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3 coordinate measure 1 preface machine measuring a principle is park of the object that be measured 3 coordinate measure a space, can win the coordinate seat that the place measures each on the object that be measured, according to the dimensional coordinate value of these dots, classics computation requests the geometrical dimension of an object that be measured and appearance. Of course and CAD design model than be opposite, can detect the qualification that machines a spare parts, in industry actual in having enormous applied value. The contact measurement technique that is based on CMM has the good point with high accuracy, commonly used data collects means to the hand uses sampling mode and automatic sampling pattern. 1.

1 hand moves sampling mode to use Joystick drive probe to contact spare parts surface, the bougie of probe contacts spare parts surface every time, collect the data of an outline, move again next a span, collect next outline data, reach finally measure exterior information. The rate that the hand uses sampling is inferior, rely on to teach will move machine stage, efficiency is low, do not fit the requirement that industrial big batch measures. 1.

Mode of 2 automatic sampling uses the issue with sampling low efficiency to solve a hand, must want to give out the technology that can measure automatically, realize those who measure way to be generated beforehand, let probe move continuously according to generated way again the information that goes collecting a place, improved efficiency so, can solve large quantities of problems that measure a volume. At present we measure function of software of engine upper levels with a when come from the United States 3 coordinate very powerful, be collected automatically what can realize data and compare with the standard data of the model right, make an etc, in still can joining a database finally, offer reference and consult. This software offers a communication agreement with controller, we use this agreement to be in firm is high the control software that board card developed to leave an opportunity on this controller platform, come with go up of a drive that machine software cooperates to complete pair of probe and dot collect. 2 systems make a plan a few 1 shares that showed coordinate of a CMM3 measures a system to include: Go up a computer (measure software of CMMManager) , through stringing together mouth and solid tall embedded athletic control platform is linked together, firm is high embedded athletic controller can dominate multichannel electric machinery at the same time (the pace enters electric machinery or servo electric machinery) , still can pass at the same time another one strings together mouth and probe controller to be linked together, probe has two to rotate to be spent freely, can realize the whirl of dimensional random angle, can measure the dot signal of dimensional random pose. Embedded in what we develop issue a machine to control software, can pull the position that the probe that uses us moves to expect, let probe adjust the pose of expectation at the same time. Graph 2 demonstrated the CMM-Manager software in be being measured. System of graph 1 CMM makes software of plan plan 2 CMM-Manager 3 crucial technologies 1) the position feedbacks: Must want to the axis carries coder feedback, can the place that each axis reachs machine tool of real time monitoring, in order to facilitate of measurement point collect the imitate with superstratum software to emulate, although be in long-range also can clear observation arrives metrical whole process, control plate of solid expensive campaign gets stuck, can offer the closed-loop control that imitate voltage exports not only, positional closed circuit was made on board card, still can dominate the servo electric machinery that the pace outputs into electric machinery and pulse at the same time, in the need below this kind of circumstance passageway of coder having an axis gathers the positional information of athletic rod, to measuring these two kinds of medium way, solid Gaodoudi offers perfect solution. Nextpage2) supportive hand is moved run as perfect as what move automatically switch, in measure the hand moves calm coordinate department and hand it is very important to collect, the hand is moved move use rocker of Joystick three-dimensional imitate, can implement the stepless speed regulation of 3 axes at the same time, method is measured to have particular vector demand in moving automatically, must can achieve the interpolation exercise with three-dimensional space, visible hand is moved with there is diverse demand automatically on motion, support of controller of solid expensive campaign nods a function to support successive contrail function again, can come true to this problem perfect solve. 3) exact location, answer the precision of 0 to will affect metrical precision directly, firm is high a 0 way that board card offers Home + Index, can will answer 0 precision to reach micron level. An offerred 0 technological process for: A) starts Home to capture, capture when Home when sparking, motion captures to Home after the positional B) motion when sparking stops, the Index that start captures, retrorse motion circuit half C) captures when Index when sparking, motion captures to Index after the positional D) motion when sparking stops, target position and real position Qing Dynasty 04) capture accurately, measuring the purpose of machine is to should be collected be used by measurement point with give out the dot undertakes comparative, get the forms for reporting statistics with a whether eligible product thereby, want when probe and workpiece are contacted can the exact positional record that manages osculatory site comes down, firm is high board card uses hardware to realize a lock to put, offer all the way bougie inputs signal, when bougie sparks, hardware can lock up 3 coder signal at the same time put come down, the error is not losing a pulse more than, without the problem of time lag, this is the lock retains very exact position, suit to apply in the measurement with very high demand particularly domain. 4 software work out is based on this superstratum software of the United States, cooperate the athletic controller platform with high firm, we were developed be based on embedded the lower level of Dos platform controls software, what superstratum software offers us is an interface agreement merely, will undertake transmission data through RS232, we want the understands it namely above all communication agreement that make, do good data to accept the job with coding, dictate according to what differ namely next come the dot information that drive probe goes to collecting a need, we are in whole technological process advocate will come true in the loop, in CMM system must a bit should have namely time return a function, when probe comes up against workpiece surface, instantly according to set time retreat vector and time retreat a distance to answer fall back on a position, its motion dictates main component locates for PT instruction and PM measure an instruction, specific software flow pursues as follows: Graph the emulation experiment proof that 5 conclusion pass flow chart of 4 main programs to demonstrate box platform to go up in solid tall four-axle, use firm tall the 3 coordinate of board card measure a system to satisfy the craft requirement that measures a domain completely, moving process is smooth, reach the designated position accurate, can achieve very tall measurement precision. 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