Dark essence machine exhibits batch treatment uses compound treatment machine

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The Japanese machine tool that will ring down the curtain on November 8 is exhibited (JIMTOF2006, will come 8 days on November 1) on, the place of dark essence machine that make will deploy the batch treatment that has 3 knives tower to use compound treatment machine " NZ2000T3Y3 " reveal as referenced item on display. This product predicts to accept order at rising in January 2007. Make place introduction according to dark essence machine, NZ series is electromotor of type of the 3 buy inside the ministry embarked first on the world / the compound treatment opportunity of knife tower and function of 3 Y axis, its process capability is 3 times of original product. The batch that regards a club as material, flange, runner shaft coming back machines machinery, will be in car component, electric machine, oil pressure / the implementation of respect of treatment of accurate component batch of each domain such as pneumatics machinery is efficient treatment. In the NZ2000T3Y3 product that the reference on JIMTOF2006 shows, its all embark on 3 knives tower have Y axis function and inside buy type electromotor / knife tower. Can undertake 3 knives tower is machined at the same time not only, electromotor of type of the buy inside have the aid of / knife tower, still can apply rotate cutting tool undertakes heavy cut, high speed is machined. Compare with original model photograph, working procedure more intensive is changed, handling time opportunity of treatment of double main shaft of tower of doubler also knife shortened about 30% . NZ series is divided in all for norms 10 kinds of type of each different. Type cent uses 6 inches of chuck and NZ2000 to use 8 inches of chuck for NZ1500 two kinds, arrive without Y axis function from double knife tower function of axis of 3Y of 3 knives tower can offer an alternative. Tower of a knife can install 16 cutting tool, can install 48 cutting tool at most, because working procedure has sex little can come true long unmanned movement. In addition, get benefit to handle the structure that cuts bits and function of examination of 3 dimension interference at facilitating, operation personnel can set his mind at to undertake successive movement and outfit place an operation. CNC Milling