High accuracy is complex the product line of profile

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Cold curved figuration is special agree with big batch production. Bend craft at folding relatively, the manufacturing efficiency of figuration of roller type cold turn is tall, the size consistency of the product is good, can implement the complex cut form that changes a turn to cannot be produced. As the swift and violent development of industry of our country car, high accuracy is complex the demand of the product line of cold curved figuration of profile is increasing. To car door window, cold curved figuration often first working procedure and crucial working procedure. Still need to be a few metals on dot of a few interval after cold curved figuration seam welding. So product line still needs to include facility of online seam welding, dog cut off equipment to wait. The product line of cold curved figuration to car door window, not only figuration second much and precision demand is high. We are summed up and put forward control to examine more than 10 index of rolling mill precision, the axial change that is control rolling mill mainly is moved reach in the accuracy with standard fixed position of the axial on whole set. Make reasonably shape craft, pass the emulation with COPRA software, shape bestly certainly measure. Use CAD/CAM technology to make the roll of high accuracy, smoothly rolling gave many high accuracy complex profile. The COPRA software of German DataM company is the professional software that cold curved figuration designs, receive the widest application in the world, the enterprise of banner level inside domestic industry uses it to regard development as the method of new product. We use this one software, successfully design made product of hundreds kinds of cold curved figuration. CNC Milling