torn off implement should try in outfit clip board when facilitating operation, in tear off when trying board solder to nod, answer relatively save labour, such equipment just has the feasibility that operates actually. Finally, be versed in to each each solder clamp, be built an error to affect by clamp down on of welder, solder, although solder the object agrees completely, its solder parameter also must alone test and verify, cannot cite directly. This brings about solder dot to tear off implement must light and cabinet, can carry every project at any time, and do not have other demand as far as possible (for example: Public motivation) . 2.

Portable solder dot is torn off implement graph 1 the dot that it is solder is torn off implement sketch map, in small-sized stage is worn on, one aspect of the matter secures a clamp, mobile pressure head is carried on but hand dynamic pressure is close; Another end is mid and fixed one bracket, via of a whorl leaves among bracket, whorl aperture center and clamp secure a part go up end panel is flat neat; In there is a lever among bracket, filar lever one aspect of the matter is the hand shakes handle, another end installs a small-sized clamp, with silk flexible connection is between lever, can disassemble. Graph 1 solder dot is torn off implement will solder try board build after receiving, hit spot welding to receive, good solder try board one aspect of the matter is fixed in the clamp in fixed end, another end secures the clamp on filar lever in, shake through the hand the handle brings to bear on tensile, tear off solder dot thereby, tear off clamp of solder of condition test and verify according to what solder nods solder parameter. 3.

Portable solder dot is torn off implement use test and verify (1) the use circumstance of two layer board two layer board solder, provide gymnastics to if the graph is shown 2 times,make a case. Graph 2 two layer board solder tear off debug solder clamp to waiting for, above all according to soldering the material of panel pledges and ply, consult experience solders parameter inputs initiative parameter, will try next board mix try board 2 hand in fold place undertake soldering. Next, to soldering through solder dot exterior the effect undertakes judging, of apparent to existing weld defects try board, be like: Had splattered nucleus of big, solder is too small and solder is worn etc, OK and direct judgement is unqualified; Adjust solder clamp according to judgement finally pressure, weld time and solder the parameter such as electric current. After the pace is adjusted first, through the exterior judgement solder nods basic qualification, reuse solder dot is torn off implement undertake ruinous examine. Solder to try board team eligibly to preliminary judgement, will try above all board secure in fixed end on clamp, the clamp clamp that carries with the activity tries board 2, the dot maintains the put forth effort that confirms two clamp basically to go up point-blank in; Next jolty hand shakes the handle tries board group to bring to bear on to soldering tensile, till tear off solder dot, repass solder dot tears off a circumstance to soldering parameter undertakes corresponding fine tuning; Tear off again undertake test and verify, obtain qualification finally solder parameter. To multilayer board use, agree basically with the use circumstance of two layer board, it is to its through experience the exterior undertakes judging above all, affirm preliminary qualification; Doing when tearing off an experiment, above all will multilayer board fold when putting, want stagger point of view, the clip that makes sure each layer board has clamp holds a space, undertake avulsion according to order next, the qualification that nods to solder according to tearing off a result again undertake judging, decide solder clamp parameter thereby. The point of this kind of portable solder that the article advances epilogue is torn off implement debug a process in new model not only in can very detect conveniently whether does the parameter of solder clamp achieve a requirement, judge dot of solder of white automobile body to whether can achieve quality requirement, and be in truckload in producing a course, if discovery is truckload production is medium drop having solder is unusual, also can use dot of this kind of solder to tear off implement go unusual solder nods test and verify the parameter of corresponding solder clamp, undertake be adjustmented accordingly next, avoid any problems to want to pass thereby truckload analyse comes test and verify, waste time and energy. CNC Milling